“the best one we’ve had since the three of us took off for cadmus five plus years ago”

no, i don’t think you guys understand.

i often exaggerate, and say that i am crying, when i am not actually crying.

but my keyboard is wet right now, and it is their faults.

their faults.

just like that? we’re a team on a mission?

we didn’t come for a playdate.




HE WAS SIXTEEN YEARS OLD WHEN HE TOOK ON VANDAL SAVAGE BY HIS SKINNY FRECKLY GOOFY ASS SELF AND SAVED A QUEEN AND NOW HE IS A BIG BOY AND A BADASS AND NOT EVEN SCARED AND HE’S JUST READY FOR IT oh my god wally i missed you a lot and now you are back to your old self and you are a dirty liar if you still say you didn’t miss this because LISTEN TO YOURSELF