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If everyone could please watch this video and educate themselves about how harmless the pitbull breed is.  I think it’s extremely sad the amount of pitbulls that are euthanized each year because of the stigma that they are aggressive and a violent.  It’s not their fault, it’s the peoples fault for stereotyping them as such.  This video shows a man walking a pitbull through a busy section of town vs. another breed of dog and all the negative reactions he gets.  It’s truly quite sad.  Please share this with everyone so breed specific legislation can be stopped before it is too late. 

Instead of breed stereotyping and making certain breeds of horses to be lunatics, why don’t you ask yourself what you’re doing wrong if you’re consistently getting horses of the same breed from different homes, training backgrounds, etc that are all ending up “crazy” in your possession.

…Any dog can bite, regardless of its breed, and more often people are bitten by dogs they know. It’s not the dog’s breed that determines risk – it’s the dog’s behavior, general size, number of dogs involved and the vulnerability of the person bitten that determines whether or not a dog or dogs will cause a serious bite injury. Dogs can be aggressive for all sorts of reasons. A dog that has bitten once can bite again, and a dog that has never bitten could still bite.

Don’t rely on breed stereotypes to keep yourself safe from dog bites. A dog’s individual history and behavior are much more important than its breed, and since you don’t always know a dog’s history or behavior, it’s not a good idea to make assumptions. Instead, concentrate on prevention: educate yourself, teach children about proper interactions and behaviors with dogs, and learn how to recognize risky and escalating situations with aggressive dogs. These steps – not breed-specific legislation – will lead to fewer dog bites.
—  (part of) American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) position on Breed Specific Legislation
WBW Megapost
*shrugs* here’s some garbage
  1. How militarized is your clan? Was it always like this or did something happen to make it that way?
  2. What kind of combat does your clan specialize in? Physical? Magical? Bit of both? Or are they more fond of subterfuge?
  3. What kinds of weapons do your dragons use? If your dragons use actual physical weapons how do they hold them (assuming they don’t use claws/teeth)? If they use magic do they have some sort of focus like a staff?
  4. What or who would be most likely to attack your clan at this point in time? Is your clan aware of this potential threat?
  5. Does your clan have a strategist? What about a general or just someone who leads the charge?
  6. Who is your strongest dragon? Who is your most skilled?
  7. Has your clan ever lost a major battle/war? Did they suffer many casualties? If they’ve never lost/fought a battle, how many casualties do you think they’d have?
  8. How prepared is your clan for a surprise attack?
  9. Where would your dragons that are unfit for combat go in the event of a battle? Is there an escape plan in case the fighting follows them home?
  10. Have any of your dragons suffered a grave, but non-lethal injury due to a battle? How does it affect them (physically or emotionally)?
  11. Does your clan have some sort of battle hymn or battle cry?
  12. Do your healers accompany your warriors to battle or do they stay at the lair?
  13. How “fairly” does your clan fight? Are they honorable even when things look grim? Are they willing to get their hands a little dirty?
  14. Does your clan favor war or diplomacy?
  15. How formidable would you say your clan is? How formidable would others say it is?
  16. What kind of benefits does allying with your clan have?
  17. What sort of things does your clan look for in potential allies? In this case I mean general attitude and moral code.
  18. What sort of services or exports does your clan need that allies can/do provide? Why are they unable to do it/secure these items by themselves?
  19. How famous would you say your clan is in the local area? In their flight? In all of Sornieth
  20. How well known does your clan want to be? Will they ever reach that?
  21. Is there some sort of service/items that only your clan can provide? How valuable is it? Does it cause a lot of problems (from invaders, thieves, raving bands of longnecks, etc.)?
  22. How clean is your clan’s image? Are they really that way?
    1. If they do have a clean image but do shady, underhanded business, how is it kept under wraps? Have there ever been times your clan has almost been figured out?
    2. If they don’t have a clean image but are actually decent, why are they regarded as such? Do they actively cultivate the image to protect themselves?
  23. How are alliances formed with other clans?
  24. Do other clans have to do something in particular to gain your favor in order to ally with them?
  25. How “chummy” is your clan with its allies? Do they like to keep them at arm’s length or are they considered “part of the family”, so to speak?
  26. How vital are your alliances? Why is or isn’t this the case?
  27. How active is your clan’s search for allies?
  28. How does you clan deal with allies with a wildly different approach or opinion on an important topic (for example, Beastclan relations)? Do they instantly cut ties? Send letters of disapproval? Ignore it?
  29. A member of your clan has ran afoul of a friendly clan. How would you prefer they be dealt with; by your laws or their’s? How would you deal with the reverse situation?
  30. How often does your clan meet up with your (potential) allies? Does your clan only send diplomats? Does your clan’s leader show up in person? Are meetings entire clan affairs where everyone shows up?
  31. What is your clan’s main goal? Does it have one? If so, how did it come about?
  32. How does your clan view outsiders? Other clans? Is there a protocol when dealing with each?
  33. How in-tune with their native element are your dragons? Does it vary? If you have any dragons that aren’t, why is that?
  34. How are disputes within the clan dealt with? Do the dragons hash it out between them? Is there a council or central authority figure that deals with it?
  35. How are disputes with other clans dealt with?
  36. What is your clan known for? If it’s not known for anything in particular, what does it want to be known for?
  37. How is rank determined in your clan? Is there a ranking system?
  38. How are the leaders chosen? Do they fight for the position? Are they divinely chosen? Are they elected?
  39. Which of your dragons would be most likely to turn against your clan? What would make them do such a thing (this isn’t to say that it would, it’s just a hypothetical)?
  40. If your clan leader went off the deep end, who would stand by them no matter what?
  41. How has your clan changed since it started? This can mean when you first joined or in-lore, either way.
  42. What would most of your dragons say the biggest threat to them is right now?
  43. How competent would your clan say your leader(s) is/are? How competent are they really?
  44. When dragons wish to become mates, how does that happen? Is there a ceremony? Do they just mutually agree to it? Is their mate already chosen for them?
  45. Do the members of your clan more or less get along with each other? What would cause them to quarrel if so? Why do they if not?
  46. In the event of a tragedy, who would be the first to react?
  47. Who’s the “clan mom”?
  48. Is there a dragon that the rest of the clan can’t stand (either because they’re a jerk or because they’re insufferable)?
  49. Who’s the precious cinnamon roll of the lair?
  50. Who’s the dragon the rest of their lairmates can depend on the most? Why is that?
  51. What dragons make up your most disgustingly cute relationship? What makes them so cute?
  52. Which dragon would die first in the event of an apocalypse? Would they die bravely? Stupidly?
  53. Who contributes the most to your clan’s treasure hoard?
  54. Which dragon is most empathetic to the Beast Clans? Least empathetic?
  55. Which dragon is the most physically fit? Which is the least?
  56. Do any of your dragons exhibit the usual traits/talents of their breed? How does it affect them? Does it make their job/life more difficult?
  57. Who’s the most spoiled dragon of the lair, both in lore and by you?
  58. Is there a dragon that’s misunderstood or was misunderstood by most of your clan?
  59. Who’s the  clan’s most eligible bachelor/bachelorette?
  60. Who’s the clan troublemaker(s) and who has to clean up the mess?
  61. Are there any rivals in your clan? Are they friendly rivals or bitter enemies?
  62. Which of your dragons is most likely to tell dad jokes?
  63. Who’s the grump of the clan?
  64. Which dragon is most likely to stare at the camera like they’re in The Office?
  65. Which dragon is secretly very sweet once you get to know them?
  66. Which dragon is secretly a huge douche once you get to know them?
  67. Who misses their old flight/home the most?
  68. Which dragon knows every secret in the clan? Would they share them for the right price?
  69. Who’s the weirdest dragon in your clan? Why are they weird?
  70. Is there a pair or group of dragons that make their lairmates go “oh shit” when they’re seen together?
  71. How are the Beast Clans seen in your clan? A nuisance? Trade partners? Servants?
  72. How are familiars treated? Are they pets? Companions? Not really important?
  73. How concerned is your clan about the Shade?
  74. Is breeding done only between mates? Freely? For the good of the clan?
  75. How does your clan react towards others? Are they war-like? Peaceful? Isolationists?
  76. What does your clan think about the other flights? Is worship of other deities permitted?
  77. How religious is the bulk of your clan?
  78. If your clan is religious, how is worship done? Privately? Is there a large ceremony?
  79. How is leadership divvied up? Does the leader have a council of some sort? Is leadership shared? Is there even a leader in your clan?
  80. How does your clan view exaltation?
  81. How do dragons join your clan?
  82. Are there separate factions within your clan? Is your lair a combination of different clans?
  83. What are accents in your lore? Tattoos or paint? Natural markings (depending on the accent, obviously)?
  84. How does your lore explain the AH? Does your clan actually sell dragons to other clans? Do they go on their own accord?
  85. Do all of your dragons have to contribute to the clan to stay? Are there layabouts?
  86. How are disputes settled between lairmates? With other clans?
  87. Are hatchlings raised communally or by their parents?
  88. How are eggs created? Magic? The old fashion way wink wink nudge nudge?
  89. Does your lair know about emperors? Are they aware of how they’re made?
  90. How strict do your dragons stick to the breed stereotypes? Flight stereotypes?
Not enough 'fuck you' in the whole world.

So on Common Law, Wes and Travis visit an animal shelter that rescues fighting dogs. Guess what happens? If you guess, “The suspect orded his blue, cropped pit bull to attack them,” you would be right! 

Really, who the hell would sign up their APBT to play that part? 

Ugh. I liked this show, despite the squickiness of a show based on how much of a couple the two male leads are while also going LOL JUST KIDDING. NO HOMO~. Then the writers had to be dumbasses and do this.

anonymous asked:

Please stop spreading misinformation that pit bulls are inherently aggressive. I've followed you for long but will be unfollowing because of your nonstop breed stereotyping. People like you just contribute to BSL and other harmful ways of thinking.

Hmm, someone didn’t read what I wrote! I didn’t say “all pit bulls are inherently aggressive” I stated that they can be prone to aggression and to be prepared to socialize them. All dogs are individuals, but all breeds are predisposed to certain traits that were specifically bred into them. It doesn’t mean they will be that way, but it is important to not ignore them either. BSL is a terrible thing, and it is frustrating that many breeds are affected due to misrepresentation. It’s easy to believe all dogs are blank slates and can be molded into anything that suits your lifestyle, but I assure you that is more damaging than being cautious about “stereotypes.”

things i didn’t know were things before tumblr.

  • thigh gaps
  • issues with riding in jeans/neon/bareback
  • the word bobo
  • “Shipping”
  • breed stereotypes/people saying certain breeds cant do this

Due to the Search and Charges, guardians rarely congregate in large groups. When you DO find a high population, the residents are likely to have smaller, mobile charges (preferably the sort that doesn’t mind being uprooted), or they’ve taken something more intangible under their wing.

That, or a bunch of guardians are sharing a Charge and they’ve basically built dragon Fort Knox on top of it (or Alcatraz, depending on the method of protection)

…actually, that last one gives the idea of a sort of reverse Charge, a guardian sworn not to protect a thing, but to protect everyone from said thing. although they’d probably call themselves Wardens rather than Guardians

but the run-of-the-mill guardian tends to attach to something else rather than dragging off the object of their protective attraction to the top of the tallest tower in an abandoned castle. just suddenly one day there’s an extra dragon in your territory, you kindly ask them what the fuck they think they’re doing. they won’t go into detail but they’ve moved in and really hope you have a spare antelope laying around because they’re famished

so as far as social stuff goes, guardians tend to spend more time around other breeds simply because of that wandering urge; guardian population centers tend to only grow via immigration. breed stereotypes are more perpetuated by non-guardians, and guardians going off on their search might not even do so as some sort of mystic quest, but rather because the locals expect it of them, and peer pressure is hell (plus it’s hard to feel like you fit in when you take up so much more room than your neighbors)

shrug don’t mind me just rambling in the corner here

*~stop stereotyping breeds*~

*~stop stereotyping breeds*~

*~stop stereotyping breeds*~

especially when you have a limited experience with them (like if you breed and train them for a living, then maybe you get to have the stereotyping card)