I'm tired of people trying to say what the fuck it means to be a 'real' samoan..

Like are you serious? Who the fuck are you to tell me what I am or where my roots are from?! And what is a “fake samoan” other than people who have NO RELATION whatsoever to being samoan, and yet claim it?

Honestly, if you’re going to say shit like, “to be a real samoan, you need to know the language, or have grown up on the rock, blah blah blaaahh”, then you’re dumb.

Obviously language and traditions are always going to be passed down, no matter what. In some situations, they may not but that doesn’t make someone who has samoan blood in them any less samoan. It’s just impossible to take out your samoan genetics and give it away. 

This one girl from my school once told a group of people that I wasn’t a ‘real samoan’ because I didn’t know the language and she said my tau'vae was fake. Really bitch, really? I told you the meaning of my tattoo and where I came from, and all you can come up with is how fake of a samoan I am? -___- I guess she thought that the guy she told, who told me what she said, about “how fake of a samoan I am” was actually samoan.. but he isn’t. He claims it, but he isn’t. He’s actually far from it. Just because he knows some of the language, and eats samoan food and brags about samoa like he’s lived there is whole life, he’s not samoan. -_____-

I may not speak the language, but I understand it. I wasn’t born and raised on the rock, but I visit as much as possible and the longest I’ve lived there was about 11 months. I don’t know every tradition in the book, but I do know what is right and wrong during important family events. I was raised to be respectful to elder’s and also those around me, as well as chores must be done on daily basis.

I’ve been a military brat my whole life and I’ve adapted to so many lifestyles. But never, have I ever put anything above or before my culture and what I am, and hell no I’m not going to let dumb motherfuckers tell me what being a “real” samoan means or is. So, STFU and GTFOH with that nonsense.

I hate it when people ask me where I'm from, and when I tell them they be like, "no I mean raised."

Honestly, being military, you really don’t have a home town unless you were some-what brought up from there.

I always say American Samoa because that’s my roots. It’s our home duty station and it’s where majority of my family reside.

But I mean I grew up all over the world, Maryland, Georgia, Am. Samoa, Germany, Italy, Hawaii, North Carolina, Washington.. I mean seriously, you can’t just be like, “No, I mean where you were raised." 

Bitch, I was raised everywhere. 

Don't it feel good when I touch on it, wouldn't it be nice if all night I was in youuuu..

Come kiss me, come with me, to my bedddroooom. Tonight we’ll be making looooooove faaaaceesss<3.

Haha. People keep reblogging that song off my page ): 

Damn you Big Guy.. for being so talented and so mother effin’ fiiiiiine.


My life has been hectic lately. School, work, hula practice and a show coming up, and then my boyfriend and my family..

I honestly don’t have a life because all this shit is streeessssing me out. lol.

Believe it or not, my free time consists of minimum blogging, sleeping, and eating. I mean it’s great always keeping busy and not feeling as if I’m wasting my life, but sometimes, it’s nice to have a little break. Hmph.

On top of all this, I’m getting sick D; WA weather has been changing drastically.