brenda x dylan

The Suite Life on Deck

I just watched all three seasons of this amazing show again, and their graduation was soooo emotional, I cried again. I will forever love that show. 😭

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Imagine Thomas over reacting when he think’s you’ve been lost. **All credit belongs to the person who made this gif** This takes place when they meet the two girls from Group B/the Right Arm (from the movie not the book).

“Thomas! Are you ok?” cried Teresa. “Yeah I’m fine. Where’s (Y/N)?” he questioned, his voice was rushed while his thoughts were gathering on where you could possibly be. Last he checked you were definitely in the car ride, sitting in the front seat with Newt, staring out into the wasteland. You were there when the car ride had stopped, and all jumped out too see all other cars jammed up in the tunnel. You were there when that first gunshot was heard from a distance. “Where is she?” his concerning voice shook Teresa out of her gathered thoughts of where (Y/N) could be as well. Thomas stood up, not caring if he was shot from a distance. “(Y/N)!” he screeched. “It’s alright Hermano! Look!” Jorge pointed. Thomas eyes peered over to see the new distanced scene a few metres back. Newt, began to stand up, dusting the dust off him, then a cough was heard. “It’s alright (Y/N) I got you.” Newt said, a light smile plastered on his face. You gave him a kind smile, and reached up to grab his hand. “It’s alright Tommy! She’s alright.” Newt called over. Thomas blinked, hardly believing that they’d survive that gunshot from above. Thomas rushed over, leaving Teresa behind. “I’m sorry I left you!” he cried, pulling you in for a hug. “Thomas, it’s fine. You don’t need to worry about me so much.” you said, returning the hug. Newt just smiled and laughed, he was glad his friends were safe. “Enough with all the hugging. And lovey dovey stuff.” Brenda scoffed, rolling her eyes. “We need to keep a look out.” she reminded. Every nodded, but Thomas was not wanting to let go.