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Iain is like my best friend. He comes over a lot. And he really loves hanging out with Sylvia (5), they’re like best friends. Which is kind of cool actually. He like saves her artwork and all that. They’re like really buddies. I hang out with him the most socially.
—  Brett Dalton on his favorite Agents of SHIELD cast member, Toronto ComiCon 2017
Agent Davis : Loyal to the very end

So with Agents of SHIELD being on hiatus for the next few weeks (Mother of all things please save us) I started rewatching the series starting from the beginning and guess who I spotted!

That’s right! Our very own Agent Davis who has been by FitzSimmons’ side since the very beginning! Loyal to SHIELD, Loyal to FitzSimmons!

I even googled to make sure it IS the same actor. 

Fun Fact: The actor who portrays Agent Davis,  Maximilian Osinski, is married to  Dichen Lachman who is JiaYing (Daisy’s biological mother)



Brett Dalton Guest Stars as Grant Ward

“What If… ” - Hail the New World Order! Daisy and Simmons uncover secrets and lies in a world gone mad. With Hydra in control, they are our only hope to save everyone, on “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” TUESDAY, APRIL 4 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network.

You know what else though? The fact that we now know that Fitz’s father was abusive once again shows what a lot of old crap Ward’s excuses for being a serial killer were.

In Jemma’s words Fitz became open, loyal and caring and Daisy literally became a superhero after her horrible childhood and then her mother trying to murder her.

What a load of shit that excuse was.

Agents of SHIELD : You’ll be surprised to find Fitz without Simmons in the Framework. #AgentsofSHIELD


Iain and I just got on from the very beginning.
I know there’s nobody that loves [Brett], but I, for one, do.

The Ultimates, Blackpool. 12.06.2016 [x]

In a nut shell: AOS S1E2

Skimmons looking at each other lovingly after almost dying 

Fitz reevaluating his decision of leaving his pristine lab back at the Academy.

Ward wondering if risking his life for Hydra is really worth it.


I always thought that Lincoln was mistreated, specially from fans.
He was the kind of person that when he loves someone , he’d sacrifice, kill, and cross the line for them.
He had an addiction, he got through it.
He lived by one principle, doing the right thing.
He may have had metal illness, but he found security with Daisy.
I’m sorry if you were anti- Lincoln , I know sometimes they pushed his character too far, but he was one of the best, and he shall forever be remembered, for he was just a boy forced to join the real danger world because he was in love .

“When I took this job, I made a choice. The same choice everyone else here made. This life over the other. It’s not easy. But if the time comes to make a hard call, it’s simpler.”