breh ; ;


Epic Sans stuffed his mouth with cookies. The word “ bruh” could be heard after each chomp. He didn’t bother to wipe the cookie crumbs from his face afterwards, though he probably should have. EpicSwap Papyrus and Epicshift Chara sat nearby, stuffing their faces as well. It was a perfect day. A perfect day for stuffing their faces to the brink with cookies. I mean. They weren’t the best, but hell, they were cookies.

A creak was heard, and the three turned their heads silently.

“ sorry, dudes! am i interrupting much?”

No doubt, there stood a goat-like woman, with white fur and pinkish eyes. She was definitely short. She had a scar over her left eye, which indicated that she was similar to the trio. She also had a similar hood, which was also purple but consisted of bright orange flames. Her voice was gentle, but a little cracky, and she seemed to stutter somewhat. Sans looked to Chara and Papyrus, closing his eyes, and bringing his hands to his mouth in a praying motion. He inhaled, before letting his hands go down in a chopping-like motion.

“ ..IS SHE FOR REAL, BRUH,” Sans shouted casually. Chara and Papyrus looked at eachother, before joining in on the casual shouting.


“ BRO…she’s kinda hot.”

Chara ran their fingers through their hair, walking to Toriel, winking at the goat-monster seductively.

“ DUDE. stop. ” AlterEpic Toriel said, pushing Chara away.


“ do you think she’s an alien?”

“ BRO, she has to be! that’s like…. an advanced word, bro. ”

The three huddled into a small circle, whispering and glancing at the goat girl occasionally. Once the trio split, Sans walked up to Toriel, clearing his non-existent throat.


AlterEpic Toriel looked at the skeleton. She didn’t know whether to be scared, amused, or concerned. She chuckled rather nervously. Sans continued to come closer.

“ now for the real question, bruh.”

Sans stared directly into Toriel’s eyes.

“ do you liek cookies, BRUH,” Sans stepped a little too close for comfort, “ CUZ I DO, BRUUHHH.”

“ i prefer pie, dude. i actually make pie for a living. DUDE.”

“ BRUH! THE GIRL CAN BAKE!” Epic Sans shouted.

“ OH. MY. BREH!!!” Papyrus flailed his skeletal arms. He eventually fell over.

“ bro. told you she was smokin’.”

Toriel lifted Chara by their hood.

“ say anything like that again, and we’ll see who’s fuckin’ smokin’, little dude.”

“ ok, BRO.”

“ BRUH.”

“ BREH.”

“ DUDE.”

“ BRO!”

The bro’s, the brehs, bruhs, and the dudes continued their rant for the next hour. Then, they feasted upon cookies. And pie, of which they convinced Toriel to make. It was the perfect day.

“ yo.” A voice said from the back of the room. Surely enough, it was AlterSwapEpic Asgore.


“ BREH!”


((The Epic Fam belongs to @yugogeer12
Alterpeeps belong to @friisans

This is based off of a post that I could not find…))

The Epic Fam belongs to @yugogeer12
Alterpeeps belong to @friisans
This comic is based off of a text post by @theenthusiasticnihilist135, which was based off of a post that they couldn’t find again. Help us give original credit pls ;;

Epic Aftertale: @sanstgaster oH MAH GAWED I BEEN NOTICED

One(?) gifset per episode || Breaching the Emberhold

Making their way to the bottom of this tunnel, they found themselveslooping back around to the large crevasse where the giant waterfall pools, where [they] had met Clarota, which allowed Vex’ahlia to retrieve her bear, Trinket. We pick up as the party begins to step down into the lower tunnels, the ones that are partially coated with a series of magma pools and falls that are trickling out of the rock side.