Meet My Faves: 10/??

Dallon James Weekes

Born May 4th, 1981, Dallon Weekes is an American musician, singer and songwriter, best known as the bassist for Panic! at the Disco. He is also the lead vocalist, bassist, and songwriter for his independent band, The Brobecks. Dallon is married to his wife of 9 years, Breezy, and they have two children, Amelie and Knox. Dallon is currently in the studio working on several projects, as well as playing shows with Panic! at the Disco.

okay let me tell you about the best night of my life..
(keep in mind this is real shit like this is so ridiculous that I could not even make this up)
so after the APMAs there was a VIP after party (and we got in bc my aunt is amazing and works for monster) and so it was in the house of blues and we just wanted to check it out and basically there was a bunch of music people who we didn’t know and we were probably the youngest and so out of place (but I tried to act like I should fit in) (false confidence is alway great) but anyway we stayed for twentyish minutes and we were like yeah this would be more fun if we were older (and not with my mother) but before we left we actually ran into Patty Walters (causally) and told him that we loved him and got a (terrible) picture (it’s literally just half of his face but I love it) and then we left, and as we were leaving we passed by motionless in white (not to name drop but) and so we were like walking down the street and this guy just says hi to my mom and she said hi back and then I looked at the guy and walked a bit and then stopped dead because we had just passed by fucking Rivers Cuomo from Weezer and he kept walking and I just was stopped and my friends were like should we go talk to him?? and I didn’t even really know his name but I turned back anyway and someone had stopped him and was talking to him and you know who it was? The Weekes. Dallon and River were casually chatting and by this point I was really freaking out so when we got to him they had just finished talking and him and Breezy were about to start walking again but then I said “hey dallon” and he looked at me (and I died a little) and I think I said something like ‘I just wanted to say that I love you so much and everything you do’ and he was like thank you so much and thEN he shook my hand and I introduced myself and he repeated my name and then shook my friends hands and asked and repeated their names and then I was like 'I was wondering if we could get a picture’ and he was like of course and then I gave my phone to my mom and breezy asked if we wanted her in the picture and I was like omg yes of course but then there was this homeless guy (I know he was homeless bc afterwards that’s what he told dallon) and the guy said that they said not to take pictures and dallon said “well I hope they’re not saying that” and so he put his arm around me and then breezy told my mom to take multiple pictures (so we could get a good one) but then the flash wasn’t on so I had to get my phone and turn it on for my mom and I was like omg I’m so sorry and he laughed and said it was fine and then we took this and thanked them and he was like no problem and then some other girls came up and asked for a picture with him so to breezy I was like “hey breezy I just wanted to say that I’m really excited about Alec Lee’s new music” and she was like “yeah they’re just working on it now and Dallon is actually in a couple songs” and I was like ik I’m super excited and then breezy turned to my mom and asked her if she was the mom and laughed and yeah and so we almost started walking the same direction (and that would have been awkward) but then dallon was stopped by the homeless guy and they probably saw me freaking out but anyway that is the story of how I met dallon and breezy and it was amazing