“I… can’t…” The soft words fell from Brendon’s lips, barely audible. He clutched the katana hilt tighter in his sweaty palm, his vision obscured by tears. Dallon was tied up, kneeling in the silty dirt, glaring back at Brendon with inky black eyes. No light was reflected in them, and no emotion either. Even if Dallon was possessed, even if nothing of his former self remained, all his memories forgotten, unable to recognize his own lover, Brendon still couldn’t kill him.

This was a magical magic conjured up by myself and @dallnweeks. It’s based off the Miss Jackson video but instead of killing the cult lady person Brendon has to kill Dallon who’s become possessed by a daemon. But he cannot. Yeah they have no faces but it’s creepier that way.


Brandon Jennings with the bounce pass inside to Andrew Bogut