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This Is War [8]

Summary: After being rejected by your best friend Bucky, Sam sets you up with one of his friends, on the condition that if the date doesn’t go well, you have to sign up for a dating app. The date doesn’t go well. As you begin to look for love in other places, Bucky starts to feel something he never felt before. Jealous

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 1165

Warnings: Bucky in just sweatpants?

A/N: Sorry this took so long! My life has been a crazy mess lately, and so busy!! I don’t know when it will let up, but I will do my best to post more regularly!! Also I plan on writing most of my next series BEFORE I start posting it so this doesn’t happen. Feedback would be amazing. I love you all so much and thank you for sticking with me!! xoxo

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Star Trek: TNG - Time’s Arrow Part 1 

Same, Guinan…Same.

Breakup ~ Damien Haas

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“So he just stormed out,” Damien’s voice from your phone after you finished telling your story.

“The last thing that he said was that he hopes that I was happy with my shitty choices, then he packed most of his clothes.” You say while trying to choke out the words.

“I’m almost there. I already have some ice cream with me and Postmates should be there in 30 minutes. Is there anything else you think you would need?” He spoke again.

“If you could get here a little bit quicker that would be great.” There was so much pathetic sniffling.

“I’m a couple of streets away. Go get into comfortable clothing. I’ll get the key from under the mat.” He spoke softly through the phone.

“Ok, I’ll see you in a couple minutes.” You said pressing the end button. The next step was slowly working to the bedroom and changing into different clothes.

Midway through changing you heard the door open and Damien’s voice echoed through the apartment. “It’s Damien. If you don’t wanna leave your room, just knock twice on the floor!”

That sounds like a great idea and you knock the heel of your foot against the floor. You finish pulling on an oversized hoodie as you hear his footsteps grow louder. By the time he is in the doorway, you have crawled up to the top of the bed.

The sight of him sparked a well of emotions and the sniffling turned back into a cry and a runny nose. 

“Oh Y/N,” He said slipping out of his shoes and climbing up onto the bed. You move towards him, finding yourself in the circle of his arms and your head on his chest. His heavy hand started rubbing your back and smoothing your hair. There is a damp spot forming on the center of his chest.

“I will say that the combination of ripped sweat pants and neon sweat-shirt something that I never thought that would be introduced into the world. But it isn’t all that terrible.” He said fiddling with the ends of your hair.

“Thanks. Can I have some of that ice cream you were talking about?“You ask in-between the sniffles that have come back.

 "Of course you can. I bought mint chocolate chip but also cookies and cream to be certain.” He said digging through the plastic bag and pulling out spoons. 

“You got the Halo Topp ones!” You say with the tiniest amount of amusement peaking through. 

“I figured that you would want to eat as much dairy as your body can let you. I also got you the lactose pills so you can keep eating them.” He said pulling the box out of the bag.

“Thank you,” You say popping a pill and then reaching for the nearest pint of ice cream. Flavor seemed arbitrary to you right now.

“I didn’t have time to stop by my place to pick up and movies, but I think that Netflix should have a good selection,” Damien said stretching towards the nightstand to get the remote.

“He changed the wifi password already!” You say sitting up quickly sitting up.

“Dick! Don’t worry, you can just use mine.” He said punching his information into the account.

“It’s been not even twenty minutes! How the hell?” You said in an almost scream, your voice cracking a little bit.

“It’s not that big of a deal. He is just being stupid and petty.” He said rubbing your shoulders and urging you to relax. You let the tension release as Damien pulls you back into his arms at the top of the bed.

“Do you want to watch Legally Blonde or Pride and Prejudice,” He said flipping through the selection.

“Legally Blonde duh,” You say repositioning the pillows around so that you are surrounded by something. You tow the throw blanket up with your foot until you can grasp it and throw it over to cover up you two.

“Just checking,” He said worming his arm behind me and making himself comfortable. 

By the time the opening credits are done, limbs are twisted around each other. Your shoulder is tucked under his with it resting on his side while your head is resting on his chest. If you listened closely and tuned out the movie you could hear the faint beating of his heart. Which you found yourself doing quite a bit more than watching the movie. The steadiness of it acted as your siren song, lulling you to sleep.

Bang, Bang, Bang! The pounding on the front door stirred you from your sleep, making you jolt up. Well, jolt up then jolt back down since you arm was stuck under Damien. A small giggle emerged from him as he gazed down at you.

“Looks like Postmates was later than they said. Don’t worry, I’ll go and get it.” He said slipping out of the tangle we created we created amongst the blankets. His hair was tousled adorably in the back from laying down.  You settle back down among the pillows and blankets until you heard shouting and bolt out of bed.

“Y/N! You changed the fucking locks?!” You hear Brent’s voice before you could turn the corner and see him. But your feet didn’t stop until your eyes had confirmed it to be true.

“Ease up dude. I changed the locks for her and now I can see it was a good idea.” Damien said shift himself so he between the two of you more.

“I knew it. It hasn’t even been an hour and he is already over here! You kept lying to my face about cheating when the evidence is right here in front of my face!” Brent said furiously jabbing his finger at you.

“You seriously need to back off,” Damien said placing his hand on Brents’ shoulder. While Damien did have some height on him, Brent had more of a physicality to him.

“He is here because you left,” You say quietly, drawing both of their attentions. “You were so self-conscious that you couldn’t stand any other guy being around me. How pathetic of a person do you have to be to be threatened by a friend?“

“Don’t even try to pull the ‘he is a friend thing’. You have plenty other people that you could call. And you certainly don’t have to take place in our bedroom.”

"Well the good thing is that it isn’t out bedroom anymore, is it? My name is on the lease so you can leave. And even if something was going on, he would be ten times the partner you ever were.” You say yelling at him, trying to keep your throat from hitching.

“I need my things.” He said bluntly. Damien started fishing into his wallet and pulled out a twenty.

“Get whatever shit you need at the store for a night. Your shit will be out of the porch at 5 am. If you don’t get it by 8 then we are gonna set it out for the trash to collect it.” He said severely, staring him down.

The was a tense minute where I thought he was gonna explode again but huffed and stormed out of the apartment. You collapse into the kitchen island, attempting to find your breath. Damien rushes over to you in time to catch you as you slip to the floor.

“Hey. It’s all ok. It is gonna be fine.” He said pulling you fully to him and safety. You hide your face in his shoulder in order to keep him from seeing the ugly crying that was happening. It was pretty ugly with you body convulsing from the retching sobs that you are producing. Damien starts rocking you slowly and rubbing your back while saying sweet comforts.

When you start to let up he pulls away a little bit to look at you. When you try to retreat, he snakes a hand up to your cheek so that he can still look at you.

“He isn’t worth it Y/N. He is just a fucking douche that isn’t worth your thoughts.” He said looking into you swollen red eyes. It took you a second to realize that his eyes were a little bloodshot as well with tiny tears pooling.

“You shouldn’t be the one crying.” You said wiping some of your tears away with your sleeve.

“A person that I care about is in pain that there isn’t much I can do about it.” He said, his voice was roughened up a bit.

“Well, you being here makes it a lot easier than trying to do this by myself.” You said sniffling.

“I’m gonna be here for as long as you need me to be,” He said pushing some hair out of my face.

“Thank you,” You say quietly as you lean back into him. The tears have mostly stopped, but the intense crying has left you worn out. You feel Damien press a light kiss onto the top of your forehead before talking again.

“Let’s get you back into bed so that we aren’t sitting on a tile floor.” He said shuffling around so he could get a proper grip on you. 

You start to get up, but Damien started lifting you and carrying you out of the kitchen. Thankfully, he set you down gently and pulls the blankets over.

“I’m just gonna lock up and put the ice cream in the freezer. I’ll be back in a minute.” He said squeezing you hand before walking away. Not that you ever saw him come back because you passed out before he left the room.


Adrian is standing in front of the wait station, talking on his phone. Brent is too far away to hear what he is saying but he can see how Adrian stands with his feet apart, anchored confidently on his heels, his gestures compact and economical, not like Brent who gesticulates wildly when he is talking on the phone, like a helicopter about to take off.
Brent pats his hair and brushes invisible lint from the front of his trousers and strides through the door. Adrian glances up in surprise. He tells whoever it is on the phone that he’ll talk to them later. Brent smooths his face into what he hopes is an expression of benign disinterest.

Adrian: Hey, Brent. Geez, man. What are you doing here? You’re not due to start for another hour.

Brent shrugs.

Brent: Oh, well, you know, I had an appointment at the dentist’s up the road and I just thought I’d come early because there didn’t seem much point going all the way home and then coming all the way back-

Adrian regards him with a raised eyebrow for a few moments. Brent feels sick. He’s babbling, he’s making no sense, Adrian can see right through him. Then Adrian smiles and Brent’s legs threaten to turn to liquid.

Adrian: Okay. Well, seeing as you’re here early, you can help me polish the glasses. What do you say?

Brent: Sure. No problem.

He quickly turns away, so Adrian can’t see the joy suffusing his face.


don’t know what he’s smiling about but he’s adorable (◕◡◕✿)