brendon urie married

  • Brendon*singing*: Daniel is getting married!! Dan is getting married!!
  • Dallon: Welcome in the husbands club man!
  • Kenny: It will be fun I swear!
  • Brendon: Yeah so much fun and warm dinner!
  • Dallon: And happiness and kindness.
  • Kenny: And compromise...
  • Brendon: And family meetings...
  • Dallon: And killer glances...
  • *avkward silence*
  • Kenny *girly voice*: " 5 minutes and I'm done!"
  • Dallon *girly voice* : " You never listen to me!"
  • Brendon *girly voice*: " Brendon are these my jeans on you?!"
  • Dan: ...Thank you guys. Really.

I’M NOT CRYING YOU’RE CRYING *sobs until falling asleep*

Lifetime of Laughter

Requested by trueblue80s :  Hi can I have an imagine where the reader and Brendon urie are married and they celebrate their 5 year wedding anniversary!


The sun was streaming through the window of your shared bedroom, you were peacefully asleep, drowning in the fluffy blankets. You were interrupted from your sleep by two small animals jumping onto your back then licking your face. You heard a sharp whistle and the dogs jumped off the bed. “Baby, time to wake up.” Said a soft, buttery voice. You peaked open your eyes and looked up at Brendon who was leaning over you with a loving smile on his face, he brushed some hair out of your eyes and his smile widened. “Morning sleeping beauty.” He whispered and kissed your forehead. You smiled and wrapped your arms around his waist. “Morning Prince Charming.” You giggled and closed your eyes again. Brendon moved down so he was laying with you and held you in his arms. “Happy anniversary my love.” He whispered lovingly and pressed a kiss to your lips. The kiss was warm and full of love, you cradled his face in your hands, not wanting to pull away till you were both in desperate need of air. You giggled and leaned your head on his chest as he held you. “Even after ten years of being around you, you still take my breath away.” Brendon mumbled causing you to laugh and looked up at him. “That was so cheesy B.” You laughed and shook your head a him. “Isn’t that why you married me.” He asked whilst raising an eyebrow, you rolled your eyes and cuddled closer to him. 

“So what do you want to do today? I have reservations for a restaurant for dinner but what do you want to do?” Brendon asked you as you laid on his chest looking up at him, running your hands through his fluffy hair whilst the dogs laid next to you. “I don’t know, I’m fine just chilling a home. We can maybe go down to the beach for a bit but I’m happy just staying at home, maybe swimming. I honestly don’t mind, as long as I’m with you.” You said quietly as you stared into his warm brown eyes as he nodded. “We can stay at home.” He said softly and kissed your forehead. “Do you want breakfast? I’m kind of hungry.” You nodded and rolled off him. The dogs jumped off the bed when Brendon got up, you following after, Brendon let you jump on his back and he carried you downstairs to the kitchen. “What would you like babe?” He asked after putting you down. “Omelette.” You shrugged, leaning on the kitchen island, he nodded and started getting everything together. 


Through out the day, you and Brendon were practically joint at the hip, frequently stealing kisses from each other or mumbling sweet nothings in the other’s ear. It got to 6 o’clock and Brendon told you to start getting ready for your reservations at 7. You wore a deep red dress that came to your knees and flared at the bottom, you wore black heels and styled your hair in a simple yet beautiful way. “You ready babe?” He asked as he wrapped his arms around your waist from behind. You nodded and followed him out of the house to the car.The drive to the restaurant consisted of you two singing along to the radio and flirting with each other. As he pulled into the parking space he pressed a sweet kiss to your lips before getting out then jogging round to your side of the car to open the door and help you out. “Such a gentleman.” You said and pecked his lips. 

Divine smells were coming from the kitchen and made your stomach rumble slightly as you waited for your food, Brendon chuckled and slid his hand into yours. “I love you so much (Y/N).” He said softly and kissed your knuckles. “I love you to Brendon.” You replied and looked at him lovingly. “It’s been the best 5 years being married to you and the best 10 years knowing you.” He said honestly and squeezed your hand, you smiled and leaned over to press your lips to his. “You can be so soft some times, but I love it.” You giggled and leaned back in your chair as the food came over, the waiter sorted out the glasses of champagne then left. You saw Brendon hold up his glass and followed in suit. “Here’s to a lifetime together.” He said looking into your (Y/E/C/) eyes with his warm brown ones as you connected your glasses. 

The evening was amazing, Brendon was sweet and every 5 minutes would tell you he loves you whilst you talked about random things. “So, Brendon, I have something that I have to tell you.” You said cautiously and saw his eyes get worried slightly. “Nothing bad, I swear.” ‘hopefully’ You thought. He nodded and smiled nervously. You reached into your purse and pulled out a photo then slid it towards him with the picture down. “I’m pregnant.” You said, letting him flip the photo round, it was a photo of the pregnancy tests you took, both with two red lines. His face erupted into a smile as he looked up at you in surprise, he jumped from his chair to hug you. “We’re having a baby?!” Brendon said excitedly as you giggled and nodded. “We’re having a baby.” You clarified and kissed his cheeks as he stared down at you, holding onto your waist and rubbing his thumbs into your hips. “I love you so damn  much (Y/N).” He whispered and kissed you lovingly. “I love you too B.” You whispered and hugged him tightly. Here’s to your family. 

Death of a Batchelor - Jensen Ackles x Reader

Title: Death of a batchelor

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader, Brendon Urie x Reader

Warnings: None

Prompt: Can you please write a fic where your gonna marry Brendon urie and Jensen has crush on you but your in love with Brendon?

“So have you started making the preparations yet or what?” Jared asked with a small grin and you chuckled.

“Yeah, I’ve been looking like crazy for the invitations this week but Brendon said it’s better if I take it slow. To enjoy this more.” you shrugged, playing nervously with the proposal ring as you had your hair fixed for your next scene.

“Can’t believe it finally happened. Seems like only yesterday when the two of you met.” he chuckled and you nodded your head, eyes casting down at your hands. A tender smile on your lips.

“Yeah and shortly afterwards fell in love.” Jensen said softly and you looked at your best friend with a small grin.

“You really had been there with me through it all.” you chuckled “Remember how nervous I was on our first date?” you whispered and a small chuckle left his lips.

“I certainly remember all the dresses you switched till you found the right one.” he said softly and you giggled.

“Well, they all looked pretty damn awful on me so-”

He scoffed, shaking his head “You’re always beautiful. He was lucky you showed up in the first place. I wouldn’t complain if you came wearing even your pyjamas.” he shrugged, looking in front of him as he got some of his make up fixed.

“Yeah right.” you felt your cheeks heat up, smiling shyly “You’re saying that only because you’re my friend.”

“I am only saying the truth, (Y/n). I always do.” he said a little more seriously and only when he glanced to his left he saw Jared giving him a look.

“Yeah. Always.” he said even more seriously but the older actor only sighed and looked away from his accusing look.

You let a small giggle “But my nervousness could certainly not match up to his when he proposed.”

“Had he really booked up an entire restaurant for just the two of you?” Cassie asked and you nodded your head.

“Yeah and he- after I said the yes he-” you breathed out a laugh, feeling your heart swell “He sang ‘Death of a Batchelor’ to me. The sap.” you giggled as she smiled widely.

“Gosh that is so sweet.” she squealed and you took in a shaky breath.

“There are moments I can hardly believe this is real.” you whispered, love lacing your voice… pretty much like love laced Jensen’s features whenever he was close to you. Something that only Jared had come to notice that is.

“Well-” you sighed, still, dreamily; completely unaware to the real situation “-B is already helping me in all of it so I amdefinitely enjoying it.”

“Is he just as excited?” Jenny, one of the make up artists, asked with a smile and you nodded your head.

“Yeah, very much so. He is quiet nervous though. It’s kinda hard for him to settle down, you know how he is, but I am sure he wants this. It’ a big step but I know we’re both ready to take it.” you bit your lower lip as you looked at her with a shy smile.

A small scoff left Jensen’s lips “Well, he better. He’s lucky enough you said yes to him, much less everything else.” he mumbled and although you frowned for a second you played it off with a shrug.

“I don’t know. I think I’m the lucky one. He’s just amazing, in every way. Never thought I’d deserve someone like him.”

“You deserve only the best (Y/n).” Jensen said softly, looking honestly into your eyes and you gave him a small smile.

“Don’t know about that but- I am content enough I could find this kind of love in Brendon.” you whispered and as much as it hurt him Jensen put on a smile on his lips just for you.

“Well-” Jared spoke up, feeling the kind of tension that you couldn’t because you were too over the moon and in love to notice “-you still are both very… lucky.” he was careful to chose his words, knowing how difficult his place was considering what he knew about Jensen.

“Yeah, well don’t you think you guys are out of the hook though.” you smirked at them “There are a few things that I need a man’s opinion in and asking only Brendon won’t help. So better be prepared!”

Jared forced a chuckle “We wouldn’t expect anything else, little one. Besides it’s going to be your big day, we will do everything to make it the best one ever.”

“We promise to make it the happiest day of your life, (Y/n/n).” Jensen said softly, not helping but placing a hand on top of yours -the one with the ring mind it - and gave you a small comforting squeeze.

You smiled warmly at him in a way that showed how much you appreciated him but… not in the way he did.

“I know you will.” you rubbed your thumb over his palm and he gave you a smile, although sad. But you didn’t take notice.

Not only because he was such a great actor and could his feelings, not because you were too blinded by happiness and love for the singer you were about to spend the rest of your life with but because he was so used to it.He was completely used to it, to hiding his real feelings and not letting you know of how your… best friend, and 'brother’ as you playfully called him, - even if your characters were attracted to each other in the show - had such deep feelings for you. For so so long.

And Jared, well, he was the only one to know. As he was the only one t know of Jensen’s suffering, although the older actor himself only knew for real how insufferable that pain was. Because as much as he wanted to be happy for you about to have a life and family of your own he still felt broken at the thought that he would be forced to watch you walk straight into the arms of another man. Just because of that.

Because he so desperately wished he was that man. But he wasn’t.

anonymous asked:

Kiss/Marry/Kill Otabek Yurio Brendon Urie

Okay let’s work through this here before I give my final answers. First I’m marrying Brendon Urie he’s my husband already. Got that out of the way. Now, if I were to kiss Otabek he’d be chill with it but if I were to kiss Yuri he’d murder me. So I’d kiss Otabek. The thing is if I were to try to kill Yuri he would kill me first so in the end I’d marry Brendon Urie, kiss Otabek and then be murdered by Yuri.

Here’s an idea: instead of letting your faves sign movie posters or albums during a meet and greet, prepare wedding papers instead. That way you can literally address your faves as ‘wifey’ and 'hubby’ and you are bound together BY LAW.