breeding stallion


Weydor Daz

Wishes And Dreams x Little Shady Lady

Oldenburg x Appaloosa, Stallion


Born 1998



Image of Stars x Silppertone Dixie

Appaloosa x Quarter Horse, Stallion


Born 1990


Tinsel Jac

Dolls Union Jac x Holly Tinseltown

2002 Palomino Dun AQHA Reining Stallion

LTE: $100,000+


Species name: Afruition (Fruit+Production)

Isnpiration: Came from a game called Dragon Providence, where there is a raid boss called Demeter, which is a horse with fuits on it’s legs~

Pony types:
Unicorn - common (can grow the less fuits, because their magic doesn’t allow more)
Pegasus - uncommon (their wings can bear more fruits than unicorns)
Earth pony - rare (because they can grow the most fruits)
No: Alicorns, Bat ponies or cross breeds

+Legendary+ultra rare -> pony who can grow 2 type of fruits, but they need to be similar in looking like -> lemon,lime/or berries

Gender Ratio: 4:1 (stallion-mare) which means every 5th pony is mare

Habitat: Forests

Height/Weight: Mare ponies taller than stallions

Mythology: Stories says, the very first Afruition pair came from a fruit which fell from the biggest tree in the forest. When the huge fruit fell the two ponies came out. Seeing the world they fell in love with the nature and each other, after that the fruit gave them the power to grow flowers then fruits, so they will remember where they come from.

Appearance: Each type grows fruits on different places.Earth ponies on legs. Pegasus on wings (they can’t fly because of it, but they can move their wings, but can’t close it), Unicorns on horn and ears. 
Their manes are always fuzzy, messy looking.
They always wear accessories on their necks.
Every fruit’s flowers look like roses, but they have the same colour as the fruit’s they will grow (like: grapes has purple roses).
 Before the flowers turn into fruits they become a bit fuzzy everywhere, but when the fruit is out it disappears.
Coat-mane colour can come in any colours.
 They don’t have cutiemark!!
 Can have makings but.
Every 100 years a pony borns with golden markings on his/hers body, also has a cutiemark looking mark, those ponies considered as princesses,princes. (if you make your own, they never have strong or neon colours!)

Characteristics: They live in a harmony with animals in the forest, with trading their fruits they never get hurt. They are very friendly type, they never hide, but they are not easy to find. The pony with golden marking is the prince or princess, they don’t need to do anything they are a symbol, but they are allowed to go to cities and travel to make deals, because the sweets, drinks made from their fruits are the best and believed to have magical treats. Ponies thinks Afruition ponies are like nymph or fairies of the city. Unicorn ponies magic are not strong it only can be used on nature, to make trees healthy or animals talk.

Culture: They have some special traditions:
-Fruits soul eve - mating night
-Shimmering night - a big event, the only day when other ponies are allowed to join to their “party” that time even the forest joins in because everything is really shimmering, flowers, trees, bugs are glowing.

Mating: Both stallions and mares can breed. But they can’t do it anytime, only on a specific day and only at midnight will they be capable of breeding. If it’s stallion+stallion, the one who is more femin will give birth, same with mare+mare. If it’s mare+stallion, the mare will give birth. They are capable of breeding with ponies from cities, but they rarely do that, but they can’t breed other species(like dragon ponies, changelings and such) except princes/princesses only they are capable for that. If they mate with a normal pony the kids rarely turn out as an Afruition. If a prince/princess mates with a normal pony the kids won’t have those golden markings.

Housing: They live around or on the biggest trees in the forest. They make their own houses from everything the forests give them, same with furniture.


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Does anyone remember this horse??  apperently he was a kwpn stallion out of an Alme Z motherline and has been sold at the zangersheide auction for €3.000.000,00. Let me know if you have a name on this gem!

Overheard at a Barrel Race

Non Horsey Person number 1: What are those things (breast collars) going around the horses chests??

Non Horsey Person number 2: That’s what keeps the stallions from breeding.

Let’s have a short giggle

I have been a bit stressed lately (my job search is not going as I hoped) and that is no good, so I’m going to share with you the silly I’ve been tooling around with (warning hella rough):

“Sansa has a babe in her belly,” Rickon said, one bright day in the training yard, with matter-of-fact excitement.

“That she does,” Arya murmured, gently correcting the positioning of his elbow.

“Jon put it there,” Rickon went on.  “Bran says that’s why they had to get married all quick-like.”

Gendry, watching from off the side, snorted hard.

“Well, he’s not wrong,” Arya said biting the inside of her cheek.

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