The Bremen Town-Musicians

Many long years, a man carrying a sack of corn was indefatigably troops had donkeys.

But his strength was going, he grew more inappropriate to task.

Then his master, he is still the best way he can get started to consider.

But a donkey, not a good report that the wind is blowing, ran, and set out on the road in Bremen.

There, he thought, I’m sure the city - can be a musician.

When he was walking away, he was tired of running till it found a hound lying on the road like a huffing and puffing.

What, are you gasping so for a big fellow, asked the donkey.

Oh, I’m old like me, and, growing weaker every day want to hound, and no longer hunt, I wanted to kill me, you can master, so I was flying, but now I earn my bread is.

I am well, a donkey, I would say there Bremen town - should be a musician.

Go with me as a musician will have their own.

I will be playing the lute, you kettle - drum is.

They went there to hound all agree.

You look like a long time ago three rainy days, sitting in the path, a cat here.

Now, why on earth at an angle between the old razor, asked the donkey.

Who can be merry when his neck is in danger cat replied.

Now, and getting old because my teeth are worn to stumps, rather than hunt about after mice, sit spin, fire and preferences, my girlfriend wants to drown me, I ran away.

Good advice, but now rare.

That’s where you’re going.

Bremen will go with us.

You understand the music in the night, your town - can be a musician.

Cats, and they went with it thinking it.

After all of three words may be John and crowing, rooster farm gate was sitting in the yard, here.

You have a sit down with the Crow, said the donkey.

What is the problem.

It is Our Lady of the Christ - the child’s little shirts to wash it because I want to dry them, foretelling the weather is good, said the rooster.

But the visitors come on Sunday, so the housewife has no pity on her soup tomorrow to talk about me going to have to cook, and this evening I will have my head cut off.

Now I can do while still at the top of my lungs is crowing.

Oh, the red comb, a donkey, you had better off with us.

We are going to Bremen.

You have something worse than death can be found everywhere.

You have a good voice, if we make music together must have some quality.

Dalyihago, this plan was agreed with all forty-two.

They are, however, after a day failed to reach the city of Bremen on the evening they came into the forest for bameuleul pass.

The Ass and the Hound, a large tree, the cat laid down according to their own chickens have settled ourselves at the point.

But the cock flew right to his most reliable top.

He faces four rounds were all going to sleep thinking a little bit ago was far from the fiery sparks.

So, for his light pattern, not that far away and his colleagues decided to stay home.

If you do the donkey, and we get up here and continue bad, Shelter said.

Hound dog meat and bones which would make him as good as some think.

Where are the lights so they, and soon made their way to a place that people are bright, well-lit house, until the strength, the growth was greater.

The donkey, the keunroseo, go to the window was in.

Well, do you see my gray horse, rooster, asked.

What do you see, the donkey said.

The table is covered with good things to eat and drink, and robbers sitting at it enjoying.

It will be some things for us, said the rooster.

Yeah, yeah.

Oh, if we were there, said the donkey.

The animals, how to manage the strength to drive away and the last to think of them as the plan was advised.

Ass windows - on the railing with his fore foot was to place themselves, dogs were jumping on the back of a donkey, a cat and a dog was on the rise dalyiui last flight was to perch on his head holding a cat.

When this is done, for a given signal, they both started to perform their music.

Banging on the donkey used to go, barked dogs, mewed the cat, and a rooster crowed.

And they shattered glass, the room exploded through the window.

A terrible noise, strength, and not otherwise, than the devil to come in there thinking the wind sprang up and fled into the woods in great fear out.

Now that I have stayed four colleagues and content, sitting at the table as they ate one month to go fast.

As soon as the four minstrels two are to blame, they put out the light, each according to his own personality to their sleep - the place to pursue what is suitable for him.

Remains near the warm hearth of a donkey, depending on the door behind the cat to the dogs in the yard, some straw laid down their own chickens on the roof of the beam in accordance with their lies.

And they are tired of the long walk, they soon fell asleep.

It’s past midnight when the intensity of light no longer in their house from burning up the distance I saw, everyone quietly appeared, the captain said, we ourselves and our wits out of the frightened shop that you should not and order one of them went home to check .

Still looking for all the messenger, live coals burning on the cat’s eyes sparkling doses, and went into the kitchen to light a candle, he Lucifer - the light that held them to match.

But the cat did not understand the joke, but his face, beating and scratching and flew.

He dreadfully, was frightened and was in the back, lying there, more, mouth and bit leg tackle.

And he ran across the yard as rotten as his hind feet and a smart ass was next.

Cried Joe beam, and was broken by the noise was lively too dick,,,, cluck.

Then, the strength and ran back as fast as the number of their captain Oh, you spat on me and her long nails scratching my face and sit in the house is a terrible witch, he said.

And next door with a knife and stabbed one leg means.

And the tree in the yard to the club to beat me black monster is located there.

And on the roof, the judge called out, sitting, stomach, and I bring him here to infection.

So I ran away sucheoreom as well as I do.

After the robbery they dare to enter his house again.

But they do not love no longer leave it four musicians of Bremen so well that thing is fit.

Finally, someone in the mouth of this story is still hot.

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