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Aye, it’s Murphy, your resident yam & angst addict here with a lil info post on my current situation & all that jazz. I’ll try to keep this as short & sweet as possible !!

So, I’m in college, which is a struggle because being an adult, doing classwork, & staying on top of eating, sleeping, interacting, & ensuring I am sane + healthy on a limited schedule with general expectations is kind of a struggle. If you haven’t noticed my activity has been kind of erratic on all my blogs, & I expect it will only get more bumpy as the semester continues, which sucks because everything is already so difficult. But, here’s the thing: I gotta do the thing because I gotta do the thing, no matter my depression & anxiety.

The deal here is I am putting all my blogs on a semi-hiatus as of this post to preserve my sanity & activity both on Tumblr & in the real world. This includes all four of my active accounts: @crowbound@mentcr@whistlcr, & @dreadsorrows. If I’m active it will likely be on crowbound. On mentcr I have a queue set up, & on my other two blogs I will be posting every now & then from mobile. I appreciate your patience & understanding during this time, & I thank all those who have already shown their support.

If you still want to RP casually, chat, or whatever else hmu on D/sc/rd, my ID is “the murph #5985″. I will write all my muses (& more!) over IM, plus this is the easiest way to stay in contact with me beyond writing. Please remember to inform me of who you are by your URL, or to message me on my accounts (preferably on crowbound) to tell me you sent a request. If I don’t accept just IM me over Tumblr & I’ll get it sorted out!

Anyway, that’s the situation. I appreciate everyone’s understanding. <3

Also, as a little P.S. my birthday is on September 2nd! I’ll officially be a legal adult! So like… if you want to wish me a happy birthday or just appreciate any of my muses on Saturday that would be fantastic because there’s nothing I love more than attention. ;)

Thank you again! I hope everyone is doing well & continues to do well!
~ The Murph, Murphy the Murpho

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Things to consider about Altair’s relationship with his father…
              - Altair visiting Umar’s grave to ask for advice after becoming Mentor
              - Altair probably inherited his father’s weapons/clothing
              - Altair didn’t know Umar very well, so most of what he takes from him is from what he’s heard others say about his father & his own imaginings
              - Altair living to honor his father & his memory
              - Altair basically living in the shadow of his father’s legacy
              - Altair being afraid of not meeting the ‘standard’ of Umar

That moment when you realize you can write smut & you’re just kind of like… half terrified & half kinky. This is my life now, realizing things I can now do as an adult, & crying about them. In other news an old friend got me to play Archeage again (all my characters on Venegance server !! like, if you play & want to meet up idk) & college is still stressful & I have exams this & next week so heh yeah. Life is okay. Tiring, but okay.

Maybe I’ll be productive. Or maybe I’ll just play more Archeage. Who knows?

tiny altair things ive thought about recently:

             - hes a stomach sleeper !!!
             - he can pass out lit anywhere just try him
             - altair denies being a cuddler (hes lying)
             - he is not above pillow fights do not try him
             - maria says he snores (he does) & that they’re cute snores (true)
             - altair “forgets to take off his hidden blade before sleeping” ibn-la’ahad
             - he will fucking cut you if you try to wake him so like don’t
             - sometimes he talks in his sleep

that is all.

Being an adult is feeling really lonely/abandoned but not crying because you tell yourself it doesn’t matter, that it happens, & you need to suck it up & move on.