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im sorry if youve already posted this elsewhere but what are the backstories of your ES Characters?

Uhhh, that’s actually a fair question. Currently pretty much all character info I have is in form of miscellaneous asks, scattered all across my blog’s character tags… I really should compile them somehow and put my character info pages in order one of these days. But for now, some very brief summaries and some links:

Skaila Skaran (aka Dovahkiin) - A Nord warrior from the town of Winterhold, Skyrim. Her father was a Stormcloak who died at the hands of Thalmor which was basically the catalyst that made Skaran junior leave her hometown, and go pick a fight with the rest of the world. And then dragons happened. More posts related to her backstory: x | x | x

Bron Martes (aka No-vahkiin) - A runaway Imperial thief from Bravil, Cyrodiil, and a descendant of Brenna (although this is not common knowledge). He spent about ten years sneaking, cheating, and stealing within and beyond the borders of Cyrodiil, until he eventually decided to head North in search of some greener pastures - and ended up detained pretty much right after crossing to Skyrim. Good call, my dude. More posts related to his backstory: x | x | x | x | x | x

Laraniel (aka Mostly Innocent Bystander) - An Altmer mage from Auridon, Summerset Isles. A sort of a prodigy among her own people, she later ended up studying with the Telvanni in Morrowind (and got involved with Varril in the process). She also operated in Cyrodiil during the Oblivion Crisis - once again not directly participating the events herself, but witnessing them up close. In the early years of the Fourth Era she got involved in a magical/daedric incident which she barely survived - it did render her blind, though. By the time Skyrim takes place she’s about 240 years old, and has witnessed more cataclysms that she would have cared. More posts related to her backstory: x | x | x | x 

Brenna Martes (aka Hero of Kvatch / Auntie Sheo) - An Imperial City troublemaker/street urchin. She’s a distant descendant of Davius, and (since she got involved with Martin) an ancestor of Bron. She spent most of her life making a living with less than respectable/legal ways and would have probably kept at it - but then yet another trip to Imperial City prison took a rather interesting turn… More posts related to her backstory: x | x | x | x

Varril Velethi (aka Nerevarine) - A dandy Dunmer, and an adopted son of a merchant family associated with the Great House Hlaalu. He was born in Morrowind (to an Ashlander mother, no less), but practically grew up in Cheydinhal, and lived rather comfortably until he fell in with the wrong crowd - a chain of events which eventually lead to his deportation. Let me just say Morrowind was a little culture shock for someone used to a nice life in Cyrodiil. More posts related to his backstory: x | x | x | x | x

Noelie Morcant (aka Vestige) - A little freckled Breton lass from High Rock. She’s the only one who has an actual character sheet with a biography so I’ll just direct you there for more backstory. Initially a hedge mage, Noelie had a lot of raw talent, but little ambition to make use of it - until she came across Mannimarco and his minions. Funny what a stolen soul can do to one’s motivation. More posts related to her backstory: x | x

Davius Martenus (aka Pact Hero) - An Imperial Dragonknight, and the second son of a Cyrodilic nobleman. He served in Emperor’s troops until the Soulburst took place. Outspoken objectors of the entire Molag Bal worshipping routine, the Martenus family eventually fled to Skyrim, and Davius joined the Ebonheart Pact. More posts related to his backstory: x | x | x | x | x

Meirami (aka Moon Hallowed / Shameless Thieving Magpie) - A Khajiit Nightblade, a pirate’s daughter, a thief, and a former member of the Renrijra Krin. All in all totally not qualified being in any position of trust or power, and yet somehow she ends up becoming one of the Eyes of the Queen. Raz, your recruitment policy is the worst. More posts related to her backstory: x | x | x


As an added bonus, here’s the timeline for my TES characters. It’s missing Meirami, but she should be right there on the Second Era with Noelie and Davius.


My TES characters + The Signs As Villains by lameasstrology

I’m enough of a dork to have determined star signs for my Elder Scrolls characters, and when I came across this “signs as villains” post I just knew that I had to draw something about it. A day well wasted. I love how most of these are wildly ooc, and then there’s Brenna being basically herself. XD See captions for more info.


I took this a bit further than I originally intended, so here are all my TES characters as trainers - and the pokémon they would most likely have. Ignore the extra non-first gen Chimchar. It’s there just because it reminds me of the imgakin monkey pet Noelie has. For now the team distribution is the following: three for Valor, three for Instinct and two for Mystic.

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I have you ever heard a song and just BEEN like "OMG THIS SONG IS MY OC!!!!"?

Yeah, sure! Bron actually has a short playlist already. The others are still kind of works-in-progress, but here are some songs that I associate with my characters - some because of lyrics, some because of the overall feel of the song.

Skaila: Stand Up And Fight by Turisas // Legends Of The Frost by Miracle Of Sound feat. Malukah

Laraniel: Self Portrait by Blackmore’s Night // The Crow, The Owl And The Dove by Nightwish

Brenna: Fallen Star by Kamelot // Deus In Absentia by Ghost

Varril: Circle by Slipknot // Change by Poets of the Fall // …and naturally Nerevar by Liz Katrin (could not leave this out - it’s amazing)

Noelie: When You Go by Celtic Woman // Slania’s Song by Eluveitie (or Inis Mona…. or From Darkness… literally everything by this band makes me think of Bretons marching to war ;P)

Davius: Raised By The Sword and/or In My Sword I Trust by Ensiferum

Meirami: Braving The Seas by Myrath // and because I couldnt resist Khajiit Like To Sneak by Miracle of Sound :’)

Favorite things to do in Oblivion:

1) hotkey Nocturnal’s Gray Cowl

2) go to the Imperial City center

3) toggle it on and off and watch half dozen heavily armored guards lunge at you… only to stop and glare at you in confusion as they reach you

Sorry, guys. Another day, another disappointment. Just ask Hieronymus Lex. He knows what it’s like.

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I live really clsoe to the Finnish border, and the Moomin characters have always been a big part of my and my friends' childhood. I know they are a big tourist bait/stereotype in Finland, but still, I have to be curious if you enjoyed the Moomin stories yourself? I have also seen another Finnish artist draw their TES characters as Moomins; do you see yourself doings something like that? (Not a request, just wondering if you've ever considered how Bron, Skaila and others would look Moomin-fied).

Oh man, Moomins was the cartoon for me when was a kid. We recorded all episodes, and me and my little brother watched those videos pretty much to the point of breaking… :’D So, yeah - I loved that show and at the time I knew most episodes by heart.

I must admit drawing my characters Moomin-fied isn’t something I would’ve considered myself, but now that you mentioned it I instantly thought “lol, Brenna could totally be Little My”. So naturally I wanted to try my hand at it and……

I’m crying this ended up looking like some Dark and Edgy™ Moomin AU.

“This is my Moomin OC, Little Mu (it’s short for Murder). She is My’s evil(er) twin sister who works for ancient assassin organization.”

What have I done?

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Can you draw Brenna in 18. and 8. in the same time.

Took me a moment to figure it out, but I assume this refers to the OC Art Meme. And since I’ve already drawn Brenna as a kid and Brenna in fancy clothes I’ll interpret this as a request for little Brenna in fine clothes.

She’s a Waterfront girl, born and raised, so technically she didn’t own anything that could have been classified as “fancy” during her childhood, but I’m not going to pass up an opportunity to draw another made-up Imperial-style dress… ;)

So, here - this is basically what little Brenna in all her finery might have looked like if her family had been wealthier.

After all the body horror I went through with Laraniel I thought Goma Pose pack surely couldn’t surprise me anymore. And then I was presented with this:

The Hero of Kvatch and her buddy pal Mehrunes Dagon casually posing in Anvil Castle courtyard. Truly, the wonders never cease.

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I was just wondering, have you thought of anyone who would be perfect to play your OCs if they were live action? :D I sometimes see someone and I'm like "Yes! That's my character! I need to cast them!". Sorry if that's been asked before :)

Yeah, sure. :) I did make a sort of a “fan cast” for my characters quite a while ago, but I’ve since then found some better candidates (and actually made two new characters) so this might be a good time update my list with my current faves.

So, on the left side: the actor as seen in a role/photo that made me go “oh hey, that reminds me of character x”. On the right side: my quick and dirty photoshopped version of them to further illustrate my point… :P

Skaila: Rose Leslie

Bron: Chris Pratt

Laraniel: Alyssa Sutherland

Brenna: Emeraude Toubia

Varril: Tom Mison

Noelie: Eleanor Tomlinson

Davius: Hrithik Roshan

And then there’s Meirami who is a bit challenging to cast for obvious reasons, so I’m just going to skip the whole CGI Khajiit thing and base my choice on the human version of her. And therefore:

Meirami: Naomie Harris