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brendon loving to make dallon laugh by kissing all over his face and neck and talking in the drunk valley girl voice, especially at night when they're tired and brendon will just say something funny in the vg voice and dal just starts laughing uncontrollably until his face is red and can't breathe and he just falls asleep in brendon's arms smiling (i have so many of these djmdxm)

adshsbsjjshd this is so cute! please feel free to keep sending them


joeytarantula: Good times with @funjen and @brendonurie

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Hey yo, quick question: Which songs wrote Dallon that people assume Beeb wrote? And especially which lyrics? I'm pretty sure he wrote a lot of Vices & Virtues and TWTLTRTD but DOAB??? Or did I misunderstood something?

The quickest answer is: Dallon wrote on all songs on TWTL except for Casual Affair and The End of All Things. He wrote All the Boys alone. He hasn’t written on any other albums.

As for lyrics specifically I actually only know that the famous “these words are knifes and often leave scars” line is definitely Dallon’s.

And if you meant what Brendon wrote.. he wrote on all songs starting with the Vices album except for the aforementioned All the Boys. Before that he wrote on a handful of songs on Pretty. Odd.
The only songs Brendon actually wrote alone are I Have Friends in Holy Spaces,  Folkin’ Around,  Casual Affair and The End of All Things.


Brandon Jennings with the bounce pass inside to Andrew Bogut