breton boy

the poster child of tes6 is a soft breton boy who collects wildflowers and likes to cook and make potions. the game is completely devoid of combat and instead it just has beautiful landscapes to walk through and an extremely elaborate system of magic and crafting


ive been drawing commissions and work stuff that im not allowed to post so all i had energy to draw for fun was boring doodles

but im playing skyrim 2: still stumblin’ as kai and hes the worst…sneaky no-rules-just-right pickpocket mage thief with high persuasion and magicka but no health or stamina.  he cant lift weights and if you touch him he will die.  he stole all this guys alchemical ingredients from his garden and ate them right in front of him. hes bad.

64 days in heaven and hell (2)
Preamble - Van Gogh and Gauguin met by chance
Gauguin met the Van Gogh brothers by chance in late November 1887 in an art gallery in Montmartre or at an exhibition on the Petit Boulevard (or both). He must have invited them to come and see some of his work at his friend Schuffeneker’s home. The Van Goghs became instant fans and Theo, an art dealer, decided to show a few paintings and some ceramic pieces in his art gallery.

This is one of the paintings that Theo, an art dealer, decided to promote in his art gallery right away.

Paul Gauguin, Jeunes bretons au bain ou La baignade au moulin du Bois d’Amour, Pont-Aven (Breton Boys Bathing  or The Bathing by the Mill in Bois d’Amour, Pont-Aven),1886. Oil on canvas, 60 x 73 cm. Hiroshima Museum of Art