I’ve seen my fair share of parties,

Quinceañera’s, Bar Mitzvah’s too

But my friends an Octoberist’s party

Is second to very few

A red party, a communist party

A motherfucking Marxist People’s Party

With Vlad Len, Joe Stalin

And Trotskeet skeet we be ballin’

Everyone is partying hard

We all have equal fun

Comrade Stalin where are you taking the food?

I don’t think we were done

Nice job Joe, half of us starved

You’re such a party pooper

Get the hell out psycho-stache

Before you kill us all in a drunken stupor

Now Khrushchev’s shootin’ off fireworks

He’s got Yuri strapped to a rocket

And hey there’s ol’ Brehznev

He’s got some hockey on the docket

Well the hockey game was a bad idea

And no one’s having fun

Everyone says they want out

And this party’s pretty dumb

This bald bastard Gorbachev

Is breaking everything up

We had ourselves a good run, comrades

But its time we drink our last cup

Of vodka, ha, Russian drinking jokes komedy ladies and gentleman

But wait it worked for the Chinese?

Man communism’s just racist

I guess its time we start anew

This Putin guy, he seems nicest

 RedDeath: My challenge for TwigMan last weekwas to write a poem about a party. Not in the political sense but it happened anyway. 

TwigMan: See I do this thing where I think I’m really funny and clever and this is usually the type of thing that results. Which is unfortunate for the rest of humanity but great for me cause I can giggle at this shit for hours.