Chapter 23


I was on the highway doing double time to this fuck nigga Kevin spot. He ain’t know I was on the way so I was gonna throw him off. I never wanted to literally kill someone until this moment right here.

"My nigga, let me get hands on him first! I owe him from when I had to hop that plane to NY!" Trey grumbled.

"You sure you good? A lot of people think your dead right now, so going here is seriously playing with fire" I making sure this was smart.

"I don’t care about that I want my little girl back. I don’t care if she isn’t mine biologically this nigga kidnapped my daughter!" He said punching the dash.

I nodded because I understood. It didn’t matter though cause I wasn’t letting my boy ride out like that. I was interrupted from my thoughts from the sound of my phone ringing. I hit the answer button on the steering wheel to answer.

"Ty did you get my baby yet? I’m on my way home right now!" Angela screamed through the phone.

Wasn’t a thing she loved more than her son “not yet I’m on my way. When I get him I’ll come wait for you at your place aight.”

"Alright because I started driving I’ll be there in like 2 hours tops!"

"Aight baby girl relax. I got this" I said trying to calm her down. She seemed very scared, and I couldn’t figure why.

"Michael can you promise me something?" She said really worrying me. She only called me Michael when it was very serious.

"Uh sure anything Ang, what’s up?" I asked.

"That no matter what happens you’ll still love me?" She asked confusing me, but I had no time for questions so I obliged.

"Yeah, you know I love you girl. Look I’ll call you once I get the kids though. Stop letting whatever it is bother you it’s gonna be ok." I said knowing she needed to here that from me.

"Ok" she sniffled before we hung up.

Trey looked at me and smirked. I seriously couldn’t help but laugh “what man?”

"Because man you got those two wrapped around you finger. But I’m on your side why have one bad bitch when you can have two?" He said throwing his hands up in defense.

"Bruh, it ain’t even like that. Ashley my everything, but Ang is my son’s mother I still owe her until he’s 18. I’m just tryna do right by everyone" I said truthfully.

"I understand, but since this fool don’t know where coming I say we keep it that way and park blocks away. Element of surprise about his death is exactly what I want" Trey spat with venom.

"I’m with it nigga, tell Trell and them the plan. This nigga fucked up big time when he took my kid" I said exiting off the highway as Trey called the others following behind.

We parked two blocks away from his house, and split up in two directions towards his crib. Once we approached the outside Trey and 2 more of our friends ran around the back. The lights were on, and it didn’t seem like anyone was home, but I wasn’t falling for it.

Trell, Jamal, and myself ran up the front steps. I put my finger on my lips, but then I heard a loud bang from inside the house. I busted in the door, and I heard loud screams. The kids ran to the front and grabbed me

"Daddy, Uncle Ty!!!" Both King and Violet cried.

"Trell, take them to the car and wait. If shit gets sketchy go to baby moms crib" I said gently pushing them toward him and running in the back with Jamal.

I saw Kevin and his crew scrapping with Trey, Forrest, and Gonzo. Jamal and I pulled them back and I put my gun to Kevin’s head. “You fuck nigga you took my son!” I spat in his face.

He laughed “nigga wasn’t nothing gonna happen to your stupid ass son. I just wanted my daughter so in order for me to do it quietly your son had to come too.”

"You bitch ass nigga, my name is on the birth certificate. That ain’t your daughter" Trey spat with digust.

"It was my daughter when I was making your girl cum on my dick" he chuckled and Trey walked up cracking him in the jaw.

"You really was dogging my girl when we were together? You ain’t shit! I loved her!" Trey gritted at him.

"Nigga she was India rebound. Besides she was never willing to do the deed only one willing participant was your beautiful Indo. Them jaws bro!" He said making Trey punch him again this time in the stomach.

I laughed “for someone who got a death sentence you sure do run your mouth a lot.”

He looked at me and spat blood out his mouth almost hitting my gold Giuseppe kicks “then I guess I should tell you that your baby momma wasn’t pregnant once, but twice. Or did she fail to let you know she lost two of your kids?”

I took the gun and started pistol whipping his ass like he was a test dummy. Jamal grabbed me and I had spots of blood everywhere on my clothing “chill y’all gotta go. I got this.” He said grabbing the gun from me.

Trey pulled out his gun and released the safety. Gonzo tried to stop him, but just like that he pulled the trigger and emptied the gun inside Kevin. I myself was shocked. I knew Trey used to be a dealer back in the day, but I never saw him in action.

"My nigga y’all gotta fucking go! We got these niggas" Jamal said looking at me, and taking the empty clip from Trey.

Trey looked at me and I saw nothing but pure venom in his eyes. He spat at the feet of Kevin’s dead body and walked off. I followed behind him and we ran out the house. In the distance you could hear more shots going off. We ran to the car and got in. Trell waited for us so as soon as we got in he took off.

"Baby moms crib?" He asked.

"Yeah just lemme stop y’all back off to Trey crib. Imma be at her place for a while." I said as he nodded and quickly headed back to the freeway.

I looked back hoping that the rest got out before somebody called the cops. If them niggas got caught it wouldn’t be a good look.

"Yo, don’t hurt her" Trey finally spoke after about fifteen minutes making me laugh.

"Imma chill. We gotta lay low though. I wasn’t expecting you to black out like that" I said and he sighed.

"Man I should’ve done it sooner. You don’t know what this nigga put me through. At least our problem is fucking gone. I feel no remorse right now" he spat coldly.

"Aight man chill I’m not against you, I’m just saying. King you hungry little man?" I asked my son tryna change the subject.

"Yeah, but daddy I miss you. I was scared" he said leaving forward to touch my arm.

I looked back and smiled “it’s ok I’m not letting you go ever again ok.”

"Kay" he said leaning back and leaning on his Uncle Trey.

I looked back to make sure Violet was ok, but she was curled up in a ball in her dads lap asleep. I pulled out my phone, and it was filled with texts and missed calls from Ashley.

Me- relax baby I got the kids. I’m taking King to his moms house then I’m coming home.

Wifey 😍😋🐱💦👅- Ok baby. Hurry up. I miss you daddy 😫

I smiled. Baby momma is never chilling.

Me- Lol if I touch you I’ll hurt girl. I’m heated! 😡

Wifey 😍😋🐱💦👅- *bites lip* You promise? 🍆🍆

Me- Don’t say I didn’t warn you Ashley

Wifey 😍😋🐱💦👅- I’m a big girl 🙈

I chuckled, and tucked my phone back in my pocket. Baby moms always keeps a smile on her nigga face. About five minutes later Trell turned into Trey’s driveway, and everyone got out.

"Yo, until I know this whole shit is taken care of you stay as low as possible. We don’t need no ties to y’all especially you Ty" Trell said to Trey and I.

Trey chuckled “staying low is my thing, I was gone for about 5 years remember?”

"Imma check y’all later I’m going to Chy’s crib" I said walking around to the driver’s side.

"Aye don’t do nothing stupid" Trell said to me before I drove off.

What was the worst that could happen I was just going to see Angela.


I quickly put my hair up into a pony tail and threw on a maxi dress. I kept listening for the front door opening. I wanted to see my baby. I couldn’t believe Kevin’s crazy ass kidnapped my child.

I grabbed my phone to call Ty back when I heard the door open. I ran down the stairs like a puppy in heat.

"Gimme my baby!" I said grabbing King from his arms making him chuckle.

"Damn, how come you never this excited to see me?" he asked making me role my eyes.

"Momma’s baby I missed you. You ok?" I asked him as he rubbed his sleepy eyes.

"Yes, bed mommy! I tired!!!" He whined.

"Ok come on let’s get you tucked in" I said heading upstairs with Ty hot on my heels.

"Damn Angie, that shit poking" he said making me giggle.

I don’t know why he’s marrying Ashley. He knew this was where he needed to be. I was laying low, but I was also going to show him exactly what he’s been missing. I miss my baby so much.

I quickly got King changed and into bed before signaling for Ty to follow me into the media room. He closed the door behind us and when I looked at him I could see he was heated.

"Tyty what’s wrong? What happened tonight?" I asked him walking over to where he was sitting.

"Let me ask you a question Angela. How many kids did you lose for me?" He asked calmly.

I scrunched up my face confused. Then I realized Kevin told him something. “What? I told you I had a miscarriage Michael what the fuck are you talking about. I know when not to play your ass.” I said annoyed.

He chuckled “Chyna I swear for God I will kill you if your lying to me!”

I leaned forward and turned his hat backwards “Ty baby you know the deal. I lost the baby when we had the car accident and the one from a year ago. I haven’t kept anything from you. You think at this point I’m going to risk losing you?”

"You know you talk a lot of game, but you always lying. That’s exactly why you ain’t wifey now" he said looking at me hard and mean.

I straddled his lap and kissed his neck “baby I’ve changed. I love you. Why you don’t wanna believe me? I called you and told you where our son was at knowing Kevin probably has guys looking for me.”

"Girl what are you doing? Why you keep doing this shit? And you don’t gotta worry about Kevin anymore so tell me what’s up." He said squeezing my waist.

I pressed me forehead up against his and looked in his eyes. I could see how much he wanted me but was hesitant. I caressed his cheek and softly pressed my lips against his. I felt him push me back.

"Nah, this ain’t about to go down again. Move" he said pushing me off him gently.

"Ty, come home" I said grabbing his arm.

"Angela, I am not leaving my wife and kids for you. Everything is finally getting back together in my house, and you ain’t about to fuck it up!" He gritted at me.

"So, that’s it huh? You telling me you don’t love me?" I asked as tears started falling out my eyes.

"I love you girl I do, but you ain’t Ashley. Stop it. I found better. Just cause you some good ass pussy don’t mean I can keep hurting her cause I want some of it" he said getting up off the chair.

When he got up I noticed he had blood spots all over his clothes “Ty, you keep fighting this, us, and I don’t get it. On top of that what happened tonight?”

He chuckled “I gotta go, my lady in bed waiting on me.”

I rolled my eyes “leave Ty. Don’t come back though when she gets you upset.”

"Chyna you not phasing me baby. Everything you got I gave it to you, don’t act naïve now. Ain’t shit you can take from me. I came to bring my son back, so I’m out. But let me find out you lying, I swear it won’t be nice" he said to me before leaving me there.

What Ty doesn’t know won’t kill him. With Kevin out the picture it’s no need for unnecessary information to be put out there anyways.


After letting Trell leave I headed inside with Violet fast asleep in my arms. India was fast asleep on the couch waiting for me to come through that door. I chuckled at how much of a rider she was for me.

The minute the front door closed she jumped up and ran to my side “is everyone and everything alright?”

"Let me put her in her room real quick" I replied lowly to her making sure I didn’t wake Violet up.

I quickly put Violet to bed and headed to our bedroom. India was sitting on the bed and I walked toward her open arms picking her up. I kissed her lips deeply before placing her on her feet.

"Trey your all bloody baby, what happened? Trigga made a reappearance didn’t he?" She asked earning a chuckle out of me.

Out of the three girls they know this hustler lifestyle, but India was most involved. She knew Trigga was a real nigga, I didn’t play with play when people I loved were fucked with.

"I offed his ass soon as he started running his mouth. I swear I was considering letting him live, but fuck him bruh for real. He got what I should’ve gave him years ago. Fuck my girl and get her pregnant crazy man."

"Your girl?" India asked raising her eyebrow.

"At the time, you don’t gotta worry about Carmen baby. I’m just saying he got what he deserved. The minute he brought you up I fucking lost it!" I said taking off my clothes.

I put everything in a pile for the garbage. I knew the cops would be ringing my doorbell soon looking for clues because we were related so, I had to dispose of everything. Guns included.

"Baby, I know your pissed off at me. I didn’t know who he was Tremaine" she said running her hands on my bare back.

I chuckled “I’m mad because I can’t get the image of my brother with his hands on your body out my mind. I didn’t expect you to wait on me forever I just would’ve preferred that he didn’t touch you.”

She sighed “no one can make me feel the way that you do. It’s all yours baby. Where does this leave us?”

"We’re going to be ok, your gonna be my wife one of these days and we gonna have our very own Violet don’t worry bout nothing" I said kissing her lips.

I was telling the truth I wasn’t upset with India, but that doesn’t mean all the shit she’s pulled that’s catching up with niggas isn’t heavy on my mind. She’s hasn’t been who was since I came back and I’ll give her that, but India needs to step and realize what’s she’s actually done.

"I love you Aldon" she said calling me by my middle name.

"I love you too Indo, no doubt" I said kissing her hands that she had wrapped around me from behind.

She let go of me, and let me properly dispose of my clothes and shoes before I headed back upstairs to the shower. I headed to the bathroom, and turned in the shower before stripping out of my boxers and getting in. I let the hot water consume my body. I was so irritated and tense. I felt bad that I had resort to my old way because that wasn’t me, but it had to be done.

Kevin spent his entire life trying to make sure he ruined people’s lives. He was my big brother and I looked up to him for a long time, but then he crossed me. He always talked about family and holding people down, but couldn’t practice what he preached. He was a fucking joke. He got what he deserved. I feel bad, I do but at the same time I don’t care. He wouldn’t of cared if he offed me.

I felt Indo wrap her arms around me and I relaxed a little bit. “Baby your so tense. You gonna relax for me.”

I smiled because I knew what was coming next “you gonna help me relax?”

She moved her body directly in front of mine, and stood on her tippy toes to kiss me. She kissed down my chest and dropped down coming face to face with my member. She took me whole into her mouth and I just took in the moment. Now I can focus on me, my lady, and my daughter.