breeze in the clouds

♫Technicolour Beat- Oh Wonder// Marauders Era: Sirius x Reader

A/N: This is just something I thought of while listening to this song, and I hope you enjoy it!#

She set him free in an unbelievable way; her carelessness was contagious, filling the air with every word she spoke. She was the light breeze that pushed the brooding clouds away from the sun, allowing the warm light to enliven his life.

She saw the buried tragedies, casting them aside with a touch of her fingertips, allowing him to glow the way he was meant to.

Sunrises meant nothing until he learned the admiration she had for them, until the 5 am light caressed her face as she closed her eyes and smiled at the sky, her cheeks flushed with the peacefulness.

“Get up, get up, get up” Y/N nudged him repeatedly.

“You’re making the bed shake for all the wrong reasons” he groaned, pulling a pillow over his head.

“Wake uuuuuup!” she whined, tugging at his nightshirt.

His response was less than satisfying, as he mumbled “No thanks”.

Minutes later he was grouchily following her to the front of the castle, running a hand through his messy dark hair, eyes half closed.

The cold air woke him as he looked around, disoriented.

“It’s still dark! Are you bloody insane?!”

She smiled at him and pointed straight ahead “Look”.

She looked at him like a happy child, anticipating his reaction.

“What am I looking at?” he asked, as the sun began peeking through the tree branches and a soft breeze blew.

Her smile was infectious. He smirked, watching his best friend’s grin as the sun rose and grazed her face and her (y/e/c) eyes closed gently, facing the orb of light rising in front of them.

He didn’t have a favourite colour until he’d learned hers was yellow. After that day, he’d be perfectly happy living in a fully yellow house, surrounded by sunflowers.

“Y/N it’s your turn to ask Sirius” Lily pointed out.

“Please no, I’m terrible at coming up with questions. And dares.” she groaned.

“Don’t ruin the game now” he winked, smiling at her frustration.

“Fine. Truth or dare?” she mumbled, frowning at her friends.

“Dare” he said unsurprisingly.

She racked her brain for one until she finally gave up: “I dare you to tell us all your favourite colour” she said folding her hands across her chest and lifting her head up proudly.

“That’s possibly the worst dare I’ve heard since I’ve first played this game.” an unamused expression graced his face.

“You scared?” Y/N joked, smirking at him.

“I don’t have a favourite colour.” he said matter-of-factly, a sigh escaping his lips. “What’s yours then?” he looked at her, waiting for a response.

“Yellow” she happily said, her eyes crinkling with the smile lighting up her face.

“Let’s just say mine’s yellow too” her warm presence made him feel at peace with everything, and now the colour yellow did too.

Books were just words on paper until she’d read him to sleep one night and made them come alive and flutter through the air, embracing him softly through the sound of her voice.

He saw her familiar silhouette sitting on the couch in the common room, illuminated by the light from the roaring fireplace, her nose in a book.

“Why are you up?” he asked, jumping over the back of the couch and landing at her feet.

She didn’t look up, clearly captivated by the inked words in her hands “Why are you?” she mumbled distractedly.

“Couldn’t sleep” he said with a sigh, throwing his feet onto the couch right next to hers. She looked up from her text, closing it,never moving her index finger off the page: “How come?”

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A summer breeze can be very refreshing; but if we try to put it in a tin can so we can have it entirely to ourselves, the breeze will die. Our beloved is the same. He is like a breeze, a cloud, a flower. If you imprison him in a tin can, he will die. Yet many people do just that. They rob their loved one of his liberty, until he can no longer be himself. They live to satisfy themselves and use their loved one to help them fulfill that. That is not loving; it is destroying.
—  Thich Nhat Hanh
A slight breeze swept over. 
She lied there staring at the blank sky, with no clouds to crowd the beautiful star-filled evening. Her mind began to drift off into thoughts of her past. Her father once told her, “If you truly love someone, you will give them a star.” As a child, she asked, “But Dad, how could I do that? The stars are up there and I can’t just take one.” She recalled her father’s heartfelt laugh, as he explained that she would one day understand what he meant.
And she finally did. When you love someone, you are devoted and will do anything for them. It’s insane. She looked up at the deep blue art filled with sparkling worlds. She knew that she had given many people a star. Her first love, her past boyfriends, and her “almosts”. Looking up at what reminded her of moondust dispersed across the sky, she knew there was hope. She would love again, as there were many people to love and many stars in the sky to give.

moondust in the sky.


in the opal light of aquarius there is a kaleidoscope mind, catching thoughts from clouds as they blow in the breeze. mystic vapour washes though a clinical, logical mind, highlighting the dual nature in aquarius. internally, there is a cacophony, the mind can be difficult to control  

May I? - Bodhi Rook

I had to write this The moment I saw Bodhi’s hair I knew this had to be done.

It was a sunny day on Yavin 4, the sunlight shone through the tall canopy to the dry ground. There was even a slight breeze that matched the lightness of the bright blue sky and fluffy clouds. The small, fern-like plants at your feet were such a vibrant green against the tan pathway.

Rarely did you get the chance to go on walks like this. You were always busy with patients, so busy all you did was work and sleep. This left seldom opportunity for your own free time. Let alone time to spend with your pilot boyfriend, Bodhi Rook. Who was suppose to be meeting you, but as you looked around the empty clearing, he was nowhere to be found. You sighed and found a spot to wait on a fallen tree. The bark was rough under your fingers, and you suddenly thankful for the tough fabric of your pants. You saw a small white flower growing out from under the fallen tree. You leaned over a plucked it from the ground, bringing it closer to your face to study the shape of the petals.

While you were admiring the small bud, a hand on your shoulder made you jump.

“Easy Y/n! It’s just me!” Bodhi said, trying to rein in your shock. You placed your hand on your chest, feeling your rapid heart beat. You must’ve had a goofy look on your face because a boyish grin crept onto his features. You both started to laugh, and Bodhi found a spot on the ground, his back leaning against the log you were sitting on. His eyes landed the little daisy in your hand.

“Pretty flower, reminds me of y-you.” Bodhi said, he was still a little shy when to came to flirting, but it was one of those things that made you love him even more. It wasn’t so much he was shy in general, you just made him a bit nervous and that fact always made you smile.

“Thanks B,” you said, “anything happen at work?”

Bodhi went into a story about how K2SO had nearly fried an entire ship motherboard. His voice was so enthralling, you found yourself captured by each word. As you listened, you removed his dirty goggles and cleared them of grime. You handed them back to him, in which he interrupted his story to say thank you. He continued, but didn’t put his goggles back on as you expected.

“And that’s why K2 is no longer allowed to touch anything in the ship, ever again.”

You couldn’t help the giggle that escaped your throat at his words. He leaned to the side and pressed his face into the side of your thigh. You could tell he was strung up with stress and that it was exhausting him. You undid the bun in his hair running your fingers through the dark and tangled locks. Bodhi let out a sigh of contentment at the feeling of your soft fingers on his scalp. You found yourself braiding small section of his long hair, adding the small flower at the end of it. You put that braid on his shoulder, where he could see it. When he saw it, he let out a true laugh.

“There, now you’re pretty too.” You said with a smile.

   “Never felt more beautiful in my life.” Bodhi said with a grin. You continued to run your fingers through his hair, just happy to be relaxing him. You both continued sharing stories about the your day, savouring this time to had together. It soon became evening, the sky changed from blue to soft pinks to purples and oranges. Upon seeing the sky, Bodhi got up, brushing the dirt off his suit. You stayed seated, watching your boyfriend and wishing you both could spend more time together.

“You alright?” He asked, leaning down a bit to look at your face.

“I’m fine I just,” you raised your hands, “I just wish we had more time to spend with each other, but we’re both always so busy….” You felt the weight on your shoulders lift slightly when Bodhi grabbed your hands and pulled you up to him. He hugged you like you were the only thing he would ever need. He pulled away a bit, his brown eyes meeting your gaze, then traveling down to your lips and back again.

     “May I?” he asked, and you nodded, brushing the braided hair out of his face. You both closed your eyes, and your lips met. His slender hands cupped your cheeks as the kiss deepened. You both pulled back breathless, pressing his forehead to yours.

     “There will be time, my love.” He said with confidence, his eyes focused on you, his thoughts only of you. You bit your lip and nodded, resting your head in between his neck and shoulder. His cheek pressed against your head, and he pressed a kiss there. Your arms were wrapped around his middle, holding him tightly to you. After a while, Bodhi broke the hug.

   “It’s getting dark, we should get going.” You nodded at his words, tangling your fingers together as you walked back to the base. The lights of the base were your only guide to was where to walk. The darker skies hid the pathway back, so both you and Bodhi had to watch your steps. The journey back felt shorter, as did any time you spent with Bodhi. Time flies when you’re having fun also applies to when you’re in love. Bodhi walked you to your quarters, merely a few rooms away from his own. Before you opened the door, Bodhi pressed a another kiss to your head.

  “I love you.” His voice was barely above a whisper. You smiled at him, pressing your lips to his quickly. “I love you, too. See you soon.” He nodded, the corners of his lips quirking up a little before he turned and walked away. As you watched him leave, you know that he was right. There would be time, and if not, you would make it.

Highlights of Dan and Phil Do Pastel Edits In Real Life

• Punk edits was 2 years ago jesus

• “Like inhaling a cloud”

• “Like a breeze through a cherry blossom tree”

• Tbh all of the pastel metaphors they used

• Dan saying pastel is the opposite of his personality but then at the end saying he would have pastel if he wasn’t wearing black



• Phil’s pastel pink bedsheets

• Dan winking when Phil said he washes his bed sheets a lot

• The pastel underwear that Phil saw when he searched male pastel

• Dan wanting to embrace cole sprouse

• Dans little jumps when he was trying to get into his overalls

• “Wow Dan you look so soft”

•Phil getting dans straps on ;)))

•Dan doing the sleeve thing with his pastel jumper




• Also the sexy music playing when he was changing

• Phil’s tight jeans and Dan blatantly checking out his ass

• Those lush flower crowns jfc

• The absolute lack of personal space

• “I’m obsessed with your curl, Dan”

• Dan and Phil blowing on Dan’s tattoo

• “Look at that meaty bicep, Phil”

• Dan complementing Phil and making a gagging noise immediately after

• Dan screaming while Phil sponged his tattoo

• Phil’s voice getting so high pitched when Dan was sponging his tattoo

• Phil’s fuckin pastel umbrella

• Dans snuggly unicorn

• All the casual hair touching w the wigs

• Phil’s idea of a pastel name: fredericko 9

• “Curly Dan is here to stay”

• This entire video was a fuckin treasure tbh

Fall Is For Football

Summary: The reader finds a relic in the trunk of the Impala.

Author: Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester x female reader

Word Count:  817

Warnings: None, just fluff

Author’s Notes: Written for @the-mrs-deanwinchester ABC’s of Autumn Challenge. My prompt was F for Football. Thank you for letting me post this late. I really appreciate your understanding!

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the creative mentality in libra is quite rich, the watery home of aphrodite translates through their intriguing design, the watery path that slides through the clouds where she decided to dwell. but upon the clouds she thinks in crystal breeze, however it can be dipped into the sea, and that is her dreaming dreamer, her sensitivity 


“The city spread around and below us, toward the sparkling sea—the buildings all from that stone, or glimmering white material that might have been coral or pearl. Gulls flapped over the many turrets and spires, no clouds above them, nothing on the breeze with them but salty air and the clatter of the city below.”

Dandelion Fuzzies - (Newt Scamander x Reader)

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Dark clouds covered the sun, and a cold breeze chilled anyone who dared to venture outside. A few hardy birds could be heard, and somewhere a lone frog was croaking. The residue of the rain that had fallen the night before created small puddles on benches, and made the ground damp and soft. It was hardly the ideal day to be outside, but it was still the first day of spring.

A small handful of people could be seen hurrying through the park, but none of them slowed their pace or stopped to look at the peaceful beauty that surrounded them. All, that is, except one couple that could be seen wandering aimlessly through the flowers and shrubbery. They were both warmly bundled up in heavy coats and sweaters, and their breath could be seen misting out in front of them. One of them stopped suddenly, pointing at a fluffy dandelion.

“Newt,” Their voice seemed loud in the relative silence of the park, “Look! Back home they always said that if you made a wish and blew all of the seed carriers off, then your wish would come true.” A wistful look was in the person’s eyes now.

Their companion, Newt, smiled and shook his head fondly. Sliding a hand out of his pocket and into the girl’s hand, he replied, “Well, go on then!” Leaning down, he plucked the dandelion from the ground and held it up. “Make your wish.” He had a soft look on his face, and the light breeze ruffled his hair.

Y/n squeezed Newt’s hand tightly, then closed her eyes.


"Sh, I’m wishing.”


Y/n just stood for a moment longer, eyes closed. Finally she opened them, and leaned forward so her mouth was only a few inches away from the plant. Drawing in a deep breath and releasing it with a woosh, Y/n watched as the little fuzzy seeds drifted off on the wind.

Newt put an arm around Y/n’s shoulders, pulling her closer. Y/n had a look of simple joy on his face, looking at the now bare stem of the plant.

“I did it!” She exclaimed, nestling into Newt’s side.

Newt grinned. “So you did. Now what did you wish for?”

Y/n laughed, feeling a few drops of water from the tree above her fall onto her nose. “If I told you, then it wouldn’t come true.”

Newt nodded slowly. “Good point.”

As he spoke, a bright ray of sunshine cut through the clouds, bathing them in its warm golden light. Y/n gently shrugged Newt’s arm off of her shoulder. Seeing her lover’s confused look, Y/n wrapped her arms around the magizoologist, pulling him in for a gentle kiss.

The sunlight seemed to embrace them in its warm light, and the bird-song surrounded them. All was as it should be.

She leaped from cloud to cloud absorbing all of their breaths.
Consumed by the culminations of vibrant hues she tiptoed carefully, determined to not miss a single shade.
She engulfed the soft whims of air like soil after a drought

She glided so gracefully for so long, her skin became transparent, and
her eyes became crystal and
her hair was a tornado and
you could no longer see her soar but
could easily feel her delicate fingers graze upon everything the earth contained

She was breath
She was air
She was wind
She was smoke
She was breeze
She was everywhere
She was everything

She was…


—  The girl who couldn’t imagine anything better than to be swept up by the clouds arms and soar
Touché Finale

Genre: Hitman!au, Hitman Jungkook
Pairing: Reader/Jungkook
Length: 2.2k
A/N: AAAAAND it comes to an end! Thanks for all your lovely messages and words of encouragement, I really appreciated each and every one of them. I really didn’t expect to write a whole series for this, nonetheless 10 parts, but look at where we are. Hope you enjoyed the series my lovelies~

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Finale

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One in the Same

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Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Angst

Content: Taehyung falls in love with the “clone” of his deceased lover

Word Count: 7k+

Warnings: Violence, mentions of death, unedited

A/N: Merry Christmas, I come bearing pain. Also, @thedemigoddeatheater you asked for it :’)

Cromulent: (n) appearing legitimate but actually being spurious

When you were first born, you dreamt of the sky. It was vibrant blue and wide, the expanse dotted with small wisps of clouds that dragged lazily in the summer breeze. It stretched endlessly from where you stood in a field of barley flowers that raced along with the sky to meet with the horizon. From this, you registered your first emotion; wonder.

Only sparsely scattered trees and a small greenhouse interrupted the skyline. The moment your eyes touched the shelter, a smile tugs at your lips. Your feet began to move on their own accord, and then you were running, running barefoot towards it, ignoring the way small stems caught at the hem of your dress. As you got closer to the greenhouse, you could spot figure just a head of it. A young man with his hands shoved into blue overalls, a black tee shirt and sun kissed skin. The smile on your face became impossibly wider at the sight of him, and when you were a few feet away, it was easy to see he had a brilliant one to match. Something warm and dizzying all at once crawled up your spine, tickled the nape of your neck and stained your cheeks pink. He opened his arms as you approached him, laughed as you quite literally flung yourself into him, eyes closed. There was the sensation of falling, and when you opened your eyes again, you were greeted with the white popcorn paint on the ceiling rather than the endless sky. The young man was still beside you, his arms hung loosely around your waist. It takes a second to grasp that there’s less denim blue overalls and more bed sheets and bare skin.

He didn’t seem to mind though, and neither did you, pressing your face into his chest as he stared down at you with a somewhat reverent look. When he entangled your adjoined legs in the sheets, a quiet laugh bubbled up in your throat, and you met his eyes once more. His hair was a mess, disheveled by sleep and maybe something more than that judging by the purple bruises that blossom down his jawline to the juncture of his neck. The young man laughed at your suddenly bashful expression. His laugh was rich and deep and pure joy, paired with a boxy smile to pull that giddy feeling again from the base of your spine.


You could hear a voice in your ear, just as warm as you were feeling.

“What are you smiling at Kim Taehyung?”

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