The Signs as holy emo albums

Aries : A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out / Panic ! at The Disco
Taurus : From Under The Cork Tree / Fall Out Boy
Gemini : Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge / My Chemical Romance
Cancer : The Black Parade / My Chemical Romance
Leo : Infinity on High / Fall Out Boy
Virgo : Pretty. Odd. / Panic! At The Disco
Libra : Danger Days : The Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys / My Chemical Romance
Scorpio : Save Rock And Roll / Out Boy
Saggitaurus : Live In Chicago / Panic! at The Disco
Capricorn : Paxam Days / Fall Out Boy
Aquarius : Too Weird To Live , Too Rare To Die / Panic! at The Disco
Pisces : American Beauty / American Psycho / Fall Out Boy

Sarah Urie

Had an awesome beach day in Perth with m'love @brendonurie. ❤️” ()

Brendon Urie
Los Angeles, CA

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Shadow Urie by @josiahx

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| Panic! At the Disco | 

| Taken for 106.1 The Underground (WZRH New Orleans)

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