breezy lyrics

Middle school of 1997

The students are asked to write about Romeo and Juliet

In 10 years old Brendon Urie’s paper, are found the following words:
confused, the teacher asks Brendon why he wrote that instead of what she asked
Brendon answers:
I write sins, not tragedies

This Is Gospel Cover
Deanna (memoirofmythoughts)
This Is Gospel Cover

I’m no Brendon Urie, trust me. (But I’d like to think I still sound as lovely)

Listen to my cover of “This is Gospel” by Panic! At the Disco sung a capella.

I hope you enjoy! 

(All rights go to Panic! At the Disco. For entertainment purposes only.)

(excuse the awkward pause in the middle where i’m counting beats)

Queen Bey I’m trippn’
Cause I’m a little insecure when your phone go off
Cause they be calling at 3 in the morning
Know I do the same shit but girl it’s different
And if I can, you can’t fuck with no exes
You got me, no need for extras
You just love making me jealous
Hanging out with your girls all night
And staying out til tomorrow
Girl you got me all kinda crazy
Sippin’ all on that bottle
I see you tryna flex, so mad I’m drunk texting
Now I’m reminiscing how we fell in love in Texas
Girl I’m jealous
—  Jealous (remix) | Beyonce x Chris Brown