brenda banks


This young girl, her name is Brenda Banks, okay? I’m doing Wizards, she comes in off the street […] she comes in and says, “I want to animate.” Just like that.

[I asked her] “Why’d you come here?” “I like your movies,” [she said]. “Did you ever animate?” “No.” “Did anyone ever let you animate?” “No.” “Why do you think you can animate?” “I want to animate.”

[I asked her] “Where you’re from” [and she replied] “Georgia, somewhere.” “How’d you get here?” “Walked. Train.”

I sat her at a desk, thinking she was going to fail miserably. One of the most hysterical, funniest animators that ever walked into Bakshi Productions. - Ralph Bakshi, animator/filmmaker


The beginning career of the first female African American animator, Brenda Banks. I found out about her today after watching the documentary on Bakshi’s Wizards. 

It really does show you, you can get what you want through determination, confidence, and persistence. Truly inspiring.


One of the neatest parts of the Lady Luck strips is the logo, which–as established by LL’s creator Will Eisner and continued by his successors–is different every story. The letterforms are usually (but not always!) crafted to suggest the topic of the week’s adventure!

WAY BACK WHEN, before the New 52 launch, DC announced that a new Lady Luck would be a member of the new Justice League. (As a Quality Comics character, Lady Luck is presumably owned by DC now–but her Golden Age stories are public domain.) Every promotional material hence has failed to mention her, though, so it looks like that plan has been shucked. Probably for the best.