The Raconteurs Rich Kid Blues/Kissy Kissy (From The Basement)


The Raconteurs play their awesome cover of Terry Reid’s Rich Kid Blues with in The Kills’ Kissy Kissy stuck in the middle.

Also check out Carolina Drama from the same set.


The Raconteurs - Top Yourself (Rehearsal Demo) (by PetterHUN)

  • Cold Hands, Warm Heart
  • Brendan Benson
  • Alternative To Love

Brendon Benson -> Cold Hands, Warm Heart

we just need some time apart, and everything will be okay. i hate to say this, but it’s obvious, i’m telling you boy there’s no future for us. all talk, no action so whats the big attraction? don’t tell me ‘it’s just because.“


how great and relevant this song is every.single.fall?

old brendon benson BEFORE he got all caught up in the raconteurs?

he’s from fucking michigan, man.


The Raconteurs - Salute Your Solution
Old Enough - The Raconteurs - Cover | Sophie Burrows
Hi all! This is a song that I've had stuck in my head for ages! I really love it and the Raconteurs are one of my favourite bands at the moment. Hope you all...

I did a new song on my YouTube channel, had this song stuck in my head for ages and it’s by one of my favourite bands, the Raconteurs :)