breeds of cats


If I had a nickel for every time I’ve been asked what the Lackadaisy cats would look like as dogs…I would be heavily over-encumbered with obsolete coin currency.

Well, I prompted my Patrons for questions they’d like answered, and someone asked the dog question, so there was no dodging it this time.  It ended up being a lot of fun, actually.  Most of this was done during a Patron livestream, with a lot of breed suggestions coming from the chat.

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RFA+Saeran & V as Cats HC

Yoosung/ Orange Tabby 

  • Likes to sleep and cuddle
  • Will follow you around the house. He especially likes to sit next to you while you cook
  • He’s clumsy and will fall easily despite being a cat lol
  • Will climb too high trying to be brave and start to cry when he’s to scared to get back down

Zen/ Turkish Angora

  • Always poses for a camera
  • Loves to be brushed and pampered 
  • Needs attention and compliments 
  • He likes to be shown off to other people but gets jealous if you pay attention to anyone else too long

Jaehee/ Brown Havana 

  • She likes to have a routine and doesn’t care much for surprises 
  • If she wants attention she’ll seek you out
  • Loves to be scratched though
  • Needs constant exercise or something to do

Jumin/ Maine Coon

  • Very dignified and regal appearance 
  • Is a one owner kind of cat as he doesn’t like strangers or dogs (and will not hesitate to attack) 
  • Likes to have his own space and roam around (outside or otherwise) 
  • Will greet you when you get home 

Saeyoung/ Japanese Bobtail 

  • Goes between wanting to be loved and cuddled to not wanting to be touched at all
  • Very intelligent and mischievous so he gets into trouble easily 
  • Even though he hears you he may purposely ignore you
  • Gets lonely easily so may do better with other pets 

Saeran/ Japanese Bobtail

  • Hides when strangers come over and takes awhile to warm up to others
  • Prefers to sleep with you or in clothes straight out of the dryer 
  • He likes to roam around outside but always comes back
  • Very territorial inside and outside so he gets in fights with other animals if threatened (no matter their size) 
  • Bonus: If you adopted him and Saeyoung together you’ve got your hands full since they constantly get into trouble and chase one another at random hours of the day and night

V/ Grey Siamese 

  • Photo perfection
  • Is very soft and loves to cuddle 
  • Kind and good natured to everyone. He wouldn’t hurt a fly (and when he did accidentally he cried) 
  • Loves to travel with you and easily adapts to his environment  

bettsplendens  asked:

Would you happen to know what would result if someone were to hypothetically breed a lanky hairless cat with a stockier, long-haired cat like a Persian? Would the kittens all be either stocky furballs or noodles, or would they be kinda moderate-sized cats with moderate amounts of fur?

I think you’ve found my weak spot - not only do I not know much about cat genetics, I’m not sure I actually know anyone who does (to the same level that I know dog genetics folk).

A lot of the answer you’re looking for is going to depend on how many genes are involved, if they need to be homozygous or heterozygous to each other, and then which ones are more dominant when expressed. Sadly it’s never quite ad simple as doing a simple punet square.


Wild clouded leopards are extremely secretive and elusive, which means we know very little about their mating and parenting habits.  In captivity, females give birth to litters of one to five kittens, though the most common number is three.  Wild clouded leopards hide their kittens in nests made of dense clumps of vegetation hidden in the tree tops.  In contrast, captive clouded leopards are often poor mothers, tending to abandon their kittens or even kill them later, so most are taken away and raised by hand.  

These kittens nurse for three months after birth, and become independent at the age of about ten months.

The signs as cat breeds

Aries: Munchkin

Taurus: Japanese Bobtail

Gemini: Manx

Cancer: Scottish Curl

Leo: Siamese Cat

Virgo: Brittish Blue Cat

Libra: Bombay Cat

Scorpio: Abysinian

Sagittarius: Bengal Cat

Capricorn: Turkish Angora

Aquarius: Snowshoe Cat

Pisces: Maine Coon


Clouded leopards are extremely elusive, and as such little is known about their social behaviour.  They are believed to be solitary except for mating, but unlike with many big cats, captive breeding has proved problematic.  Pairs brought together as potential mates had a tendency to react with aggression when faced with a strange animal.  Males in particular would become violent, biting through the females’ necks and severing their vertebrae.  Many potential breedings sadly resulted in disaster.

Now, keepers have discovered that the problem may be the meeting between two strangers.  Now, a pair that is hoped to be mated one day is introduced and raised together while they are kittens, so that the two form a bond and are used to each other’s presence.  This has drastically reduced the amount of violence and drastically increased the success of captive breeding.