brenda walsh and dylan mckay


The dramz of Beverly Hills 90210.

Dylan’s rich guy problems of being an alcoholic and constantly going to Baha.

Brenda decides to become an animal activist and takes it too far (as per) and ends up arrested

Brandon decides to drink because everyone thinks he is a square, after 2 drinks gets drunk, crashes his car and vows to drink because he is angry with his drunken behaviour and therefore goes to an AA meeting. (All in one episode)

Andrea,known for being a know it all an constantly stalking Brandon.

Kelly crying because everyone in Beverly Hills knows her mum is a coke head Yikes!

Steve crying because another girl made a mug of him. (Again!)

David Silver’s unacceptable dancing and rapping. Period.

And Donna or should i say Tori Spellings acting is the most dramatic and controversial of them all