Brendan Shea is an 18 year old artist from the United States. He got his start in drawing during his sophomore year of high school, and since then has become a self-taught illustrator and painter. When asked what inspired him to begin creating his delicate and beautiful pieces, Brendan said:

“When I started creating, I desperately needed an emotional release in my life, so I picked up art as a hobby. Now it’s so much more than a hobby… I’m very inspired by the human form and evoking emotion. [I’d describe my art as] fragile, emotional, and tender.”

Some of Brendan’s favorite artists are Marina Abramovic, Caledonia Dance Curry / Swoon, and Carne Griffiths.


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renimleira  asked:

It must feel so good to get that far in a sketch book. I always draw on maybe the first two pages and never get any farther. I think its partially my fear of having the sketch look bad and not being able to just toss the pg w/o ripping it out of the pad/book. I should probably get over that fear somehow bc i know you shouldnt have anxiety going into art- it should be relaxing... it used to to an escape. Did you ever have/still have that problem/do you have any tips to getting rid of that fear?

Thank you! And I am, this is the first sketchbook I have ever filled.
The biggest tip that helped me was to skip pages so you don’t have to feel the pressure to consistently draw with the same amount of detail or style.