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As I said, May will be “ladies’ month”, meaning every week in May (every Friday) I’ll be posting a drawing of a female character from a cartoon or video game. To kick things off, here’s Raven from Teen Titans. Since the show came out this badass babe has been high on my “sexiest cartoon girls list” (a list that actually doesn’t exist, but let’s just pretend it does right now).


Here’s some long overdo Smurfs fanart. I wasn’t a diehard fan as a kid, but I did like it and watch it often when I was very small and remember it dearly. I’ve always really liked the art style of The Smurfs, and just always found their designs very fun and cool looking. Just super appealing, cute character design. 

Brainy was always my favorite Smurf, even if most of the Smurfs seemed to hate him in the old show, lol. Sure, he was egotistical and snotty, but I found him funny, and I felt his snobby ego was clearly a cover up for the poor dude’s insecurities. He had to hold his intellect above the other Smurfs to gain respect, and to be fair, it wasn’t very hard. Most Smurfs weren’t too bright. There were definitely other Smurfs who deserved more hate than Brainy. Greedy and Vanity for sure.

I also remember having a little crush on Smurfette when I first watched it. I didn’t fully get crushes yet, as I was about 3, but I just liked looking at her, lol. And I’ve always liked her design. She’s just so cute and likable. I feel like her design is just one of those really fun, appealing designs that almost everybody has to love.

But, anyway, I just watched Smurfs: The Lost Village yesterday. While there were some nitpicks here and there and I didn’t think it was amazing, it was surprisingly really cute and well made. I enjoyed it enough. I’d say it’s worth a watch, even if just for the beautiful visuals and animation.


Started watching My Hero Academy (Boku no Hero Academia) last Friday and I’m actually enjoying the hell out of it. My friend hosts anime nights every Friday, and we knocked out half the series last Friday. Looking forward to watching the rest this week. This guy is my favorite character hands down. Both of his designs are so cool (his weak design is very original, too, like a 90′s grunge rock front man mixed with Metal Sonic or something) and ultra fun to draw, and it’s just so refreshing to see a true, genuine, classic-style super hero in an age of dark and angsty heroes (even Superman’s become an angsty brat). Loving this show. DON’T SPOIL ANYTHING FOR ME.

This was my submission to the Uniqlo Nintendo t-shirt design contest last year. I didn’t put too much time into it, as you can clearly see, and I didn’t expect it to win, but I do have to say I was severely disappointed in the winners. There were some artists who worked their asses off drawing insane art and the winners were pretty much all people who just blew up sprites from the games. No offense to any of the winners, but most of them left me scratching my head. Especially considering the rules stated “no official copyrighted images may be used” and the winners almost all had copyrighted sprites ripped straight from NES games in them. It also just helped to make the line not feel very “fan made”. All the winners just looked like the type of official products you already see Nintendo push out into stores everywhere. But, anyway, Here’s my crappy design. I tried to keep it simple as I tried to make it look like a typical t-shirt and not just a piece of gamer merchandise.

I actually kind of hate this character, always have, but she was super fun to draw. I did the line art last summer but didn’t get around to coloring it until now. It was meant to originally just be a bust along with Cat Woman and Poison Ivy (the femme fatales of Gotham) but I never finished it. Then I decided it would be busts of her and Joker, since Joker is ultra fun to draw, but now it just ended up being a picture by its lonesome with more of the body present because I wanted something to throw up online.

I guess I didn’t always HATE Harley Quinn. She was OK in the animated series, but I always found her pretty obnoxious and bratty. The thing I hate most of all is a chunk of her fanbase and the way she is regarded these days. I’ve met so many women who idolize this wacko, and DC is even promoting her as a hero/role model these days. A serial killer, psycho-path, Stockholm Syndrome-suffering, manipulated clown is not a good role model for women (she’s even being promoted as a character for little girls now…). I feel like she just showed up super late in the game for Batman and just took over the whole franchise. Her character alone completely rewrote a massive chunk of the Joker too, forcing her to always be a major part of his character, forever killing the classic villain. Any person who jokes “f@#$ Romeo and Juliet, I want a relationship like Joker and Harley” is a really stupid or really sick individual, or they just clearly don’t actually know anything about Batman, they’re just saying that to be trendy. But, yeah, Harley Quinn - terrible role model for women and promoter of domestic abuse, and just fan service.

But, yeah, again, she was super fun to draw. There’s no denying that her design is really likable and sexy, so I had to draw her. Not to discredit Margot Robbie, she’s a beautiful girl, but she’s really not my type and I personally didn’t find her sexy, but the outfit was noice. I do find it odd that Harley has become known as THE sex symbol of Batman, though, since it’s a FACT - Poison Ivy’s the hottest :D


Here’s a couple of more Halloween pictures, as well as new additions to my Sonic series. Sonic as the Werehog and Lah.

I still never got around to playing Unleashed, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about it from generally non-bias Sonic fans (though they all say avoid the Wii port), and I adore the soundtrack and visuals. I kind of hate even typing “werehog”, but that is the official title, so… I mean, “were” just means “man”. Sonic’s really already half man half hedgehog. The “werehog” is clearly half anthropomorphic-hedgehog, half wolf. It should be wolfhog or hedgewolf, but I guess they didn’t like the sound of those. Anyway, I decided to make him look beast as hell.

There’s also Lah, the cute ghost from the “Night of the Werehog” special. She has a fetish for were-beasts and the look of terror on people’s faces… she’s kinda kinky I guess.
I can’t get over how good the animation was in the videos for that game. Good enough to be a theatrical feature.

Anyway, happy Halloween! Hope you all had a hell of a night. I might do a pic of Chip to finish up this little batch.


The leader of the Deadly Six has been added to complete the set. When I first played the game I thought he was the most boring of the bunch, but now I feel I better appreciate how badass he actually is. His lack of comedic moments definitely makes him a little less memorable than the other Zeti, but just look at him. He looks like Satan mixed with a dinosaur, or better yet, a suit of demon samurai armor that came to life. You take one look at this dude and know you don’t F with him. Zavok’s probably the most intimidating-looking Sonic villain.


Here’s the complete trilogy of my little series I did recently, “Little Ladies and their Big Bad Boys”. Featuring fairytale/nursery rhyme pinup girls and their greaser boyfriends, we have: Little Red Riding Hood, Little Bo Peep, and Little Miss Muffet. Thought up little names for the dudes, too - Jack (wolf), Billy Gruff (sheep), and Itsy (spider). I had a ton of fun with these. I’ve been meaning to do rockabilly and 50s retro style stuff for a long time now. I just love that stuff.

David, one of the radical vampire teens, played by Kiefer Sutherland,  from The Lost Boys. There are TONS of horror movies I watch every Halloween season, but this one has actually been a tradition for over 20 years for me. While Legosi’s Dracula is my favorite and, I feel, best movie vampire ever, David may be the “coolest”. The Lost Boys is so fun, badass, hip, and hilarious. If you’ve never seen this 80s classic, do yourself a favor and pick it up. You won’t be let down.

I’m really not a fan of FPS games, they were just never my thing, and I can probably safely say I won’t ever play Overwatch, but the character designs in that game are fun as hell, and being that I just got done doing a ton of Blizzard fanart, I figured why the hell not. Here’s Tracer, one of the many warriors you can control in the game. I originally intended to make this a picture with Tracer and Widowmaker, because Widowmaker’s STUPID hot, but after several attempts I decided I didn’t like the way my drawings of her were coming out, so I settled for just Tracer. Maybe I’ll touch up one of the WM ones and finish it, but who knows.

Here’s Victor from Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride” to be paired with the Emily picture I posted up. I’m not into the whole “shipping” thing, but let’s be real, Victor and Emily totally should have ended up together. Not hating on Victoria, but she and Victor have no chemistry whatsoever. Meeting someone for the first time and liking how they play piano is not grounds for life-long love. Anyway, Victor’s still a super likable character, and the luckiest man ever - he gets to see his dog again after it passed away.


Here’s all my Halloween pictures for 2015. I really wanted to put up - and almost finished - one of the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus, but I had some trouble drawing Sarah Jessica Parker and was just putting all of these drawings off for so long that it just wasn’t enough time to get them finished before Halloween. Hopefully I can get them up late in a week or less, but if I can’t, there’s always next Halloween. Aside from the Sanderson Sisters, these are all the pictures I had planned to do, so at least I got these done.

One of my all-time favorite 90s games, The Lost Vikings, by Blizzard Entertainment (then known as Silicone & Synapse). The three viking brothers must use their different talents to help each other reach the end of puzzle-platforming worlds. The game had extremely tight control, bright, vibrant, beautiful graphics, a funky-ass soundtrack, awesome puzzle designs, and was pretty damn funny, too. The sequel was also an amazing game. Here are the stars of the series, Erik the Swift, Baleog the Fierce, and Olaf the Stout.

There is more Lost Vikings fan art on the way. For one of my favorite video game franchises of all time, I haven’t posted nearly enough fan art for it over the years.