Chris Brown - Oh Yeah? [unofficial video] 

i can not wait to start school on the 15th. being home for a year and not being in school will do that to you.

unless you like living with your parents and not doing nothing with your life, then you can disagree.


lmao this don’t count as #ThrowbackThursday i think, but they’re old. HIGH SCHOOL AHHHHH! lol

  • Top pic is one of my first guy best friends lol love him to death!
  • Middle pics is throw back day at school lol
  • Last, my 70s alter ego Amelia. She’s for the revolution and shit lmao

yes, i’m aware that the top pics makes me look like a mexican baby. 

yes, i’m award of the enlarged head i had then.

and yes, that is my real daddy lmao #ThrowbackThursday