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When a Hockey Player Wants A Cookie:
  • Tyler Seguin: "I'll show you my abs for that cookie"
  • P.K Subban: "I'll beat Brendan Gallagher in a Duel challenge for your cookie"
  • Brendan Gallagher: "I'll cheat on a Duel challenge for your cookie"
  • Ben Bishop: "I'm tall can I have the cookie pleeeease?"
  • Johnny Gaudreau: "I....well...the cookie..." *gasps loudly for some reason*
  • Evander Kane: "I got money, can I get that cookie from you, ma?"
  • Jordan Eberle: "Hallsy didn't get any cookies from the grocery, can I have yours?"
  • Henrik Lundqvist: *just exists and you give him the cookie*
  • David Pastrnak: "I am new here. Oh is that cookie?"
  • Eddie Lack: "Can I have the cookie, please?" *Sits patiently*

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Uncharted (SAMSAMSAM)

Rick and Morty (but no c137cest please)

Hockey (but not Pittsburgh  :>   Bonus points if you like goalies)

Cartoons in general? (We Bare Bears, Over the Garden Wall, Gravity Falls)

Breath of the Wild

Most Compatible Player for Each Sign

(Based on my experience and knowledge, aka my opinion)

Aries - John Tavares (Virgo)

Taurus - Tom Wilson (Aries)

Gemini - Tyler Seguin (Aquarius)

Cancer - Eddie Lack (Capricorn)

Leo - David Rundblad (Libra)

Virgo - Jonathan Toews (Taurus)

Libra - Sidney Crosby (Leo)

Scorpio - Alex Galchenyuk (Aquarius)

Sagittarius - Ryan O’Reilly (Aquarius)

Capricorn - Brendan Gallagher (Taurus)

Aquarius - Gabriel Landeskog (Sagittarius)

Pisces - Jamie Benn (Cancer)

Hockey Cuties - Part I

Or: the best way to combat summertime sadness and off season blues.

Do you ever just wonder if your favorite hockey player is ticklish ?

Pearl Jam - Better Man 

Brendan O'Brien heard PJ play the song during preproduction rehearsals in Seattle… after they finished I was like ‘that’s a hit, that’s fabulous why haven’t I heard that before?’ They all looked straight down, and the whole room was deflated. I knew I’d said the wrong thing.

It was very personal song for Eddie, and one of the first songs he had written. He didn’t want to hear it was a big smash hit.

 Eddie told me he’d decided to give the song to Greenpeace for charity…Chrissie Hynde from the Pretenders was going to sing it. I was like What? What? We can’t give one of our best songs away!

For some reason Hynde never turned up to the recording session. O'Brien says ‘I had no intention of Chrissie Hynde doing that song. It was like, over my dead body.’

PJ Twenty

# Better Man dates back to Vedder’s pre Pearl Jam project Bad Radio