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I went to Jersey 2 years ago and it was so nice, like the whole island is so pretty?? And the Jersey cows too - very round and pretty :D And Gorey castle is actually pretty nice, but yeah 12 pounds really is a lot D: and man, i loved the beaches there. we stayed in St Brelade’s Bay which so beautiful. was your hotel in St. Helier or somewhere else?

There was apparently some Jersey cows around in a field just outside the airport, but I fell asleep on the way to the hotel so I missed them, whoops >_>

The whole island is really pretty I agree, I didn’t realise it would be pure white sands and turquoise water this far north.

And yep the hotel I stayed at was called the Merton Hotel and it was like 5 mins from the coast inside St Helier.

Jersey site that was last Neanderthal home is studied

An ice age site said to be one of the last known places Neanderthals lived is being studied to assess storm damage.

La Cotte in St Brelade, Jersey, was hit by south-westerly storms including winds of up to 100mph in February.

A British archaeological team commissioned by the Societe Jersiaise will examine the storm damage.

Dr Matt Pope, from the Institute of Archaeology, UCL, said it needed to consider the best solution for long-term preservation.

La Cotte has been investigated since the late 19th Century and has produced a number of finds including hundreds of thousands of Neanderthal tools, piles of butchered mammoth bones and fossilised human remains. Read more.