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So this happened last night, compared to a year ago on a stage with 5,000 seats to a 20,000 seated arena. I’m so fucking proud of my muffin

She’s Mine- Nash Grier

Request: Can you do an imagine where Brent Rivera is your ex and you’re dating Nash. And they get into a Twitter fight over you or something?

No hate towards Brent Rivera, I love him very much it’s just for the imagine xx

“Ow baby, you could have gave me a warning” Nash, your boyfriend of 6 months whined as you jumped on his back.

“But what’s the point of that? There’s no fun in that.” you said giggling and kissing the side of your face.

“Ugh you’re such a pain” he said grinning up at you.

“But you love me very much” you replied placing a kiss on his neck.

“Okay, get off me babe, I have to follow some of my fans” he told you.

You jumped off but not before pulling him into a kiss. He grinned against your lips, pulling you closer to him by the waist.

“Why does this happen every time?” you heard a voice groan, you both pulled away to see Hayes standing there with his hand covering his eyes.

“Shut up” Nash grumbled to him, mad that Hayes had interrupted your kissing session.

“It’s not like you don’t do that with Ria” you said teasing him about his girlfriend.

His cheeks turned a pinkish color and he gave you both the middle finger before turning around and returning to his room.

“Okay now go follow your fans on twitter” you said to Nash lightly smacking his butt.

“I’m going” he said laughing and going to his room.

You followed behind him and sat down on the bed watching him reply to fans and following them while giving you sweet kisses in between.

He then took a picture of you both, you couldn’t keep a straight face and both of you ended up laughing while he took the picture.

It turned out to be a pretty cute picture so he decided to post the picture on twitter while tweeting “With my baby girl, so much laughter and fun, ily xx @(y/t/n)”

The tweet was favourited and retweeted many times by fans and the trend (y/s/n) started trending worldwide.

You replied to some fans as well and then Nash turned to you mumbling a “Look at this asshole”

You looked over his shoulder to see Brent had replied to the picture with “@Nashgrier @(y/t/n) She’ll always be better off with me Nash and you know it”

You gasped and Nash clenched his hands together before angrily typing a reply, “@BrentRivera Don’t wish for what you can’t have”

“@Nashgrier I already had that”

“@BrentRivera Well you didn’t have any of it, I took it all”

“@Nashgrier Oh she’ll never be yours”

“@BrentRivera No she’s mine, forever and always xx”

The fans were going crazy, and a whole fight was starting to break out. You took a deep breath before opening the twitter app and typing of a tweet.

“@BrentRivera I will never be yours, I love Nash with all my heart and you can never change that, so leave us alone.“

Brent had not replied after that, his fans had calmed down too and everything went back to normal.

Nash turned to you with a big smile on his face. “I love you” he told you and pulled you into a sweet kiss.

“I love you too Nash” you mumbled against his plump lips.

“More than Brent?” he asked you.

“Way more than Brent, I never did love him” you told him holding his hands in yours. “You’re the only one I have loved and will always love”

He pulled you into another kiss his lips moving passionately against yours.

“Your one and only?” he murmured.

“You’re my one and only.”

Magcon Preference 36: First Date Outfit

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Shower - Cameron Dallas One Shot

Requested: No

Wordcount: 1183

I walk towards the doors of Cameron’s apartment, surprised to see them unlocked. I knock on the door, no answer. Knowing he’s home, I walk inside his loft. It’s a beautiful place really, too bad I don’t like the guy otherwise I probably would hang out here all the time.

The relationship between me and Cameron is quite simple: there is none. I don’t like him, he’s hated my guts the minute I came into the group, so yeah, you could say we aren’t on the best of terms at the moment. But even though we don’t like each other, it doesn’t stop the other boys to force us to meet on at least a daily basis. Like today for example. Nash asked me to get his camera since he left it at Cameron’s, and I live closest to his best friend. Even though I said no a hundred times, he just kept on begging, so I reluctantly agreed.

‘Cameron? You home?’ I yelled. Again, no answer. I look around a bit, searching for the camera, when I hear a shower running. I roll my eyes, of course he’d be in the shower, the guy practically lives there. I start following the sound, and find his bathroom in a matter of seconds. ‘Cameron?’ I ask. No answer. I put my hand on the door and open it slightly, then a loud scream erupts out of nowhere. It couldn’t be because of me, since he can barely see me, so it must be something else. Alarmed by the scream, I burst inside and open the shower. A big cloud of steam greets me as I do so. I wave the steam away, trying to get a clearer vision, and then I see him, curled up on the floor, head in his hands. I reach for the shower, trying to turn it off, but the water is so hot it burns my arm. ‘Fuck! Jesus Cameron!’ I step back trying to decide what to do. Then I sigh, take off my shirt and my pants and put them somewhere dry, which leaves me in only my underwear. I reach for the shower again, biting my lip as I’m trying to ignore the burning hot water. Once I reached it, I turn it on cold, and let the water fall on my arms. A moan escapes my lips as the water cools down my skin, then I turn the shower of and sit on the ground next to Cameron.

‘What’s wrong?’ I ask. He looks up at me, his face puffy and his eyes red as tears are falling down his face. ‘What are you doing here?’ he asks, scooting away from me, trying to cover up his naked self. I frown. ‘Fuck it, Cameron. I came here to get Nash’s camera, and instead I find you, bawling your eyes out in a shower that is way too hot. How are you not burned?’ I grab his arm to check for any burn marks, but am relieved to find none. Then I pull him towards me, as he starts crying again. I put my arm around him and lay his head on my chest. We don’t say anything for a while, we just sit there in silence. Him letting out the occasional sob and my just rubbing his hair in an attempt to calm him down. My hate for him disappears for a moment as I let my eyes run over his shaking body. He’s always been handsome, but very distant. But now, as he sits curled up in my lap, he’s finally showing someone his vulnerable side. ‘What’s going on?’ my voice is almost a whisper. He takes a few deep breath to collect himself. ‘I guess it all just got a little too much.’ He says. I nod understandingly. Fame can change people. ‘Cam, you need to remember that you’re only twenty years old. You can’t carry the world on your own.’ I start, blushing seen asI have never called him by that nickname before. ‘You’re young, you’re human, you make mistakes. You have to let yourself make mistakes. No one is a perfect human being, and no one is going to blame you if you screw up a few times. The ones that love you will always be there for you. You don’t have to be perfect and you certainly don’t have to bottle everything up inside. That’s just not healthy.’

His breath calms down as I speak, and he starts rising up from my chest. He positions himself in front of me and looks at me for a while. And that’s where it all gets fucked up. ‘Fuck.’ I mutter. He raises an eyebrow. ‘What?’ I get up on my feet and look at him for a while. ‘Damnit Cam, I am supposed to hate you! How can I do that when you look at me like that?’ He gets up to, and confusion is clearly visible in his eyes. ‘What do you mean?’

‘Ever since I came into the group, you’ve hated me, and I you. I don’t like you. I am not supposed to like you.’ I say, walking away to gather my things, but his hand on my arm suddenly prevents me from doing so. He pulls me back quickly and pushes me against a wall. I gasp, the sudden coldness of the wall making me shiver. ‘You wanna know why I acted the way I did? It was because I like you. Damnit Y/N, I like you! How can you not have noticed it?’ Anger starts to build up in my stomach. ‘Well, Cameron, maybe I didn’t notice because you were being a straight up dickhead! Are you kidding me? Calling me names and ignoring me all the time do not exactly classify as signs that you like me! Why would you even tell me that?’ His fist suddenly flies up and punches the wall beside my head. ‘Because it’s fucking true, okay? I did it because I couldn’t let myself fall in love with you! The fans would eat you alive!’ I raise an eyebrow. ‘Oh? So you think bullying me was the right solution? Do you even know he much energy it cost me to even look you in the eye? I never even wanted to be in the sa-‘ Suddenly Cameron leaned forward and crashed his lips onto mine. It wasn’t soft, or gentle, it was rough and passionate, like this was the only way he could tell me how he felt. All angry thoughts left my mind as I kissed him back, my hand starting to roam his body and pulling on his hair gently. His hands found my waist and kept me in place as I was trying to get closer to him. He opened his mouth and slightly bit my lip, as if begging for entrance, which I granted him. He deepened the kiss, and lust started taking over his movements.

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Cameron Dallas imagine - Pregnant?

You sit on the floor of your’s and Cameron’s bathroom staring at the white stick in your hand.

Recently you have been getting morning sickness, cravings and you haven’t got your period. At first you didn’t think it was possible, but there was no ever exsperlation to it.

If it was true you didn’t know what Cameron was going to say. You didn’t think you wear ready for a child. Would cam leave you? You don’t know what would happen if he did.

Taking a deep breath, you look at the pregnancy test. This moment could change everything…


You were cooking some cookies because nash, The jack, Sammy and nate were round for a movie night. You were gonna meet up with your best friend at the mall and do a little shopping. She was the only one who knew about the pregnancy. You called her straight away when you found out last week. You didn’t know how you were gonna break the news to Cameron. You were scared at what he was gonna say.

“Hey Y/N, when will the cookies be done” Nash asked, coming into the kitchen.

“In a minute” you replied with an smile.

“So, how are you”

“Good, and you”

“Hey, there you guyes are” sammy said, the rest of the boys joining you.

“Where’s cam?” you ask

“Toilet” jack g replied.

“Okay, then he fell right in front of her” Nash finished off his story, making you all laugh and jack j start blushing.

“Y/N” Cameron shouted, storming into the room. He looked pissed.

You stalk up to him and put your hand on his shoulder.

“What’s up, babe” you ask him


“Mate, calm down” Nate said coming up to us. Trying to calm cam down.

“ALL OF YOU. OUT. NOW” Cameron was seriously pissed now.

“Just go” I tell them. They finally go after some convincing.

“okay cam what was that?” I asked.


“I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT YOUR ANNOYED AT” now you were angry

“THIS IS WHAT IM ANNOYED AT Y/N, EXSPLAIN” He slammed the positive pregnancy test on the counter top.






“YOU KNOW WHAT, IM GONNA GO TO NASH’S. ILL SE YOU LATER” and with that he picked up his keys and stormed out the front door.

Before you could stop it, the tears began to fall and you slid down the wall on to your knees.


Ever since cameron left, you couldn’t stop crying. He left. Just like I thought.

The door suddenly slams open and in walks cameron. You were about to walk to your room when he suddenly speaks.

“Y/N, we need to talk”

“You think” there was a little smile on his face when your sassy side came out.

You sit on the sofa and Cameron joins you.

“How long have you known?” He asked you. Taking your hand into his.

“A week”

“A week” he growls.




“I would never leave you Y/N and our unborn child. I love you so much. If I didnt , would I of stayed with you through everything. Through our fights. I love you Y/N. So much.” Next thing you know his lips are on yours and the fireworks erupt. You smile into the kiss bringing yourself closer to him. Due to needing air, you pull back from his lips.

“So, I think we should call it Cameron Jr”

—– (Sorry about grammer and spellings)
Magcon Preference 33: Favorite GIF Of Him

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Valentine || Hayes Grier

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hayesgrier06: Hey can you do an imagine with me and Hayes please? ❤️ thank you btw my name is Katelynn 😉

Happy Valentine my dears!
Sooo, who has a valentine this year? 😊😉 I don’t… But that’s fine, I have my dog 😄
No, okay. But seriously tho. My readers are my valentines 😇❤

Katelynn, I hope you like the imagine and enjoy it 😉. And of course every other Hayes girl, enjoy reading!

Xoxo 💋


I slowly woke up and opened my eyes to see that the other side of my bed was empty. I frowned. Then I saw the breakfast, standing on my desk and I smiled. Maybe he had to rush for his appointments again. But wait… He never told me he had an appointment today. I just shrugged and smiled at the sandwich with a heart drawn of Nutella on it. I let out a little noise, all softened up. I caught a little note on the side of the tray. I took it in my hands and began to read it. I had to look on my phone… i quickly grabbed my phone, unlocked it and opened my messages. A new video loaded and Hayes’s face showed on the screen. A smile grew on my face and I laughed when I heard him talking.

“Goodmorning, love,” he smirked with a wink. “I hope you enjoyed the breakfast I made you. If you will dress up now I’ll tell you what you have to do. So get dressed and in the meantime I’m letting you hear this beautiful song that made me think of you.”

Little Things from One Direction began to play and I laughed softly. He knew me too good. I didn’t have to shower because of the shower I took the night before. So I run to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I quickly got dressed in a white summer dress with my denim jacket on top. I hopped in my cute white flats and did a simple french side braid with my hair. For the make up, I just kept it simple, but I still wanted to ‘blow’ Hayed away. So I made a light pink smoky-ish eye with a thin line of eyeliner and some mascara. I put on a light pink lip balm and I was ready to go.

I took my phone in my hands. Hayes was now playing Kiss You, also from One Direction. I wondered how he knew all those songs, he never listened to them. He began to talk again.

“Okay, I hope four songs playing is enough time for you to get ready.” I chuckled and watched the video while I walked down the stairs. “So, I’m gonna show some pictures here and you gotta find me.”

I groaned softly. “Why, Hayes? Why?” But then I began to laugh, he knew I always wanted to do that. I told him a few years ago, when we weren’t dating yet. And he still remembered. How cute.

“Go outside and please take care of yourself. You’re probably laughing right now, but seriously take care. So here’s the first step. Go to this place.” He showed me a picture of the flowerist and I frowned. Well, up to the flowerist then.

Once I was at the flowerist, I showed the man of the flowerist a picture of Hayes, asking if the man has seen this boy earlier.

The man nodded. “Yeah, that kid showed up here yesterday. He told me I had to give you something.” The man walked away and returned a few minuted later with a red rose with a little card on it.

A smile grew on my face and I blushed, taking the flower the man gave me.

Congratulations Love, you found the rose! Keep looking Princess

“Thank you very much,” I thanked the man from the flowerist.

“Good luck with searching your boyfriend. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

I waved and walked away with my phone with the video and Hayes’s rose in my hands. I started the video again and Hayes showed me another picture. Hmm, the book store. I headed towards the book store and showed the girl behind the counter a picture of Hayes. She confessed that he was there the day before and that she had to give me something. She returned after a few minutes and just like the man from the flowerist, she returned with a gift.

“I had to give you this book. Your boyfriend told me you always wanted it, but never had the time to actually buy or read it,” the girl smiled. I took the two books from her. If I Stay and Where She Went were resting in my hands and my little, polite smile grew wider.

“Thank you so much,” I smiled.

“Don’t thank me, thank your boyfriend,” she laughed. “I wish my boyfriend would do something like this to me. But he said he’d take me on a surprise date tonight. I’m so excited and this probably bores the heck out of you.”

“No!” I said quickly. “I love to hear it. Besides, you had to give me something from my boyfriend too.”

“It’s okay, I guess he’s waiting for you somewhere so go,” she grinned happily. “Good luck with finding him and have fun sweetheart.”

“You too! If I ever see you again you have to tell me how your date went,” I smiled.

“Then you have to tell me everything about your date too.”

“Deal!” I agreed. “You know, I just give you my number so we can text each other. I’m way to curious for your date to wait until the next time we see each other. If we see each other again.” I gave the girl, Jenna, my number and then said bye to her.

“I’ll text you tomorrow Katelynn,” she smiled. I gave her a thumbs up and walked out of the store.

Next place: the music store.

I headed towards the music store and walked into it. I showed the man a picture of Hayes and he confessed that Hayes was there the day before. He told the man to let me listen to a song. The song had the next clue in it. It was Tenerife Sea from Ed Sheeran. I knew where Hayes was and I couldn’t wait to find him there.

I thanked the man, who had to give me Ed Sheeran’s album with Tenerife Sea on it, and quickly ran out od the music store. Luckily the beach was near the music store so I could just walk to it.

And there was the moment I stood there. With my gifts and still not seeing Hayes anywhere. I started the video again and Hayes told me to go to the rock a few meters away. With my stuff in my hands, including my shoes, I walked towards the rock. I saw a red blanket sticking out on the corner of the rock and I began to run. There, on the rock, sat he.

“Hayes!” I yelled over the wind.

“Katelynn!” he yelled back. He quickly stood up and helpend me with my stuff. “You found me,” he smiled.

“Of course I did,” I giggled, a bit proud of myself, “I will always find you when you’re not with me.”

Hayes’s smile grew even more and he took me in his arms. He pressed a soft, sweet kiss on my lips. He took me to the other side of the rock. A pick nick was set up and I happily took a seat on the red blanket. Hayes took a little box out of his pocket.

“I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day, Princess,” he whispered in my ear before opening the little box.

I softened all up and hugged him tight. In the box laid a beautiful, fine necklace. A little hart with a pink littke diamond in the corner of the right half and an H on the left half of the heart. “It’s beautiful,” I whispered in his ear. “I love you so much.”

Hayes pressed a soft kiss on my lips. “I love you even more, baby girl.”

Jack Johnson Imagine ((:

Paint Fight!

“You really want your room 4 different shades of blue?” Jack asked you setting down two different colored paint cans in your empty room. You walked in behind him with the other two. “Jack, I’ve already explained this to you,” you chuckled, “Two walls are gonna be, kind of like ocean themed with the sky towards the top, and the other two like a dark night kind of thing. I don’t know it sounds better in my head.” you laughed and looked at all of the paints sitting on the floor.

“I love it when you get all creative, its kinda of hot to be honest…” Jack said walking towards you and wrapping his arms around your waist. You and Jack went exactly dating, but you weren’t exactly just friends either. Jack use to be your best friend, but ya’ know, some things occurred and here you are. Being friends with benefits has its ups and downs but at least it was with Jack, who you had way strong feelings for. I mean he’s got an amazing personality and he is very attractive, anyone would be lucky to have him.

He was leaning in closer as if he was about to kiss you, but you teased him and ran out of his grasp. “Get the paint ready! I’ll go get the brushes!” you winked and ran to get the brushes (rollers, whatever there called). Jack huffed and laughed at your actions. He cracked open the paint and got it all ready to go. He also laid down the plastic covering to protect your carpeting. Once you finally returned with the brushes you handed him one, “Get to painting!” he laughed. “Please, I don’t even have to help so don’t be all up in my grill and telling me what to do." 

You playfully rolled your eyes and dipped your paint brush into the darkest blue of them all, which was going to be representing the night sky. You looked over to Jack and saw him painting the part representing the ocean. 

*********after a couple hours of painting**********

"Wo-we, I am tired.” Jack complained making himself comfortable on one of the beanbags placed on your basement floor. You laughed at him,“I feel you.” You placed another beanbag beside him and laid down. After you were comfortable you looked over at him, enjoying the silence. You looked straight into his beautiful blue, how could you not? That’s another reason you choose the color blue for your room. Not only is blue your favorite color, but it also reminds you of the different shades of Jacks eyes. 

You felt your eyes slowly closing and you knew you weren’t going to be up for much longer. “Y/N, come cuddle with me till we fall asleep.” Jack begged. You laughed and scooted over to him, where you were immediately wrapped in Jacks arms. Once yours eyes closed, you were out. You have another hard day of painting tomorrow, but at least Jacks gonna be there to help get it done.

>>>>>>next day<<<<<<<<<

You woke and moved slightly, feeling arms tightly around you and you couldn’t help but smile. “Good morning Y/N.” he said in his sleepy voice. “Morning Jack. How’d you sleep?” you asked giving him a peck on the nose. “Great, but only because you were in my arms.” you said making you laugh. “Cheesy,but i love it.” he gave you a sweet hug unexpectedly.

“Okay! Let’s eat then finished up with this horrid painting.” you exclaimed, slowly getting up. Jack groaned but got up. Once you two atw you wandered back into you soon to be finished bedroom. “Only two more walls to go!” you exclaimed. “Yayy…” Jack said sarcasticly with no enthusiasm what so ever. “Lighten up, we’ll get it done super fast! Then we can do whatever you want.” you offered, making him smile. “Sounds good to me…” he said.

Niether one of you could find the big paint rollers, so you just substituted for the regular paint brushes instead. You began working when you felt something wet splatter all over you. You closed your eyes tightly, hoping it wasn’t paint, but knowing it was. His laughter being another huge give away. You looked at your shirt and saw blue splattered everywhere. “Jack. You did not.” “Oh, but I did, Y/N.”

You splashed him back with some and began laughing yourself. He did it once again and so did you, he looked like he was going to do it once more but he didnt. He walked closer to you and wiped it on your face instead. You gasped, but he prevented you from saying anything with a kiss. “Fuck painting. Let’s makeout." 

A/N: Like? I don’t know. It probably sucks asssss. It 2:10 am, which is why it’s extra extra shitty lmao. I thought it was cute tho. :3 Jack’s just so perfect. <3 then again all of them are haha.

so uh, request? person and situation. It can be pretty much anything, but smut. no smut. D;