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Tagged by skelly boy @skeldra and I haven’t done this in a while.

Nicknames: Salty, Pyndul, R.D., Brendan
Star Sign: I don’t believe in space.
Height: 5'5"
Time: 12:05
Last thing I googled: Markov name generator

Fav Music Artists: Kanye West, Fishaman Matt, Chance the Rapper, Denzel Curry, Childish Gambino, J. Cole (sadly).

Song Stuck in Head: Four in the morning, and I’m zoning. They say I’m possessed, it’s an omen. I keep it 300, like the Romans, 300 bitches, where’s the Trojans? (Black Skinhead)

Last movie: Inception.
Last show: Berserk.

What I’m wearing right now: boxers

Why I created this blog: brony porn I think
What I post: birb and jokes
Other blogs: @magistratum, my DND blog.
Do I get asks: what is an ask

Choice of URL: the children’s book bout a hyena who gets made fun of

Gender: bro

Hogwarts House: wtf is a hog wart eww

Favorite Color: Green

Average hours of sleep: good
Lucky Number: 42, 216.

Favorite Character: Guts or Casca, Ron Paul, Pugna.

Blankets: 1 huge one bro

Dream Job: National Parks or Gamedev.

Following: many
Posts: a few

I don’t tag anyone because nobody should have to wake up now