May 26th:

As promised, Chris was making his way through the lobby of Brendles at six twenty eight, having said he would be there at six thirty to pick Collins up. 

Kim was currently over at Marci’s house for a sleepover, something he had called Sunday afternoon to the mother about. After seeing how quickly he had considered having a bit of fun in the back of his van with Collins at the party, it seemed like a good idea to make sure that Kim wouldn’t be wondering where he was if things ran longer than what Chris had planned for.

Pulling up to the building there had been a thought after seeing all of the nicer and more expensive looking cars what his older yellow van looked compared to them, and the chance of Collins refusing to get in after seeing it, crossed his mind. But then Chris decided if he wasn’t happy with the van then he could offer the keys to a different car if he objected that much. The van had gotten him from coast to coast before he had settled down with Kim, so it would have to be good enough for Collins. And by the time he was inside he felt this to his bones.

The double take he got from a well dressed woman made him grin though as he approached the front desk.

Never let it be said that Chris did anything he set his mind to half assed. Whether that was his work in theatre, making sure that Kim was happy and safe with him, or keeping his end of a deal with a god of temptation. He had offered a good date in return for information, and what kind of date would it be if he didn’t at least look decent?

Chris had picked black slacks, plain black sneakers, a white button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, blue striped tie, and a darker blue vest with thin lighter stripes going down on it. That with his hair styled by hand made him feel pretty good about how he was dressed. 

Honestly the only thing that was worrying him at the moment was whether or not the place he planned to take Collins to eat would be too crowded or not. It was a Tuesday yes, but those that didn’t stop it from being a popular place to those that knew of it. Other than that thought though… Chris felt rather good about tonight. 

Reaching the desk he caught the attention of the receptionist and flashed her a grin before speaking. 

“Hey, i’m here to pick up a Mr. Hughs? He should be expecting me.”