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Hi! Can I get a 13rw and a teen wolf ship, please? I'm a straight girl, 17, 5'2, athletic, long dark brown hair, green eyes and light brown skin. I am clever, I enjoy studying and exercising. I used to dance in a company. I can sing and speak 3 languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese). I have BPD and anxiety. I'm really outgoing and a little bit of a party animal. I tell really good stories and I guess I'm kinda funny (I'm a Sagittarius and I live up to it lol)

For 13RW, I ship you with: Jeff Atkins!

  • It is a huge turn on for Jeff when you speak a language besides English
  • You guys have exclusive study sessions–which don’t end very studiously
  • Gym-time is a must for you both and Jeff loves that he found someone with the very same drive as his
  • He loves cheering you on at your dance recitals 

For Teen Wolf, I ship you with: Brett Talbot!

  • You two definitely live up to the name: “Party Animal”

For The Vampire Diaries, I ship you with: Jeremy Gilbert!

  • It began from the study sessions you signed up to give as volunteer work
  • You would always take his mind off of what was going on at home
  • Your cleverness puts you right at home with the rest of his family


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