brennan wants more


A sharp, unedged, medieval copper dagger used for delivering a final, fatal blow.             Also known as the “coup de grace.” I’m sorry, Bones.


You’re the hottest thing this town has seen in a long time.

sarah rees brennan’s book are so underrated which makes me sad bc they are so great

there’s the demon’s lexicon series which has one of my favourite sibling relationships ever, very morally ambiguous characters, great female characters, did i mention brothers who would do anything for each other????, questions about what it is to be human, the hate to love trope

the lynburn legacy which has a half japanese female protagonist, explores family dynamics, uses the word bisexual, a f/f relationship, has characters learning to value themselves, examines the difference between unhealthy and healthy relationships and how it can be okay to depend on others without it detracting from who you are

and there’s the turn of the story, where the main character is bisexual. also magic (you can access this for free)

her books have great characters, diversity, lgbtqa protags, amazing plot lines, and she writes families so well

I was rereading The Lynburn Legacy last week and I kept noticing all of Kami’s descriptions of her clothes… All of these are (at least partly) described in the books. ft. Jared’s jacket. separate images on my art blogsociety6 

(also partly inspired by walkingnorth‘s fashionable fictional character thing :))