Caught by surprise😊😊😊 Hair flowers by @niccococreations
Dress by @collectifclothing
Bangles by @Splendette 🎥 by @tikiguitarplayer
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Adventure Time Dailly #33: I hope Ice King (not as Simon, but as Ice King) ends up being the one who helps Betty regain her sanity

Inspired by @jennawynnartshere

How To Show Dallon Weekes GOOD Appreciation


  • Dallon likes art, whether he’s drawing it or you’re giving it to him, he’d enjoy it! 
  • Everyone likes a drawing if you think you did well on it or not


  • It can be a poem, an actual fanfic or you just going on Twitter to say hi
  • Just remember not be obsessive about it because remember, he has a wife and kids


  • Cover his music from The Brobecks, IDKHBTFM, or even Panic! if there’s a certain song reminds you of him of the latter
  • It doesn’t even have to be serious or long! Just covering it shows that you like it will make him feel great


  • Talk to your friends or go to your social media accounts to talk about Dallon and his music
  • Gets more people talking/listening to Dallon’s stuff=more love
  • Buy merch, merch is always a good step


  • If you can’t talk to Dallon through Twitter or whatever, buy his music! That’s perfect enough 


  • If you can’t buy the music, talk to him, or you think your art/writing isn’t that great, just being a fan is always cool too
  • Sending good vibes is something everyone needs, that’s a good thing to do

Things NOT! TO! DO!

  • Don’t send dead rats. Don’t threaten him or his family. Don’t hack into his/Breezy’s accounts. Be a good person, it’s just the human thing to do. This can apply to ANYONE, ANY FAMOUS PERSON! BE GOOD!