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So as some of you may know our new album “Forever Halloween” gets released in 20 days! With that date sneaking up on us I thought it would be cool to do some sort of count down to the release. I’ve been taking 35mm film photos over the past year capturing random moments while on tour, in the studio, or during my off time. I had no previous knowledge on how to use my camera or even if the things I was taking pictures of were going to show up when I got my prints back. I was so excited to see what I caught on film and when I did I was pretty blown away. There is something really special about film that digital just can’t capture. Which brings this whole thing back around to the new album. Doing the new record on tape really changed our thinking on how to record. The digital age has helped with a lot of things in life but there is still some things that technology from the past just does better. I end this rant with a quote from someone who really shaped the outcome for this album “computers are for looking at porn, this tape machine was made to make music…" 

Photo One.

This photo was taken from my first roll of film. It was in Buffalo New York last spring on tour with Lydia and the Arkells. It stuck out to me right away because we were trying to make the whole stage red. I think the photo shows that we accomplished our goal. You can see our sound engineer Gary setting up some microphones and Jared jamming his Chet Atkins gretsch. (i wish he would play that guitar more, it sounds great!)  Another reason it stuck out to me is how dark the rest of the photo is besides the stage, the red really pops out at you like blood! 

p.s. I can’t really look at this and not think of the 90’s TV show Twin Peaks


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Third Man Record Booth