Some Minor/Background characters from Bickerton Academy. This time they’re jocks. From left to right: Brett MacDuffy (Try hard, always referred to as 2nd best), Viktor Ivanovitch (Foreign Student from Russia, fascinated with science), Peter Malenkiy (The number one to Brett being number 2. Usually has the spotlight. Really good at sports but not as passionate about it as Brett).

  • what she says:I'm fine
  • what she means:Why is "You on Kazoo" ft. Brett Ambler so funny it was made for eight year olds and the production quality is so horrible why are there ten year olds running around in a field by themselves where are their parents and its so obvious that that most of the kids and the kazoo noises are voiced over who thought of this where are these children now where would they even play this why is there a 29 minute 21 second video about kazoos why would you make this