bren's pics

Last of my Christmas presents from Brian just came in the mail. Poor cuties were tied up in customs.

ETA: In response to some of the notes, he got these off Amazon from socksense. If you search for “Ghibli socks” the listing he got my socks from comes up first, along with some other sellers and themed sets. These are the best ones, though.

ETA 2: Actually I’m going to make this faster. Here’s the Amazon search for the brand. :D

when the people have heard of closing the god damn door

when the congregation doesn’t sing it like they mean it

when he took the days for pageant but didn’t become mad as rabbits

when mona lisa isn’t guaranteed to run this town

when you haven’t set your heart on haunting me forever from the start

when they wont praise you from a new perspective

when she climbs out the back door and leaves a mark

when the sinner is on the left and the lover is on the right

when the sinners don’t stand up and sing hallelujah