I don't want to offend anyone with this post but seriously dude,

Arabic men are way worse than Mexican men when it comes to the machismo issue.

I just had a conversation with an Arabic man where I think he was trying to ask me out, but instead of doing the regular, “hey, we should grab dinner soon!” He went on and on over how he would do ANYTHING for me (continued with a list of things he would do) but I needed to calm down.

Obviously being the hardheaded Mexican I am, I asked him what he meant by calming down and the SOB said…
“You should just do what I tell you when I tell you without questioning me. You’re always soo stubborn and the questioning is getting a little annoying.”

EXCUSE ME! Asdfghjkl

I don’t even allow my father raise his voice at me, much less tell me what to do. What makes this guy think that I’m gonna change who I am to fit into his submissive, damsel in distress, middle eastern, repressed woman?!

Mon chère je pense pas!

Él sabía que no era su hombre, ella sabía que no era su mujer. Aun así, se entregaron el uno al otro, dejando en manos de la vida la responsabilidad de separarlos cuando llegase el momento. Esto, en vez de disminuir la entrega, hizo que los dos viviesen cada instante como sí fuese el último, y el amor entre ellos pasó a tener la intensidad de las cosas que se tornan eternas por que saben que van a morir.
—  Brida, Paulo Coelho