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Hey, just wondering: what's the activity level of an akita? Long walks, playful, etc? I see one in my future, but still don't know nearly enough about the breed

^.^  Now keep in mind that there are actually 2 types of akitas. There have been a few kennel clubs that have separated the two. The Kennel Club in the United Kingdom (U.K) at a meeting on November 23, 2005 approved the recognition of the Japanese Akita Inu as a separate breed of dog, separate from the Akita breed of dog. The American Kennel Club is still debating on the separation…some people want it and some don’t.  I would like to see the separation because they really are two breeds. 

Japanese Akita or Akita Inu:

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These look like giant Kumas lol They have the white mask with red or sable (they do also come in brindle). They are slightly smaller than the American version with a lighter bone density and never have the black mask. They have a foxy face and are still bred to keep their guard dog behavior. Both version are moderate activity level. They can get bored from time to time but they are by no means a high energy dog. They do love a good hike or excursion and can keep up. They blow their coat twice a year (it’s like living in a world of fuzz unless you have a furminator and an excellent vacuum.)

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Independent and reserved, especially around strangers, the Japanese Akita can give the impression of being aloof. Confident, smart and docile, it is a loyal and highly protective companion to its family members.

The American Akita or Akita:

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The American version has a heavier and more dense body. Instead of having a foxy appearance it looks more bear-like. There is a much wider range of coat colors from brindle, solid white, red, sable, grey, black, and pinto. Activity level is the same as their Japanese cousins. Shedding is the same as the Japanese…twice a year they completely blow their coat. American Akitas have been bred to be more of a family dog over the years and are more tolerant of strangers and other dogs (this does sometimes vary from individual dogs… for instance Athena does ok with mellow, older dogs and can’t stand puppies. She also picks and chooses who she will let pet her. I’m not even sure what sets her off….some people she will happily greet and others she will keep out of reach and “WOOWOOO” at).

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The Akita today is a unique combination of dignity, courage, alertness, and devotion to its family. It is extraordinarily affectionate and loyal with family and friends, territorial about its property, and can be reserved with strangers.

To sum it all up….between the two types both are reserved but will show a goofy side only to their owner. They are affectionate with people they love and very loyal. They enjoy long walks and hiking but you don’t have to do that every day (unlike some breeds that need constant exercise). They like to talk “WOOOHOOWWOO” but they are also pretty quite dogs. I never have to worry about Athena throwing a barking fit at something….she sits there and observes. When Akitas bark it’s for a REASON. It’s rare when they do this so if you’re sitting at home…and she starts barking…take serious concern. Both types are very stubborn…they were bred as protectors and to make decisions. They consistent training and a strong leader.

Is there anything I missed?


More Furiosa from last night. She’s probably the coolest arachnid I own. I’m so happy I bought her. I looked at prices for Female P. imperator’s and they have skyrocketed since the ban on imports. [if anyone local to the ft. collins area has a male, I’d be happy to set up a breeding with her and split the offspring]

If she were a desert species, I’d be doing my hardest to make her a Mad Max themed enclosure, but I’ll just have to make her ancient temple ruins instead.