ChapteR 5:

Chapter 5:

Christina fell asleep in Mama’s lap.. Chris was watching the tv he have on
his room.. While Mama was just thinking..
“Chris.. What do you think of Robyn?” Mama J asked out of no where..
“I dunno Mama.. I only talked to her on the phone.. And saw her for a minute before she run away..” Mama J nodded her head.. She for some reason couldn’t get Robyn outta her head..
“She’s a great woman tho.. It don’t need two to talk about it..” Chris said..
“Yeah.. What she did.. Is.. Is a big deal.. But you hear how her friend was talking to her.. It seems like she’s hidden something or.. I don’t know11..”
“I agree with you mama.. That woman have something to just herself.. And it’s not something so good.. You remember what Tina said.. What I understood is that she cry a lot.. And remember the first time on the phone when she was baking cookies ..she broke down and hang up on us.. And when she ran out of this room.. Without saying a simple hey.. Or bye.. The way her friend is talking to her.. It’s definitely something.. But it’s not our business tho, we don’t know her..” Mama J nodded again and they kept watching t.v until Chris fall asleep because he was bored…

(A few hours later)
Robyn slowly opened her eyes.. And looked at her phone was 5:17 .. She had 4 messages she opened them still laying on her bed…

-Melly: Robyn, I’m sorry for everything.. I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you needed me.. Please sis I wanna talk to you.. I know you said everything ..but I want to get close to my sister again.. I love you and I’m really sorry.

-Lee: Rob please call me.. We are so worried about you..

-Ella: I don’t know what to tell you Robs.. Maybe I should tell you sorry because I didn’t noticed the way you was acting… I’m sorry sis.. We all still sad for what happened six years ago.. But I understand the way you’re feeling.. I’m sorry Robs.

-Big.Lil Annoying: Hey big head.. I heard what happened.. I hope you’re feeling better now.. Your mom is so annoying.. Crying on my shoulder and all that shit.. Lol.. Anyway.. Robyn when you want to talk to anyone.. You know your big little bro can help you, just don’t ask for money and I will be here for you always.. Don’t forget that.. Love you.

Robyn smiled after she read Rorrey’s message and decided to replied just to him.

-To Big-Lil Annoying: Thank you baby bro.. I can handle it.. Handling it for six years now.. Don’t worry about me.. Tell mama and the rest to not worry about me ..I’m a big girl :) .

Robyn got up and went to the bathroom did her business and looked at herself in the mirror.. Her eyes were a little puffy.. It was obvious she was crying.. She sighed and washed her face with cold water then went to her closet.. She picked a black skirt and a very beautiful white and black shirt.. She was looking cute, nice and so beautiful.. She put her makeup on, grabbed her purse, mobile, her bedroom and car keys and went to the gust room, took Tina’s stuff and went to her car, speeding up.. It was 6:06 when she made it to the hospital.. She got out of her car and lock it..
“Hello.. Can I please know where’s Mr. Christopher Brown room..” Robyn asked the nurse in the reception, who looked at her and smiled..
“Oh it’s you.. I hope you are feeling better..” at the confused look Robyn gave her the nurse continued ..
“I’m the nurse who got you water earlier today..”
“Oh.. Thank you.. Sorry I wasn’t really here..”
“It’s alright.. I see that situation everyday here..” Robyn just smiled at her..
“Mr. Brown room… Is umm… Yeah 228” She told her and Robyn smiled..
“Thank you..” Robyn made it to the room but before she knocked and opened the door se heard Tina talking with her dad..
“Daddy.. Please.. Please..”
“Tina sit down.. There is no chance I will let you sleep here with me.. You and Granny and going home..”
“Chris I told you I’m not going home.. I will not leave you here alone..”
“Mama-..” Chris was cut off by soft knocks on the door and it opened slowly and there stood Robyn smiling..
“Annnnnnnnnnnna!!!” Tina gasped and got off her father’s bed and run to Robyn hugging her waist..
“Hey beautiful girl.. I missed you..” Robyn said bending down to Christina’s level and hugged her.. Tina hugged her back tightly while Chris and Mama J were looking at them with smiles on their faces, even tho Chris was still not used to see his daughter like this with someone is not family.. It was weird to him.. Robyn pulled back and kissed Tina’s cheek, then stood up locking eyes with Chris.. She suddenly forget who to talk, just staring at him.. He was so handsome with his black curls and pink lips, dark brown eyes, his dimples and the light freckles on his face just like Tina’s.. Even if he seemed tired and is in the hospital he still looked amazing.. Chris was staring at her too.. Lost in her beauty.. He was thinking ‘who the fuck hurt this woman’ in front of him with her brown/blonde curly hair, beautiful lips with the V cut, her beautiful eyes.. He couldn’t really tell what was her eyes colors cause he saw Green/Hazel and light brown in her eyes.. And her outfit who fit her gorgeous body.. Christina voice pulled the both of them to reality again…
“Daddy you see? This’s my best friend Anna, and Anna this’s the best daddy ever..” Robyn smiled walking to his bed and put her hand out to shake his..
“Nice to meet you Mr. Brown…”
“You too Ms. Fenty..” Chris said with a smile on his face and shook her hand gently..
“Thank God you’re feeling better.. And please call me Robyn.. There’s no need for this 'Ms. Fenty’ thing.. I hate it..” She said smiling and pulling her hand from his.. He smiled too and said..
“Then you have to call me just Chris.. I hate it too sound like I’m some old homie..” Robyn laughed and turned to see Mama J smiling while looking between them..
“Well hello to you too..” Mama J said laughing..
“Hey mam.. Missed me??” she asked playfully while walking to her and hugged her.. Mama J couldn’t answer before Tina..
“I missed you.. Ohh.. Anna where’s my stuff??” Christina asked sitting on her lap and playing with her rings..
“In the car.. I was afraid if I bring them here your daddy is gonna think it’s gifts for him and when he find out the truth he will be jealous..” Robyn said smiling and ticking Tina’s sides while she giggled.. Robyn wasn’t a shy girl.. I mean of course she know she’s a lady and she was shy and so shy sometimes.. But she at the same time didn’t have a problem talking to guys.. Especially when she started her job as a therapist ..
“Oh really.. But the watch I got.. Is the best thing ever..” He said smiling..
“Glad you like it”
“I didn’t like it.. I love it.. But it’s still too much..” Robyn shook her head..
“You’re my best friend’s father, don’t worry about it..” He smiled nodding..
“Tell us about yourself Robyn” Mama J said..
“Myself?.. Okay.. I’m 25 years old, not American.. I’m from a little island called Barbados.. And.. Umm.. me and my ex moved here for a better life.. But things went in the wrong way.. So some of my family members and friend moved here to stay with me..” she said the last part smiling weakly ..she was squeezing her thigh cause she didn’t want to get emotional again.. Chris notice it and decided to say something.. Maybe it will make her a little comfortable.. Mama J felt it too but didn’t know what to do ..she just put her hand on her back and rubbed it.. Robyn turned to Mama J who just smiled to her.. Robyn needed this more than she knew.. She put her hand on Mama J knee and mouthed 'thank you’ to her…
“Yeah?.. I loved the island part.. I love natural and the beach and all that..” he said smiling..
“Yeah ..I love it there too.. It’s a paradise.. What about y'all?.. I can hear an accent, y'all not from LA… Right?” she asked..
“Look who’s talking about the accents..” he said laughing.. Then continued after she gave him a cute smile and shook her head..
“I love it tho.. It’s beautiful and sexy, just like you.” Robyn for the third time in her life someone other than her family called her beautiful.. And the first person was his little daughter then his mother.. And sexy.. He was the only and the first man to tell her that.. She was shocked.. But her blush didn’t let the shocked face get out..
“Oh.. Wow.. Look at you.. Sitting in the hospital bed and flirting with me and we just met… Now back to the question Mr. Brown..” she said laughing playfully..
“No 'Mr. Brown’ remember?! But yeah.. The question.. It’s not much to talk about… We’re from Virginia.. I have an older sister called Totti.. And yes it’s a nickname.. We moved here.. For a better life too.. And..” Chris stopped and staring looking around the room. In her job, Robyn always saw and met with people who get nervous and uncomfortable to talk about something and they always start acting just like is, so she said..
“You don’t have to continue.. I understand..”
“No Robyn it’s alright.. He’s just so sensitive.. We didn’t move here normally.. We run away from my husband when Chris was 8 years old.. He wasn’t a good man..” this time it was Robyn turn.. She rubbed Mama J back and said..
“Sorry to hear that..”
“Daddy what about my mommy!??” Christina asked out of no where..
“Baby..” Chris mumbled.. Yes Christina asked Chris a few questions about her mother.. But those questions stopped like a year and a half ago.. When she realized they ain’t gonna tell her anything more than she love her and the normal thing people say to 6 years old girl..
“Baby your mother was a beautiful young lady.. She and your daddy were friends too and then they had you..” Mama J said..
“Just that?!! I know that already.. I wanna know more…” Christina said with her tears start running down her cheeks..
“Come here baby..” Mama J and Chris said at the same time while opening their arms to hug her.. But Christina looked at them both then just shocked her head and turned to Robyn hugging her as tight as she can.. Crying on her chest.. Robyn was so shocked.. Just like Mama and Chris.. Robyn was getting emotional again.. The thing she was trying to avoid, she had tears in her eyes too which she tried to blink it away.. Cause this time she wanted to be strong.. She can’t break down and run out the room like earlier today ..this time it’s not about her.. It’s about this little girl who need love and care… She hugged her, rubbing her back gently and kissed her forehead.. While Tina was grabbing on Robyn’s shirt..
“Shhh baby.. Don’t cry.. Princess shouldn’t cry..” Robyn said in her ear softly..
“Baby come here..” Chris said.. He was still shocked how she’s this comfortable with Robyn.. She don’t know her for 48 hour yet..
“No.. I don’t want you..” Christina snapped at her father..
“Shhh don’t shout at your daddy like this because he love you.. You want to talk to me about it?! Stop crying..” Robyn said whipping her tears..
“I just wanna know my mommy.. I wanna talk to her.. Daddy and Totti and Granny don’t tell me about her.. I know she’s happy with God now.. But I’m not.. I wanna talk to her everyday.. Like daddy do to granny..” Tina said breaking Chris, Mama and Robyn’s hearts.. Then start crying again but she tightened her grab around Robyn’s nick.. When Chris and his mother heard her they were totally taking aback.. His little daughter wasn’t happy.. And he didn’t notice it.. Mama J had her hand on her mouth with tears in her eyes..
“Baby.. Shhh’s gonna be alright.. Wanna know something I didn’t tell no one about it.. Not even my family and friends..” Robyn asked her trying to take her attention so she can stop crying her little heart out.. Chris looked at Robyn confused ..
“What?..” Tina said looking at Robyn eyes.. Robyn smiled a weak smile and kissed her wet cheek and said while she was so emotional..
“Baby it’s not the end of the world for you.. You still a little girl.. But baby I know how you feel.. And I want you to know that I’m here for you forever.. Okay?! I’m your best friend and you can ask me for anything you want.. Believe me I’m here for you so don’t cry again…” Robyn said and Tina slowly nodded her head.. And held Robyn’s hand.. Robyn continued talking.. Telling her a little secret..
“Tina.. We are so alike, I…. I ..I lost the ..most important two people to me too.. I know how you feel.. I miss them too..” Christina cut Robyn off whipping her cheeks because one tear rolled down her cheek, then asked..
“Your granny?..”
“Yeah.. My granny and ..and ..someone else.. But my granny was everything to me.. I loved her more than my mother.. When I was little I always called her mommy not granny.. But she left me too and went to be with your mother and God.. But.. You know what?.. I do something if someone from my family or friends heard of.. They.. They will think I’m crazy or something.. But I know I’m not crazy.. And it helps me a lot so I do it a lot..” Robyn said still looking in Christina eyes.. Who still whipping on Robyn’s tears.. Robyn was breaking down slowly.. But this little girl hugged her.. Not her father ..not her grandmother.. Her!!.. She wanted to be strong for her at least.. Chris and Mama J were so confused and didn’t know what she was gonna say.. And they were taking aback too from what they just heard..
“What you do?! You feel happy?! I want to do it too..” Tina asked calming down..
“What I do?.. I go to the beach at night.. When everybody leave it.. It’s so calm there without anyone.. I just lay on the sand and look at the sky and talk to my loved ones in heaven..”
“God..” Mama J mumbled.. She was so.. so shocked and sad for Robyn that’s the reason she’s so hurt.. She lost her grand mother who she adore as Mama J understood.. But who is the other person Robyn lost but she didn’t mention.. Mama J was asking herself.. But en just pushed it to the back of her head when Tina asked..
“What do you say?..” Chris was just staring at Robyn lost in her beauty and emotions and even her pain.. Robyn took a deep breath and said..
“First ..I thank God because he’s taking a great care of them and thank him for the rest of my family and friend around me.. Then I talk to them about everything in my heart.. I tell them how much I love and miss them.. I tell them how my life is going without them.. I tell them what happening in my daily life.. I just speak anything I think of.. Yes I may cry and wish they could speak to me ..or ..or I can ..see ..or.. touch ..her.. I mean.. I mean ..them .. Once.. Just for ..once ….” Robyn could’t even finish her sentence, she was almost sobbing.. She just lost it.. She put her hand on her face and tried to calm down again.. Even Tina was helping her to whip her tears.. While Chris and Mama were speechless not known what to do.. Robyn wished she didn’t come here today.. Didn’t speak about it.. Why she spoke about this thing anyway? Now stupid?!
“Don’t cry.. Anna.. Your granny love you, and I love you..” Tina said and hugged Robyn who hugged her back.. Starting to calm down again..
“It’s gonna be alright Robyn.. I’m sorry for your loss..” Chris said.. He felt so sorry for her.. He was a little confused and shocked at the fact that Robyn talked about it… Or talked about what she’s doing especially for them.. She didn’t know them that good .. But he knew now how a strong person Robyn is..
“I’m ..I’m sorry.. I need to use the bathroom..” Robyn finally found her voice and got up, She placed Tina beside Mama on the couch.. Walking out of the room only to stop in the middle of the room when she heard Christina’s innocent and worried voice…
“Anna don’t leave me again..” Robyn turned around to see Tina’s pouting.. Robyn forced herself to smile a small smile to Tina and said..
“Don’t worry Tina .. I’m coming back.. I promise… I just need to wash my face.. I’m sorry for all that..” with that she got out of the room… Leaving Tina ,Chris and Mama J speechless..