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TFTM - Brendon Urie

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Pairing; Brendon Urie x Reader


Warnings; Spanking, Drinking.

Summary; The group goes out to a bar, Brendon drag Y/n along, when they run into her ex, Pete Wentz and Brendon being clingy because of what he has done.

I’m currently sitting at the bar with my friends whom you may ask? Oh just Tyler Joseph Josh dun, Dallon weekes Spencer Dan Kenny and of course Brendon the whole reason I came well technically he forced me to come tonight

The whole reasoning behind it was ‘ill be with you and I’m sure your ex will see’ not that he wasn’t wrong and he did make everything better, but we weren’t official if we will ever will be, Brendon and I are just FWB not that I don’t have feelings for him I just don’t think he has them for me… Well in the way I do for him.

“SHOTS FOR THE WHOLE TABLE” A voice shouts causing us all to look in that direction it came from, only to see the craziest fuckers in our group. Fall out boy, Pete is like my brother

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Headcannon that one day in group b they ask for a set of paints in the box and the next month with all their supplies it comes tucked in the corner, a set of fresh and vibrant paints with brushes . All the girls take the day off working to clear one of the walls of ivy and painting a mural on it with happy memories and thoughts , and whenever a girl is having a tough time she looks at the mural or whenever a greenie comes up she has something nice to see in this new confusing world she’s been thrown into :-))