hey, folks! i’ve recently hit 7k so i’ve decided to make my first ever follow forever! even though i don’t talk to many of you, or talk a lot on here in general, i do admire you all from afar and i consider myself very lucky to have such great mutuals. even if we’ve been mutuals for a while or only for a few days, you all fill my dash with all sorts of greatness and i thank you for that! so here’s to you wonderful people! oh, and if i happened to miss anyone please, please let me know!

first I’d like to give a shoutout to my online and offline squad:

fackinglouis and darrenstutter

now for the mutuals!:


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again if i missed anyone or messed up a url please let me know!!!!



brendon talks about how the english threw bottles at him at reading and leeds :o 

trust me you guys are gonna wanna watch this 

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