Brent Sopel wants to see more girls actively involved in hockey, and the former Stanley Cup-winning defenseman is willing to do his part.

Sopel’s “Academy of Defense” camps are designed to help players hone their skills involving drills both on and off the ice. Sopel dismissed the $950 registration fee, telling the girls’ families that the money would be refunded to promote additional camps.

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“I never thought he would make the transition this quickly, this well,” Sopel said. “Skill level was never a question. In the KHL there are a ton of guys who have the skill to play in the NHL. There’s no doubt about it. But the difference is making the transition to a different game. It’s more of a North-South game rather than East-West. And that language barrier: A lot of players over there don’t speak English. "People don’t realize how tough that is and how different the Russian culture is compared to ours — it’s completely different. And he’s still 24. I went over there at 34 and it was a hell of a transition for me. The success he has had is pretty impressive.” x

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Meet the New Guy - Brent Sopel & just so you know habs are 5-0 since Sopel has joined the team ;)