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A list of the girls that Eric Harris has been romantically connected to:

1. Brenda Parker - Eric met her at the mall. She was 7 years his senior. (I’m iffy about her because a lot of her allegations about how she knew/concerning Eric didn’t check out, and there is no solid evidence as to whether or not they actually did know each other; the person she said that introduced her to Eric claimed she didn’t know Brenda, and the phone message(s) Eric supposedly left her about how she could keep his Rammstein CDs and admitting his age didn’t sound like him.)

2. Tiffany Typher – Went to homecoming with Eric freshman year (’95). When she refused him anymore dates, he and some friends staged a fake suicide for her benefit, where Eric pretended to bash his head in with a rock. This was said to be overly theatrical and not to be taken serious. 

3. Valerie Lage – Apparently dated Eric in 1996. 

4. Sasha Jacobs – Dated Eric from late ’97 to early ’98. Says he hated life and envied his older brother. When they broke up she received threats by email, which stopped when she changed her screen name. He wrote about her in Chad Laughlin’s 1998 yearbook, saying, “Sasha is a fat trendy whiney annoying terd and I went out w/ her cause I felt sorry for her I guess. Oh well. I bet you’ll show her this.“ (pg 960 on the 11k). She went to Littleton High School, not Columbine, so grade is unknown. 

5. Michelle LNU – Met Eric at a soccer game in the summer of 1998; hung out with him three times, including a date at Eliches that may have included Nate and Dylan. He wasn’t her type, she described him as weird, not personable, not very talkative, and maybe “a little evil.” She decided to stop answering his phone calls and he called her house and pager repeatedly for the next three weeks before suddenly ceasing. (Note: I heard her referred to as Michelle by someone on another board, but cannot confirm this myself.) 

6. Jennifer Laufenberg – Worked at Tortilla Wraps with Eric summer of 1998. She was a year older than him and heading off to CSU. He was interested in her and wrote her a letter describing how much he’d like to spend time with her and talk. An AOL instant message conversation with her also appears in the Columbine Documents. Nothing ever came of this. 

7. Katie Thompson – Went out with Eric once in early 1999, but her mother put a stop to it because he was too old (he was a senior, she was a freshman). He took her and some of her friends out for lunch about two weeks before the attack. Asked her to Prom but her mom wouldn’t let her go. She said he was weird and not her type. 

8. Kim Carlin – Worked at Blackjack’s with Eric. They were both seniors. He apparently had a crush on her, but nothing came of it. She may be the girl he fantasizes about in one journal entry, when he refers to a girl "who I wanted to just fuck like hell, she made me practically drool, when she wore those shorts to work.. instant hard on. I couldnt stop staring." 

9. Megan Minger – Eric wanted to date her because she had a Rammstein sticker on her car. He left a note on her car with his number, asking her to call him. He asked her repeatedly if he was ever going to call him, but she never did. 

10. Tanya Worlock – Worked at Great Clips with Susan DeWitt; Eric asked her out about 10 times and was always nice about it, but wouldn’t take no for an answer even though she repeatedly turned him down. 

11. Megan Lebsack – Also worked at Great Clips and was asked out by Eric, but she turned him down. 

12. Brandi Tinklenberg - Transferred to Columbine and was in Eric’s Video Production class. She was a junior when he was a senior. Infamous blonde on the ‘Eric in Columbine’ video. Also seen in the short kidnapping/murder mystery clip, where Eric pretends to strangle her. Eric asked her to Prom (via another girl in their class), but she turned him down because she didn’t feel like going. He appeared hurt and didn’t talk to her after that. 

13. Sabrina Cooley – Eric asked her to Prom after Brandi turned him down, but she, too, turned him down. Apparently she embarrassed him in front of the whole class. She was a senior. 

14. Susan DeWitt – Worked at Great Clips near Blackjacks and was Eric’s last date. He asked her out the Saturday before the attack and they spent Prom night watching Event Horizon; apparently he only kissed her on the cheek when she departed. She was a junior at the time. 

15. Kristi Epling - Dating Nate at the time of the attack. Apparently had a crush on Eric at some point, but he was not interested in dating her. Nate then asked her out and after they began dating, Eric started flirting with Kristi, causing a falling out between the two friends temporarily. This was eventually mended, though Nate and Eric were not as close at the time of the shooting as they had once been. 

anonymous asked:

Who was Brenda Parker?

She made up lies such as the ones below. In the 11k, it mentions that she stated she made them all up because she “had no life” but the media never picked up that it was all false.
- She stated that she met Eric in late Jan. 1998, his junior year, at the mall when “she was sure a group of guys had been following them.” When Brenda was 23, Eric would have been 16.
- Eric road in her car
- They bowled together
- Eric taught her how to download Doom and how to use the internet
- She watched E&D shoot crickets with a BB gun in Eric’s basement
-  Eric visited her apartment because she lived alone
- Her, E&D drove to the mountains and drank. “They decided to spend the night in her Mustang because they were worried about drinking and driving. "Eric was a little tipsy and we went for a walk and it was really dark. He was holding on to me and he tripped and he took me with him," Brenda said.”
- Eric left Rammstein CDs at her house
These are some of the things she did:

-  E-mailed to various Gun shops in Denver asking around to buy a Tec-9
-  She claimed to be the third shooter but ‘supposedly’ backed out right before the shooting.
- She spent alot of times on Columbine’s school ground at night, trying to peak into the library windows by climbing on the boards. She even planned on her Yahoo group to break into CHS and be in the exact spot where Eric died. 
- There was a Brenda who worked briefly with them at Blackjack Pizza, and Brenda Parker tried to confuse data…to make it look like SHE was working there with them.
- When she was first questioned by police(as an associate of E/D) she claimed to have a voicerecording and picture of Eric…Police checked it and didnt believe it was Eric. 

She was just an impostor, not even a student at Columbine ever. But she ultimately screwed herself when she was questioned by police. First by giving them a voicerecording and picture of Eric, which they determined to be both fake. And then after getting arrested for saying she was in on the plan. She had no choice to tell the truth by then.

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