Sign Compatibility Songs

The vibes the signs give off in their relationships, but in song form!

Aries x Aries - Man On The Moon // POWERS
Aries x Taurus - oui // Jeremih
Aries x Gemini - Green Light // Lorde
Aries x Cancer - Maps // Maroon 5
Aries x Leo - Immortals // Fall Out Boy
Aries x Virgo - Galway Girl // Ed Sheeran
Aries x Libra - When I Was Your Man // Bruno Mars
Aries x Scorpio - Again // Fetty Wap
Aries x Sagittarius - This Could Be Us // Rae Sremmurd
Aries x Capricorn - Location // Khalid
Aries x Aquarius - Siren // Kal Krazy ft. Elkka
Aries x Pisces - Your Song // Rita Ora

Taurus x Taurus - Just The Way You Are // Bruno Mars
Taurus x Gemini - Call On Me // Eric Prydz
Taurus x Cancer - Set It On Fire // Tritonal ft. Fred Page
Taurus x Leo - Swang // Rae Sremmurd
Taurus x Virgo - Untouchable // Tritonal and Cash Cash
Taurus x Libra - Adore // Cashmere Cat ft. Ariana Grande
Taurus x Scorpio - Caroline // Aminé
Taurus x Sagittarius - Be With You // Mondays ft. Lucy
Taurus x Capricorn - Apologize // OneRepublic
Taurus x Aquarius - When Can I See You Again? // Owl City
Taurus x Pisces - Livin’ the Dream // Tritonal

Gemini x Gemini - Fireflies // Owl City
Gemini x Cancer - Pacify Her // Melanie Martinez
Gemini x Leo - That’s What I Like // Bruno Mars
Gemini x Virgo - Gravity // Kevin Wild and Punk Party ft. Kelly Sweet
Gemini x Libra - Satellite // Tritonal ft. Jonathan Mendelsohn
Gemini x Scorpio - Lucky Strike // Maroon 5
Gemini x Sagittarius - Something Just Like This // The Chainsmokers and Coldplay
Gemini x Capricorn - Verge // Owl City ft. Aloe Blacc
Gemini x Aquarius - Midnight City // M83
Gemini x Pisces - Ghost // Halsey

Cancer x Cancer - Skinny Love // Birdy
Cancer x Leo - Firebird // Galantis
Cancer x Virgo - idfc // Blackbear
Cancer x Libra - Quit // Cashmere Cat ft. Ariana Grande
Cancer x Scorpio - Everyday // Ariana Grande ft. Future
Cancer x Sagittarius - In My Head // Galantis
Cancer x Capricorn - King // Lauren Aquilina
Cancer x Aquarius - Rich Boy // Galantis
Cancer x Pisces - Dynasty // MIIA

Leo x Leo - Primadonna // Marina and the Diamonds
Leo x Virgo - Annie // Neon Indian
Leo x Libra - Classic Man // Jidenna
Leo x Scorpio - Classic // MKTO
Leo x Sagittarius - Gold Dust // Galantis
Leo x Capricorn - Centuries // Fall Out Boy
Leo x Aquarius - Message Man // TØP
Leo x Pisces - Somebody Else // The 1975

Virgo x Virgo - Pompeii // Bastille
Virgo x Libra - We’re Not Just Friends // Parks, Squares and Alleys
Virgo x Scorpio - Heavy // POWERS
Virgo x Sagittarius - Wake Me Up // Avicii
Virgo x Capricorn - Doubt // TØP
Virgo x Aquarius - Tongue Tied // Grouplove
Virgo x Pisces - Out Of My League // Fitz and the Tantrums

Libra x Libra - All of Me // John Legend
Libra x Scorpio - Youth // Troye Sivan
Libra x Sagittarius - She Looks So Perfect // 5SOS
Libra x Capricorn - Forever Tonight // Galantis
Libra x Aquarius - Gasoline // Halsey
Libra x Pisces - Let Her Go // Passenger

Scorpio x Scorpio - Rude Boy // Rihanna
Scorpio x Sagittarius - Loved By You // POWERS
Scorpio x Capricorn - Do I Wanna Know? // Arctic Monkeys
Scorpio x Aquarius - Redbone // Childish Gambino
Scorpio x Pisces - Battle Scars // Guy Sebastian ft. Lupe Fiasco

Sagittarius x Sagittarius - Do Re Mi // Blackbear
Sagittarius x Capricorn - Daddy Issues // The Neighbourhood
Sagittarius x Aquarius - Carousel // Melanie Martinez
Sagittarius x Pisces - The Sound // The 1975

Capricorn x Capricorn - Congratulations // Post Malone ft. Quavo
Capricorn x Aquarius - Cold Water // Major Lazer ft. Justin Bieber and MØ
Capricorn x Pisces - Monody // The Fat Rat ft. Laura Brehm

Aquarius x Aquarius - Lowlife // That Poppy
Aquarius x Pisces - LA Devotee // P!ATD

Pisces x Pisces - Teen Idle // Marina and the Diamonds


Despite the ancient origins of the Greek [and later, via French, Latin] suffix -logia, and eventually -ology, the addition of -ology to mean “the study of” a subject didn’t begin in earnest until the mid-1800s. A few related words (such as theology) existed before then, but it was not a commonly-used root in the sciences before that period.

Today, though, it’s a ubiquitous root, used in science and nonce words alike. Want to study some animal -ologies? Here are a few of those fields!

[Of course, many of these fields of study don’t universally use the Latin/Greek name, but it’s fun to know!]

Biology: The study of organic life. The root bio- is from the Greek bios, meaning “the way of life, the way one lives” (properly-formed example: biography), so “biology” takes some liberties with its modern definition.

Zoology: The study of animals. From Greek zoion (animal, living being).

  • Birds! Ornithology
    Extinct birds! Paleornithology
    - Bird nests! Caliology
    - Bird eggs! Oology- Nestlings! Neossology
    - Bird feathers! Pteryolology

  • Bugs! Entomology
    - Honeybees! Apiology
    All bees! Mellitology
    - Wasps! Vespology
    - Beetles! Coleopterology
    Grasshoppers! Orthopterology [rare alt. Acridilogy]
    - Flies! Dipterology
    - Ants! Myrmecology
    - Bugs on dead people! Forensic entomology
    - Pollination! Anthecology

  • Arachnids! Arachnology
    Spiders! Araneology
    - Ticks and mites! Acarology

  • Other Arthropods! Arthropodology
    Crabs! Carcinology
    - Centipedes and millipedes! Myriapodology
    Squids, octopi, and other molluscs! Malacology 
    - Shells! Conchology

  • Fish! Ichthyology
    Sharks and rays! Elasmobranchology
    - Freshwater fish! Limnobiology [full freshwater ecosystem]
    - Plankton! Planktology
    Extinct fishes! Palaeichthyology

  • Amphibians and reptiles! Herpetology [amphibians only - Amphibiology]
    - Snakes! Ophiology
    - Frogs! Batrachology
    Turtles! Cheloniology
    - Lizards and geckos! Squamatology or Saurology
    - Salamanders! Caudatology

  • Mammals! Mammology [alt. Mastology, Theriology]
    - Platypuses and echidnas! Monotreme mammalogy
    - Placental mammals! Eutheriology
    Marsupials! Metatheriology
    - Whales! Cetology
    Horses! Hippology
    - Horses but also tapirs and rhinos! Perissodactology
    - Dogs! Cynology
    Cats! Felinology
    - Primates! Primatology
As if the self could be a departure,
even if only through a fresh grief,
that would be a returning and a beginning.
As if the water that I am
might find a better form,
rise above, in a body composed
of something other than lust and sorrow,
or simply slip down into this water,
which atones, and forgets, and need not speak.
—  John Brehm, from “Supplication at the River,” Poetry (May 1983)

Cicada emerging from its pupal form

Hearing a constant buzzing outdoors this time of year? If it’s not road construction, it’s probably the cicadas. They derive their name from the Latin cicada, meaning “tree cricket”, but their means of sound production - using a “tymbal” on their thorax, rather than the rasping hind legs that crickets use - means that when a number of males get together to call mates, they can reach over 100 decibels. That’s as loud as a low-speed chainsaw, a jet engine at 1000 feet, or a motorcycle you’re riding.

There are large populations of cicadas that emerge only every 13 or 17 years in the United States, but both the US and Europe, there are also sizable populations of annual cicadas that come out every summer, and buzz at us until it’s cold enough to wear sweaters.

Brehms Tierleben, Allgemeine Kunde des Tierreichs. Dr. Otto zur Strassen, 1915.

Summer in the hills
Those hazy days I do remember
We were running, still had the whole world at our feet

Watching seasons change
Our roads were lined with adventure
Mountains in the way
Couldn’t keep us from the sea

Here we stand up in arms
This is home, where we are
Ever strong in the world that we made

I still hear you in the breeze
See your shadows in the trees
Holding on
Memories never change

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A Ghoulish Raptor Feathursday 

October is the perfect month to show MORE VULTURES! Particularly the two images of a wake of vultures feeding on the dead, and the lovely skeletal vultures in the last image!

As we’ve said before, at least a few of us here at UWM Special Collections think that vultures are just beautiful birds, so we welcome the opportunity to show off more of these stunning creatures. The eye of the beholder, and all that. 

These exquisite feathered carrion-eaters come from volume 2 of our 1893 edition of Brehms Thierleben. The wood engravings are from images made by the German naturalist artists Gustav Mützel and Wilhelm Kuhnert.

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Vista de la terraza en la planta alta del edificio del Club Juvenil, Unidad de Servicios IMSS, calle Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez esq. av. Morelos, Centro, Toluca, Estado de México, México 1964

Arq. Teodoro González de León

Foto Brehme

View of the terrace on the upper level of the Youth Club building, IMSS Complex, Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez Street at av. Morelos, Centro, Toluca, State of Mexico, Mexico 1964