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AGGGHHHH! BREEE! When Felicity says, "I don't flourish well", you can just see in Oliver's face that he knows where this is going and he can't wait, he's imagining it right there as he lifts her up AND AND AND when he lifts her down, he shows his interest, his longing (hng) but then leaves it up to her AND AND AND then she just sways up to him and kisses him (AGH!) and he welcomes her with open arms, lets her lead AND ADN AND turns her around and what is he about to do?!!! I CAN'T


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Plz miss, grace us with more fake dating Bechloe


She didn’t realize she was holding her breath until she slammed into Chloe, drowning in a swirl of red hair and squeals. It was in that instant that she became able to breathe again, like the wind was being knocked back into her, and the result was giggling non-stop so that more than a few of the older women on the plane (apparently Maine was a hotspot for LA senior citizens to have 40 years belated bachelorette parties?) glared at them when they walked past. 

She wasn’t sure how long she’d been hugging her, but she felt a hesitant hand on her shoulder, which was enough to pull Chloe away with equal amounts of giggles leaving her breath. When Beca turned around, she saw Emily, standing a few feet away with a cautious look on her face. 

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Breee please read Jen's whole letter. I don't think she's a great writer but the message isn't an awful one. I think the message is to let your anger motivate you and love will beat hate.

Her message wasn’t malicious or even poorly written. What bothers me is that Jennifer Lawrence is writing from a place of ridiculous privilege, and I’m not even talking about her status as a celebrity (although that has a lot to do with it). I’m talking about her status as a straight white woman whose message did absolutely nothing to reassure or embolden queer people, undocumented people, Muslim people, or people of color (and this is coming from a queer person of color). 

She falls into this white feminist trap where she likes to center the tragedy of this election around a setback for women and not much else. She also falls into this privileged white liberal trap of sticking to this “let live and let love,” “don’t place blame anyone,” “incite peace not riots” mentality. Like Trump’s presidency is a problem that we’re gonna solve by holding hands and singing Kumbaya. 

Let me tell you something, I AM going to blame people for this. I’m going to blame Trump supporters. I’m going to blame every single demographic of white people who came out in droves to vote for Trump (even white woman!) I’m going to blame third party voters who preferred to stick to their impenetrable morals and vote for a candidate they knew would not win instead of ensuring the safety of millions of disadvantaged people who would be most affected by Trump’s presidency. Despite how much we kept telling white people how bigoted this country was, they didn’t believe us until they elected a racist bigot as our Commander in Chief and fucked all of us over. ONLY NOW are they shocked and disturbed. 

So no I don’t appreciate Jennifer telling me not to blame people. I don’t appreciate Jennifer telling me not to riot in the streets and get angry. I certainly don’t appreciate her telling me that racial violence is going to be solved by “lov[ing] your neighbor more than you’ve ever tried before – no matter what they believe or who they voted for.” If loving your neighbor did shit, we wouldn’t be in this mess right now. And I don’t care what your reasonings were for voting for Trump. If you voted for him, you automatically decided for yourself that your life was more important than mine, and for that you have no respect, trust, or love from me. You can go fuck yourself as far as I’m concerned. 

If white people want to get together and peacefully love each other and peacefully educate themselves, whatever. This is the time for the rest us to get angry and for us to make white, privileged people extremely uncomfortable, because peace for you all may very well depend on violence and injustice enacted on other people, namely us. 

If Jennifer wanted to accomplish anything, she should’ve acknowledged that her own demographic (white, entitled women) was largely the reason Trump got elected. She’d be telling disadvantaged people how to protect themselves, how to advocate for themselves, how to prepare for this presidency, how other people in her privileged position can help us directly because we are the ones who are most affected by this. Not poor weepy white women who didn’t get their white female president. 

Her letter did jack shit, and that’s why it annoys me. 


what if we’re meant to be

could you be my light

standing next to me 

across from paradise

if only you could see

the fire in my soul

reachin out for someone

for someone to hold

someone like you.

someone like you


shit i cant even understand is still sick as fuckkkK!