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I feel like some of the things the comet thing listed was really off like video games and saucy so it got me thinking maybe video games means distractions, ice cream waffles means gluttony or tenpation and saucy means lust do you think that could be what the creators wanted to convey?

No! Not really! I mean, once Finn interrupted the comet from finishing its ‘long list’, he said he didn’t think that the things the comet was listing were bad.

Parts of that list probably are intended to relate to the 7 deadly and other sins, but they’re not presented as sins. Video games and ice cream waffles are facts of life the same way that distractions and gluttony are facts of life, but they’re not interchangeable in this case.  We can make the connection that ice cream waffles relate to gluttony, but if gluttony was the actual word used, we lose some of the neutrality Comet Boy was conveying.

The comet isn’t trying to tempt Finn to accept its offer. It’s not only listing the bad things about life. It’s listing eeeeeeeverything about life that Finn would no longer experience if he went with the comet. Good and bad! A fair choice. 

Finn started season 6 directionless. Depressed.

We end the season with a Finn who has, when offered the option of shuffling off this mortal coil, departing this “meat reality”, decided that continuing here, with life’s ups and its downs, is worthwhile.