brett davern


“This is what high schools really like. The good and the bad.”

Awkward (2015) Created by Lauren Iungerich

I can’t believe, that the last episode of Awkward is tonight. I’m with Jenna since 2011 and I’m really sad, that her and also Matty’s, Tamara’s, Jake’s, Sadie’s, Valerie’s, Lacey’s, Kevin’s and Lissa’s adventures are just over. But I’m also happy, cause Jenna teached me a lot of things - firstly - NEVER GIVE UP. If you really want something, just fight for this. Don’t worry about what other people are thinking and saying. Listen the voice of your heart, keep your head up and just do your own thing. Jenna, in her teenage life, experience terrible things - her mom gave her the cruel letter, the boy of her dreams was embarassed of her, she lost her way and left friends. But she never lose hope and she was fighting for the most important values in life. Jenna is really strong girl, she show me how to be resistant for negative opinions about myself. Today, I’m more confident than in 2011, that’s for sure. I have changed and I owe it in half THAT GIRL, WHO SURVIVE HIGH SCHOOL AND TONIGHT IS HER GRADUATION. Thank you Jenna for everything. I’m so glad, that in October 2011 I turned on MTV and saw 1st episode of Awkward, because that’s how it all had started.