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Sooooo can anyone think of some Psychonauts art prompts they wanna throw at me? I wanna practice with the style but I can’t settle on an idea and I’m dyin… (could be just characters, but scenarios would be helpful too…)

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I love your redraws! ☺️💕👏🏼👍🏼 Their so beautiful! You're art in general is just amazing! Is it possible for you to redraw the hug between Izuku and All Might from the manga chapter 95? Is okay if you can't, I just wanted to ask

Thank you very much! <3 You’re very kind!

Actually that redraw is part of a very large project I’m doing, and there will be some other redraws involved with it. That particular scene is included :’> So I was meaning to do that one eventually in my project, but I might release a WiP or something earlier, since you asked :)

Middle school of 1997

The students are asked to write about Romeo and Juliet

In 10 years old Brendon Urie’s paper, are found the following words:
confused, the teacher asks Brendon why he wrote that instead of what she asked
Brendon answers:
I write sins, not tragedies