breton gospels

St. Jerome’s Letter to Pope Damasus in the Breton Gospels

A manuscript page of St. Jerome’s letter to Pope Damasus in which he explains the merits of his Latin translation of the Gospels. The decorative initial of “Beato” contains interlacing and animal heads, so does the decorative initial of “Novum”, and the ‘o’ at the end of “Beato” contains a face.

On the opening folio of the manuscript. Ink and pigment on vellum. Written in Carolingian minuscule, with modern notes added at the top and bottom of the recto side.

Made in the early 800s in Brittany, where it intermixed two distinct monastic cultures. The script and organization of the page is Carolingian, and the intense ornamentation is Hiberno-Saxon. Currently held in the Egerton manuscript collection at the British Library.