brendaxlin asked:

Hi! I saw your Disney Animal post/question . I agree with you since the past few years, animals have been a bit lacking. However, I remember back in the 90s/Turn of the century, there were a lot of those animal character merchandise in the Disney Store, with Marie mugs and all the dog stuffed animals. My family still has a bunch, and I bet if you snoop around on ebay, you'll find a lot! Good Luck!

Yeah i used to had more than 101 dalmatians in stuff animals, action figures, books, stickers, purses, blankets, mugs, but as you said that was in the 90’s and most of that stuff my mom gave it away, i just hope there were merchandise with things for use to use like ipad cases for example. I have only seen plushes of one dalmatian and lady and the tramp and that’s just too sad :(