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◊ My mom was adamant about me watching musicals: “You need to be cultured.” It wasn’t a weird thing like she needed to educate me — they were just always on. That’s what I was allowed to watch all the time. I used to watch the Broadway “Les Miz” and study it. I wanted to be an actor as a kid. My teacher in second grade had called a talent agency and had them call my house. My mom was so mad. She was like, “No, that’s not a life I’m going to put you in.” Understandably, you know — she was just trying to protect me. I fell into music, but I just needed to find the right moment to jump into acting.Brendon Urie on The New York Times


“Time can never break your heart, but it’ll take the pain away.” ◊ I was thinking about the gist of the song and how time can be a healer, and as I get older the happier I get. As I get older, I find new ways to make myself happy and what truly makes me happy, what makes other people happy, so I’ve just learned that over time.Time never has broken my heart, it’s only got better as time has gone on. — Brendon on Golden Days

“If love is not enough to put my enemies to sleep, then I’m putting out the lantern, find your own way back home.” ◊ That line is– I don’t want to use hate against people that hate, that is just going to fuel it. I refuse to turn into what those people are, and so if I can’t defeat my enemies with love, I would just give up at that point. Luckily it hasn’t come to that, love will always prevail and I do believe that. That’s a roundabout way of saying, love will always trump hate. — Brendon on Folkin’ Around

Brendon Urie explaining the meaning of popular Panic! at the Disco lyrics via cdm

Remember in Live In Denver when Ryan was just showering Brendon with complements about his voice unintentionally and said that he wouldn’t want anyone else but brendon to sing the songs he wrote and this is what Brendon got out of it bc I do