brendon urie backflip

Brendon Urie and Josh Dun do backflips on stage....I’ll do roly poly’s

Those two fkers, Brendon Urie and Josh Dun, can backflip like freaks

Here’s what it is…. Don’t expect that kinda carry on from me yeah, you think I wanna be swingin round like a bloody monkey breakin me neck, NOT HAPPENIN

Josh Dun is 5,5 Brendon Urie’s 5,9, they’ve got the room to do that

I’m friggin 6,3, I leap like a sonbitch and my head’s still twattin the ground


I’ll do a roly poly at my gigs, that’s all you’re getting from me Yearlings/OYSters, a front roll and I’ll probably still botch that you bellends

Get me a crash mat and I’ll do a swanton bomb, but bollocks to backflips

Get used to it

fuckingvalery-deactivated201508  asked:

*clears throat* I have recently gotten into the twenty one pilots and would like to know everything your wisdom can give me on the topic of Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph pls

This is your pilot speaking, please buckle your seat belt and prepare for take off.

This is Josh Dun

He plays drums, does back flips off of things and is basically the energizer bunny. Exibit A: Brendon Urie and Josh backflipping in sync wow

He goes hardcore during shows

and outside of shows ???

and he puts everything he has into every performance

Also, his eyes get really squinty when he smiles and it is the cutest thing ever wow


This is Tyler Joseph

He sings. raps, plays ukulele and piano, and is a lyrical genius.

He wears ski masks a lot and can go from serious, philosophical mastermind to this in a matter of seconds

And sometimes this

What is he even doing?

His milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard.

He also says “sick” a lot

Together they make twenty one pilots.

They’re just two mamas boys from Ohio, and they have the greatest friendship ever.

look at these dorks

what are they even doing???

You have now been poorly educated on twenty one pilots

Stay street. |-/

Important things I have now seen live:
  • Brendon Urie backflipping during the drop in ‘Miss Jackson’
  • Brendon Urie referring to the brass instrument players as 'Horny boys’
  • Brendon Urie singing 'Girls/Girls/Boys’ while holding a gay pride flag
  • An entire crowd cheering over a fan waving said pride flag before even the support band made it on stage
  • Brendon Urie