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I wasn't around for the Tumblr madness when AKA Jessica Jones came out, but of course I have since watched it. So...Kilgrave. Talk to me about him and his sexiness and evilness. Gimme your opinion.

OMG where do I even begin…

Of course Kilgrave is a despicable piece of human garbage, he’s an abusive arsehole and just THE WORST™. As a character, I really, REALLY hated him - which speaks to DT’s talent as an actor.

Buuuuut, then it IS David, so despite being so horrible, he’s also unfortunately hot. The suits they put him in just made that a hundred times worse (you know me, waistcoat kink etc)

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Ahem, yes, where was I? Oh right. At times, I almost felt sorry for him, too (which then made me feel horrible about myself…damn you DT!). 

In conclusion, Kilgrave is an ovaries confuser, much like Brendan Block was…or maybe I’m just a disturbed person who likes to watch DT play unadulterated bastards  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What did you think about him?

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